The Golden Biscuit

In Cair Paravel near the Castle. See our fine sister establishment, Amalda the Chef Bakery, located in the covered patio overlooking the sea.

All breakfast, lunch, and dinner items are available throughout the day.

Amalda the Red Dwarf, Head Chef and Proprieter

Note: This is a restaurant set in the Narnian universe. It was created for role-playing purposes for Panhistoria.

Breakfast Items

Calormene Omelette - (Calormen) This exotic omelette can be flavored with curry or ginger.

Fried Dwarvish Breakfast - (Dwarfs) A full Dwarvish Breakfast includes fried bacon, black and white puddings, eggs fried in bacon fat, button mushrooms served with toast, and Dwarf's Delight. Dwarf's Delight is small slices of fruit cake fried in butter. Choose any two items for a Fried Dwarvish Combo, three items for a Fried Dwarvish Trio, or all five for the Full Dwarvish Breakfast.

Porridge - (Fauns, Centaurs, Narnians) Many inhabitants of Narnia start their day with a nice, hot bowl of porridge. We serve our stone-ground porridge with a hint of sea salt. Try yours with a dollop of honey or optional marigolds.

Sardines on Toast - (Calormen) Hot sardines on toast is one of the most popular Calormen breakfast dishes.

Scrambled Eggs on Toast - (Fauns/Narnians) Choose from scrambled eggs with chives or garlic. Narnians call this dish "mumbled eggs". Or have Narnian buttered eggs on toast, which is made from eggs cooked in butter.

Seagull Omelette with Mushrooms and Herbs - (Narnia) This excellent omelette is made with seagull eggs and is flavored with mushrooms and herbs.

Lunch Items

Assorted Sandwiches - (Narnia) Choose from egg, cheese, or egg and cheese sandwiches. Eggs can include your choice of seagull eggs, plover eggs, duck eggs, goose eggs, or turkey eggs.

Cold Ham Rolls - (Dwarfs/Narnia) Dwarf-cured hams are unrivaled in Narnia.

Cold, Poached Pavender - (Everyone) Pavenders are everyone's favorite fish.

Meat Pasties - (Many groups) Meat pasties are generally associated with dwarfs and fauns but Narnians are known for their venison pasties and Archenlanders are known for their lamb pasties. Choose from ham and bacon, lamb, pavender, pheasant, pigeon sausage, turkey, or venison.

Oatcakes - (Centaurs) Choose from with or without honey.

Sausage Rolls - (Narnia) Sausages are rolled in pastry to make this delicious treat.

Scotch Eggs - (Dwarfs) Sausage and eggs are rolled in breadcrumbs to make nice, fat, egg-shaped treats.

Soups and Salads

Cock-a-leekie Soup - (Narnia) Cock-a-leekie soup is made from chicken and leeks. Narnian leeks are very sharp tasting.

Mushroom Salad (Narnia) Narnians love their salads.

Mushroom Soup (Narnia) There is nothing better than a well-made mushroom soup.

Narnian Woodland Salad - (Narnia) This salad is made from wildwood sorrel, dandelion leaves, caraway leaves, dill, fennel, borage flowers, chive, sage, thyme, and sweet violets.

Sides and Appetizers

Boiled Potatoes - (Narnia/Dwarfs) These are especially popular in Narnia.

Cheese and Herbs - (Centaurs) Centaurs are known for their cheese and herbs.

Chicken Livers Calormen - (Calormen) This dish come from the royal Calormen court.

Mushroom Philo Pastry - (Calormen) This savory mushroom pastry with philo dough comes from the Calormen court.

Oaten Bread (Dwarfs) - No one makes a softer oaten bread than the Dwarfs.

Peas - (Narnia) These are especially popular in Narnia.

Roasted Apples - (Narnia) Roasted apples are popular in many lands.

Roasted Chestnuts - (Narnia) A tasty way to start a meal.

Stewed Figs - (Narnia/Archenland) Figs of all sorts are popular in Archenland. Stewed figs are especially popular in Narnia.

Tea Cakes with Lemon Curd Filling - (Fauns) Fauns are known for enjoying their tea.

Dinner Items

A full meal would consist of soup, meat or fish, a vegetable or salad, then dessert and coffee. A formal dinner might consist of turkey, venison, and pheasant. But here you can eat as much or as little as you want.

Baked Pavenders - (Marshwiggle) Everyone has their own recipe for baking pavenders but this recipe comes from the Marshwiggles.

Baked Snipe with Truffles - (Narnia) Snipe is one of the tastiest birds of Narnia. Truffles are edible fungi.

Boiled Blue Clawed Lobster - (Narnia) Blue clawed lobsters come from the Narnian coast.

Boiled Chicken with Lemon, Thyme, and Sage - (Dwarfs) Dwarfs really know how to cook chickens and season them just right.

Boiled Ham - (Narnia) A favorite of Narnians everywhere.

Dwarf Stew - (Dwarfs) This stew is made with lots of sausages and potatoes, two things dwarfs love.

Eel Pie - (Marshwiggles) This treat comes from the Marshwiggles.

Fricasseed Frogs - (Marshwiggles) This is a Marshwiggle favorite.

Fried Fish - (Narnia) Our fish go straight from the ocean to the frying pan.

Frog Pie - (Marshwiggle) For our Marshwiggle friends.

Grilled Kippers - (Centaurs) These smoked herrings are popular with everyone.

Grilled Venison with Juniper Berries - (Narnia) This treat comes from the royal court of Cair Paravel.

Kidney and Bacon - (Narnia) Our well seasoned kidneys and crisp bacon go well with sides, such as peas and potatoes.

Lamb with Mint Sauce, Peas, and Potatoes - (Narnia) Lamb with mint sauce, hot peas, and new potatoes make a hearty dinner. And the leftovers make a great lunch.

Pigeon Pie - (Archenland/Narnians) - This is a common dish at Castle Anvard and at Cair Paravel. Cold pigeon pie is popular for lunch. We can serve your pigeon pie hot or cold.

Roasted Lamb - (Telmarines) This dish is a favorite of Telmarines in Narnia.

Roasted Pavenders - (Everyone) Pavenders are everyone's favorite fish.

Roast Pheasant - (Narnia) This dish comes from southern Narnia.

Roast Turkey with Chesnut Stuffing - (Narnia) This is a Cair Paravel favorite.

Stewed Eels - (Marshwiggles) This is a Marshwiggle favorite.

Dessert Items

For more desserts, see the Amalda the Chef Bakery

Chocolate covered Hazelnuts - (Calormen) These exotic treats come all the way from Calormen.

Dried Figs - (Archenland/Narnia) We offer both sweet and ordinary dried figs.

Figgy Pudding - (Calormen) This baked figgy pudding is made with extra figs.

Fruit Cake - (Fauns) This fruit cake is made with raisins, currants, candied oranges, almonds, and candied cherries and has a sugar frosting.

Fruits - (Everyone) Choose from apples, blackberries, cherries, Calormen oranges, figs, raspberries, or candied cherries and oranges.

Ginger Fig Pudding with Custard Sauce - (Calormen) This treat comes from the courts of Calormen.

Steamed Pudding with Maple Syrup - (Narnia) Choose from plain steamed pudding or chocolate steamed pudding.


Coffee - (Everyone) Have some dessert while you linger over your coffee.

Dandelion and Burdock Drink (Narnia) - A caramel colored drink made from fermented dandelion and burdock roots that is fermented like a root beer. It is said this recipe comes from King Frank I and Queen Helen.

Lemonade - (Narnia) A refreshing drink for a hot day. The lemons come from Calormen but the drink is from a Narnian recipe.

Lemon Barley Water - This drink is made from boiled barley, lemon pulp and rind, lemon juice, and sugar. This is another recipe that is said to date to the time of King Frank I and Queen Helen. The lemons come from Calormen.

Mulled Wine - (Narnia) Mulled wine is spiced wine.

Orange Juice - (Calormen) Our oranges come from Calormen.

Raspberry Leaf and Nettle Tea - (Narnia) One of the fine herbal Narnian teas.

Rose Hip Tea - (Narnia) Another fine herbal tea.

Tea - (Everyone) Tea is a very popular beverage. Fauns enjoy tea cakes with their tea.

Wine - (Everyone) Everyone likes a good glass of wine but Centaurs and the kings of the various courts are best known for their wine.

Archenlander Cuisine

The cuisine of Archenland is known for its sweet and ordinary figs, its giant leeks, and its sheep and lambs.

Dried Figs (Dessert)

Lamb Pasty (Lunch)

Pigeon Pie (Dinner)

Stewed Figs (Sides and Appetizers)

Calormen Cuisine

Calormen cuisine is known for its use of sugar and for their fine sardines that are caught off the coast of Calormen.

Calormene Omelette (Breakfast)

Chicken Livers Calormen

Chocolate covered Hazelnuts (Dessert)

Figgy Pudding (Dessert)

Ginger Fig Pudding with Custard Sauce (Dessert)

Mushroom Philo Pasty (Sides and Appetizers)

Orange Juice (Drinks)

Oranges (Dessert)

Sardines on Toast (Breakfast)

Centaur Cuisine

Centaurs are known for their cheese, herbs, and wine.

Cheese and Herbs (Sides and Appetizers)

Grilled Kippers (Dinner)

Oatcakes (Lunch)

Porridge (Breakfast)

Dwarf Cuisine

Dwarfs are known as excellent cooks. They are the best breadmakers of Narnia and their cured hams have no rivals. They are also great fans of potatoes.

Boiled Chicken with Lemon, Thyme, and Sage (Dinner)

Boiled Potatoes (Sides and Appetizers)

Fried Dwarvish Breakfast (fried bacon, black and white puddings, eggs fried in bacon fat, button mushrooms served with toast, and Dwarf's Delight)

Meat Pasties (Lunch)

Oaten Bread (Sides and Appetizers)

Scotch Eggs (Lunch)

Faun Cuisine

Fauns are also know as great breadmakers.

Fruit Cake (Dessert)

Tea Cakes with Lemon Curd Filling (Sides and Appetizers)

Pasties (Lunch)

Porridge (Breakfast)

Scrambled Eggs on Toast (Breakfast)

Marshwiggle Cuisine

Baked Pavenders (Dinner)

Eel Pie (Dinner)

Fricasseed Frogs (Dinner)

Frog Pie (Dinner)

Stewed Eel (Dinner)

Narnian Cuisine

The court cuisine of Cair Paravel has given Narnia many fine dishes. The leeks of Narnia have a very sharp taste.

Assorted Sandwiches (Lunch)

Baked Snipe with Truffles (Dinner)

Boiled Blue Clawed Lobster (Dinner)

Boiled Ham (Dinner)

Boiled Potatoes (Sides and Appetizers)

Cock-a-leekie Soup (Soups and Salads)

Cold Ham Rolls (Lunch)

Dandelion and Burdock Drink (Drink)

Dried Figs (Dessert)

Fried Fish (Dinner)

Grilled Venison with Juniper Berries (Dinner)

Kidney and Bacon (Dinner)

Lamb with Mint Sauce, Peas, and Potatoes (Dinner)

Lemonade (Drinks)

Lemon Barley Water (Drinks)

Mulled Wine (Drinks)

Mushroom Soup (Soups and Salads)

Narnian Woodland Salad (Soups and Salads)

Pigeon Pie (Dinner)

Peas (Sides and Appetizers)

Porridge (Breakfast)

Raspberry Leaf and Nettle Tea (Drinks)

Roast Pheasant (Dinner)

Roast Turkey with Chestnut Stuffing (Dinner)

Roasted Apples (Sides and Appetizers)

Roasted Chestnuts (Sides and Appetizers)

Rosehip Tea (Drinks)

Sausage Rolls (Lunch)

Scrambled Eggs on Toast (Mumbled Eggs or Buttered Eggs, Breakfast)

Seagull Omelette with Mushrooms and Herbs (Breakfast)

Steamed Pudding with Maple Syrup (Dessert)

Stewed Figs (Sides and Appetizers)

Venison Pasties (Lunch)

Telmarine Cuisine

Roasted Lamb (Dinner)

Note: Most of this information came from The Narnia Cookbook: Foods from C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia by Douglas Gresham, but I have made up some of the Calormen dishes, such as the omelette, figgy pudding, and the mushroom philo pastry, and the lamb pasty of the Archenlanders. I have also made up the varieties of meat pasties, except for the venison pasty. The mushroom salad, sausage rolls, orange juice, and Dwarf Stew are not mentioned in The Narnia Cookbook but they are consistent with the English-flavored universe.

Frog Pie comes from a historical Spanish recipe. Marshwiggles like fricasseed frogs and eel pie so I imagine they would love frog pie.

Note: Not all of these fruits are mentioned in The Narnia Cookbook: Foods from C.S. Lewis's Chronicles of Narnia but blackberries, and raspberries are likely to have existed in Britain since Anglo-Saxon times, so I have added them.

Most of the drinks come from traditional English recipes rather than The Narnia Cookbook. My thought is that King Frank I and Queen Helen would have brought their traditional recipes and used Narnian equivalents to make them. These recipes would be passed down as royal recipes. Tea and coffee are mentioned generally in the Narnia books.

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