Tah-doo-Een-E Upezzo (Market) Cafe

M'um m'aloo (Hello) and Welcome to the Tah-doo-Een-E Upezzo (Jawa Market) Cafe

The Tah-doo-Een-E Upezzo (Market) Cafe is in the lower levels of Coruscant on the north side of the Works by the Jedi Temple and the Pius Dea Spaceport. A tunnel connects us to the nearest urban canyon. We are conveniently located next to Jawa Motors II, a ship repair shop, and the Tah-doo-Een-e Upezzo (Jawa Market).

Tah-doo-Een-e Market (Upezzo) and Pawn Shop II

We sell random bits of shimmersilk, crimson greel wood, "liberated" power conduits, lost whisperbirds, and whatever else turns up. Some of the finer items have been pawned as we are too busy repairing things to scavenge much.

At our market we offer hydroponically grown hubba gourds (it isn’t a real meal without hubba gourds) raised by our resident farmer, Zeth Sandskimmer, the son of moisture farmers. We also grow vegetables like tatoes, bloddles, and h'kak beans, and fruit, like deb-debs, pikas, pallies, and bristlemelons. We raise gorgs in the sewers. We consume most of what we grow but we sell some to the elite Coruscanti, who like to try exotic foods. We also sell to the poor of the Under City, who have no choice but must eat the odd food. We give them good rates. We also give good rates to the restaurant owners we like, such as Nienna at the Galactic Cantina. The farming business is doing well and we are expanding into raising sandhawks. The produce is sold via the Tah-doo-Een-e Market.

My daughters, Chenini, Aved, and Khea, led by Chenini, the eldest daughter, make bantha wool blankets with some found bantha-nerf wool blend. The designs are inspired by scenes of jungles and oceans in early Kumumgah writings. The cave drawings were copied onto paper by human settlers but Herat managed to get the original copies. They also feature one of Tatooine’s moons, Chenini. These are also sold at the Tah-doo-Een-e Market or Jawa Upezzo.

Tah-doo-Een-e Upezzo (Market) Cafe

Main Dishes

Meats include Coruscant game fowl, gorgs, pikobi, sandhawk, and thrantcill. Pikobis are fast moving critters found on Coruscant, Dagobah, Naboo, and Onderon. Thrantcills have lived on Coruscant for the last 100,000 years. They have hooked beaks and flat black eyes. We serve fresh-caught pikobi and thrantcill. We raise Coruscant game fowl and sandhawks. Our sandhawks have been brought from Tatooine. They are known for their savory meat. We also raise our own gorgs.

Jawa Barbecued meat - [Inspired by the Berber dish, Mechoui or lamb barbecue. Tataouine (in Tunisia) comes from a Berber name.] Served with Haroun bread or Hubba bread.

Jawa Meat pie - This dish starts with spiced, slow-cooked meat in a broth and adds hubba gourds for a hint of sweetness and, Tezirett seeds for crunch. The meat mix is encased in a dustcrepe dough. [Inspired by the meat pies or pastilla from Moroccon Berber cuisine].

Jawa Meat stew on Tatooine flatbread - [Inspired by Chakhchoukha from Algeria]

Kuskusu - Little balls made from hubba bread and h’kak bean flour are steamed and served with tatoes, bloddles, and h’kak beans in a spiced broth. [Inspired by couscous].

Slow cooked meat with spices and bantha butter. This can be served with fruits like hubba gourds, pallies, bristlemelons, and pikas or with vegetables like tatoes, bloddles, or h’kak beans.- [Inspired by the tagine, a slow-cooked dish in an earthenware tagine pot].


Sweet Kuskusu - Kuskusu balls made from hubba bread and h’kak bean flour are steamed in pika juice and served with pikas and pallies.

Sweet and Savory Meat Pie - Blue milk (bantha milk) and pikas are added to the meat mix for extra creaminess and sweetness and are encased in a dustcrepe pie shell.

Pika cake

Dipped Fruits on sticks:

Namana custard

Shell coating:

Chooca nut shell
Denta bean shell
Namana shell
Trammistan chocolate shell


Caf and Tea Drinks

Upezzo Caf - This is caf flavored with a syrup made from pallies, hubba gourds, pikas, and bristlemelons. Upezzo is Jawaese for “market” but someone said it made a nice name for caf, I don’t know why.
H'Kak Bean Tea - This is a fragrant, orange tea.
Mintri Tea

Milks and Juices

Blue Milk - The milk comes from banthas.
Deb-Deb Milk - Deb-debs have a hard outer shell and a meaty inner shell that can be made into a sweet milk. Tasty!
Jawa Juice - This is a non-alcoholic version of Jawa Beer, which is a light brown liquid made from grain fermented in bantha hides.
Pallie Juice - This comes from a Tatooine fruit.
Pika Juice - This comes from a Tatooine fruit.


Fermented Fungus Ale - This come from our neighbors on Ryloth. Many Jawa live on Ryloth.
Jawa Beer - A light brown alcoholic drink made from grain fermented in bantha hides.

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