Welcome to Khent-Abt

14th Nome of Lower Kemet

Foremost of the East

About Us

Khent-Abt is a prosperous nome in the eastern Delta. We are the entrance to the "Ways of Horus" and the mines of the Sinai. Located on the border with the prosperous east, we are the first to hear of ideas coming out of the east and we are an important part in the defense of Egypt. Many immigrant communities from the east and the north live in our cities.

Pi-Ramesse, also known as Hutwaret is the capital of our great nome. Tjaru (Greek Sile, Modern Tell Abu Seifa or Qantara) is also an important city with great ambitions. Come and visit our fine cities and their great markets and eateries. Pi-Ramesse/Hutwaret will soon be hosting the Hutwaret Ocean and Nile Grill and a branch of McMentuhotep's.

See also Kitaneja's Minoan Market - bringing the finest in Minoan imports to you.

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This page is for roleplaying at Panhistoria and is set during the New Kingdom.

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