Baggins Herbal Gardens

Welcome to Karori outside of Wellington, New Zealand. We have created an herbal and flower garden for your enjoyment. The idea came from the old Bagninne Wells Garden and other tea pleasure gardens of old London.

The was created for role playing purposes on Panhistoria. The year is 1893.

A Peony


Enjoy large flower gardens with pink and purple Butter bur, damask roses, white lilies, small, pale blue lobelia flowers, large, red peonies, rose geraniums, violets, etc.

We have planted blue (narrow-leafed) lupin, white lupin, and yellow lupin wherever it will grow to fix the nitrogen in the soil. They are also popular with bees. Mr. David Douglas brought the first lupins from the Americas to Britain in the 1820s. The blue lupin is closest to the wild variety, which are blue to purple. But I also like the white and yellow ones. Who knows what other colors are possible?*

We also have herbal gardens. See if you can spot amaranth (pile wort), American Pennyroyal, with light, blue flowers; celandine (good for poultices and warts), with bright, yellow flowers; lavender; marigolds with yellow and orange-yellow flowers; marjoram; Mexican Damiana; myrtle; rosemary; sage; Summer Savory with little, pink flowers; Sweet Cicely; wintergreen (periwinkle) with white flowers, yellow jessamine and others.

The gardens surround a large pond. In an island in the pond we have a rotunda and an arbor. At one end of the pond we have Peony Pavilion, a large, round, Chinese pavilion with round, red columns and a Chinese-style roof. Peonies of all colors are planted around the pavilion.



We offer a fine variety of homemade breads made with a variety of fresh herbs. Choose from:

The bread comes with a spread and some cheese. Choose from:




Herbal and floral products for purchase

*The fabulous colored lupins of New Zealand, especially in South Island, date to the 1940s and 1950s after the Russell Lupin was developed. The information comes from Lupinus Polyphyllus (Wikipedia).

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Created September 24, 2016

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