Abbai Cuisine

Note: This was created for roleplaying purposes on Panhistoria and is set in the Babylon 5 universe. It is not meant to infringe on anyone's copyright.

A web search for “Abbai food” and did not find anything from Babylon 5. But the search term is associated with Hyberadad cuisine and the Blue Nile is called the Abbai river. So I have based Abbai food on Hyberadad/Indian and Ethiopian cuisine. There is no information in Babylon 5 about Abbai food.

The Abbai are an aquatic, amphibian species so I have added a lot of fish and sea plants to the dishes.



Boiled Kinhicha with Spiced Malali Butter (from Kinche/Qinch’e, Ethiopian cracked wheat oatmeal with spiced butter) - made from boiled sea plants and sea weeds and seasoned with spiced malali butter.

Chafatira (from fatira, a breakfast pancake, Ethiopia) - a fish pancake made with fish, etaki leaves, seaweed, sea tubers, and other sea plants.

Lunch and Dinner

Fish chowder (fish, seaweed, and sea tuber soup) served with sea tuber bread. Our sea tuber bread is flavored with sea nuts (the edible roots of marshy plants)

Grilled fish on a bed of pearl bajiria or injeff grains in a malali cream sauce.

Grilled fish wrapped in seaweed and etaki leaves.

Grilled sweet and sour fish served with a sweetened sauce made with guklhan (sea flower) paste, kameeth fruit paste, or khuavan fruit paste.

Qochoa Stew Bowl (Qocho, Ethiopia) - Bread-like Qochoa, made from pounded sea plants, hollowed out to hold a fish stew. Choose from fish and sea nut stew, fish and sea tuber stew, or fish and seaweed stew.

Tenjera Plate (from Injera bread) - a soft, petal-shaped flat bread made from Injeff flour and seaweed. Used like a plate to hold scoops of fish stews made from fish, sea plants and sea tubers, sea plant and fruit mixes, sea plant and seaweed salad (with boiled etaki leaves, mesehar sea nuts, sea tubers, etc.) and boiled kinhicha (boiled sea plants served with spiced malali butter)


Fallua (from Faluda, India) - a sweet, thick, creamy drink made from sweet gulkhan petal paste, bajiria grain flour, and raria milk, often topped with khuavan fruit pieces and malali cream. Authentic fallua includes pieces of fish that help thicken the sweetened drink. In essence this is a sweetened, creamy fish stew served in a cup.

Created July 29, 2016

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