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Tour the Galaxy One Dish at a Time

Welcome to the Cafe of the Universe. We hope you enjoy your stay here. We offer a fine selection of foods from across the galaxy.

(Note: see here for this menu without the background).

Xenocuisine began in the mid-22nd century after the Centauri made first contact with humans. Numerous xenocuisine cafes and cooking schools soon developed on Earth, for the benefit of our alien guests and the enjoyment of all adventurous humans. Sojourner Mars, our head chef, studied at the prestigious Ecole de Julina, founded in Paris by a noted chef of the Centauri Royal Court.

Please be aware that the eating customs of the aliens next to you may be different from your own.

Our xenocuisine certificate is available for viewing upon request.

Now you can eat xenofood in the comfort of your own quarters! Visit our market and take some home today. New items are being added daily.


These entries are eaten as breakfast foods on their home worlds. You are of course welcome to eat them at any time.

Full Minbari Breakfast - Minbari - Temshwee egg custard and your choice of three Minbari fruits or boiled grains. The number three has symbolic importance to the Minbari. Choose from fruits such as glomo fruit and valeria fruit and grain dishes such as almara meal.

Temshwee Egg Custard - Minbari - Temshwee custard is a staple Minbari breakfast food.


Premurr - Minbari - Premurr is a flatbread eaten by the worker caste during their mid-morning prayer break.

Tulba Pod Salad - Minbari - This salad, traditionally served during the middle of the day, features hylax seeds (small red potatoes), beeba oil (olive oil), yedor roots (baby carrots), and gal'sha nuts (hazelnuts).


Breen/Roopo Balls - Narn, Centauri, etc. - Breen is a Narn dish that seems to reappear in many diverse and independent cultures. What the Narn call Breen is called Roopo Balls by the Centauri and Swedish Meatballs by humans. All told, it is known to at least 27 different species. So enjoy this little bit of home and enjoy a xenocuisine treat at the same time.

Centauri Spoo - Centauri - Spoo is a staple of Centauri cuisine. Spoo are small, white, pasty creatures raised in pens with a damp, chilly climate so their skins can be properly pale. They travel in herds and can move as much as 15 cm/6 inches in a year. Their sighing is legendary. Centauri spoo is served in cubed sections to look as little as possible like spoo, which are said to be the ugliest creatures in the galaxy. We feature aged Centauri spoo (which are said to resemble scallops) with clam juice, garlic, olive oil, and zoolow eggs (like caviar or roe).

Flarn - Minbari - This Minbari treat is made for special guests and is usually surrounded by great rituals. Some have said that flarn looks like green tofu squares mixed with peas and other green substances. Our flarn is served with blanched wysa (almonds).

Fried Yogtree - Human - Yogtree is a big tree worm from the human colony on Orion 4. Some say it tastes like chicken. Others think it tastes like squid. You may have heard stories about yogtrees playing dead. Do not worry about this. We are professionals. We know when they are dead and we will never serve them before their time. We fry ours in Tabasco sauce, lemon juice, capers, and parsley.

Grout Head - Narn - Grout are ferocious animal native to Narn. Many Narn animals were killed or transplanted by the Centauri but some grout were reintroduced to Narn from a Centauri colony. Grout head resembles the human dish known as suckling pig.

G'Quan Soup - Narn - Traditionally, this soup developed in Talree on Narn at a time when everyone hoarded what food they had. G'Quan asked each person to bring a vegetable and a bowl. The vegetables were boiled in water and then redistributed to each Narn to show that by making a small sacrifice for the common good, each Narn would benefit. Our soup is made from pasta, corn, Centauri crimson ruti pods (red potatoes), wyqlat (spinach), carrots, and a variety of seasonings.

Jurbeen - Centauri - This dish is another way to serve the Centauri fish known as treel (smoked salmon). It is cooked with rikling weeds (asparagus), gilga peas, and cheese.

Klenn-Sha - Minbari - Worker caste Minbari traditionally rotate through three different dishes for dinner (klenn-sha, klenn-fha, and klenn-jha). Each dish is eaten every third day. Of these dishes, Klenn-sha is the one that is most favored in xenocuisine restaurants. It features spicy taalor tubes (Italian sausages), penne pasta, and a variety of other ingrediants.

K'Wan - Narn - The k'wan is a type of crayfish that is labeled "semi-edible." The Centauri never developed a taste for it. The Narn experimented with K'wan and made them palatable. We hope that our k'wan, served with tujula tubes (Kielbasa sausages) and Centauri crimson ruti pods (red potatoes), is more than palatable. While the Narn often eat k'wan live, we will never do so except upon request.

Leeb Loaf - Narn - The leeb is a Centauri bovine imported from the Centauri homeworld. Leeb loaf tastes rather like meatloaf.

Lukrol - Narn - A pungent meat dish swimming in a rather greasy gruel. Very popular on Narn. You may ask for the gruel on the side if you prefer.

Narn Spoo - Narn - The Narn adapted that Centauri staple, spoo (scallops), to their own tastes. Try both varieties and see which you prefer! We feature spoo (rasied in separate pens from the Centauri spoo) cooked with gollifs (mushrooms), tawloo fat (butter), and various seasonings.

Pinaldi - Centauri - A pastry filled with Centauri cheeses, foolash (like spinach), and irradiated watsuls (like our sun dried tomatoes).

Phroomis - Narn - Traditionally this dish is made from the dried and pickled skin of someone who has betrayed you. The skin is then covered with blood-berries and leeches. Rest assured that our phroomis is not made in that fashion. Our phroomis is a wonderful mix of beans, rice, and blood-berries.

Raalon - Minbari - On Minbar, raalon is raised by the worker caste and slaughtered by the warrior caste. It is cooked with beeba oil (olive oil) and served with hylax seeds (potatoes) and yedor roots (carrots). Some say it tastes like lamb.

Skron - Drazi - Traditionally, Drazi food is served alive. Skron is a six-tentacled creature served under pasta and a thick, white sauce. Our skron is fresh but is only served alive upon request.

Treel - Centauri - A green and white pasta-encrusted fish served in a tawloo fat sauce. It resembles pasta-encrusted salmon in a butter sauce.

Ulabon - Minbari - Ulabon is a fish (swordfish) found near the Almara Archipelago. It is served with a sweet glaze and Almara meal (couscous).

Weel - Minbari - Weel (which is said to resemble sea bass) is a flying fish found in the Strait of Weel. It is served with mashed weel hylax (Yukon gold potatoes or russet new potatoes), which is only found along the Strait of Weel.

Zoolow Fish - Centauri - The zoolow fish is a fierce winged fish with seven rows of teeth. It can grow up to 3 meters/10 feet long. The Narn claim that zoolow fish originated on Narn. Our zoolow fish is cooked in a special sauce. It resembles ahi tuna in a white wine and horseradish sauce.

Zoon Burgers - Human - A modern version of a traditional treat.

Desserts and Snacks

Intergalactic Fruit Salad - Pan-galactic - This fruit salad is made with Centauri fruits and nuts, such as banana-like junjoos and doola nuts, and Minbari fruits, including glomo, valeria fruit, and Se n'kai (a ceremonial Minbari fruit).

Intergalactic Salad - Pan-galactic - This salad combines vegetables from the Centauri (foolash and watsuls), the Minbari (hylax seeds, rylla pods, yedor roots, and yla leaves), and the Narn (gollifs, ruti pods, and wyqlat).

Japoti - Centauri - A pastry with junjoos and flibies (which resemble bananas and pecans) in a filo-type dough.

Jovian Tubers - Human - A tuber first grown on the moons of Jupiter.

Kili grain - Drazi - Kili grain, has been grown on Shir-shraba since the Earth year 1442. Drazi traders do a great business transporting kili grain to Zhabar for the Dark Moon ceremony. But you can enjoy this Drazi treat anytime. We prepare ours in the traditional Drazi way.

Mitlop - Narn - A chewy dessert made from tripe and marinated in pakoberry juice.

Poksh - Human - A heavy, steamed, sweatbread from Beta Colony. The subtle flavors of Poksh make it and excellent accompaniment to our intergalactic fruit salad.

Silsop Cakes - Narn - This is a nice, dry, spicy bread.

Snicks - Centauri - Centauri tree nuts, such as doola nuts and flibies, covered with a crispy sweet coating.

Tweebles - Narn, Centauri - Tweebles are little mounds of tyrpa (vanilla pod ice cream) and chocolate covered in crystal grains (like Frosted Flakes cereal).

Y'tzeem - Drazi - A Drazi candy that is given during times of ritual.

Yun-Yun - Minbari - A sweet dessert made with yl'fost (sugar), wysa nuts (almonds), and other fattening things. Some say it resembles a chocolate-covered toffee bar mousse.

Non-Alcoholic Drinks

Blood-berry Juice - Narn - For the strong of heart.

Doola Nut Milk - Centauri - A Centauri nut milk.

Gal'sha Nut Milk - Minbari - A thick, hazelnut-like drink.

Glomo Fruit Juice - Minbari - A Minbari fruit juice.

Junjoos Juice - Centauri - A Centauri fruit juice.

Klaga Bark Drink - Narn - A Narn invention.

Orcha Juice - Markab - A citrus-like juice that came from the Markab.

Ruti Pod Milk - Centauri, Narn - A bland, thick drink common to both races.

Taree Juice - Narn - A non-alcoholic, juice-based version of the better known drink.

Temshwee Egg Custard Drink - Minbari - A drink inspired by the Minbari dish.

Tyrpa Shake - Centauri, Narn - This indulgence is enjoyed by both races.

Valeria Fruit Juice - Minbari - A Minbari fruit juice.

Wysa Milk - Minbari - A Minbari nut milk that tastes like almonds.

Alcoholic Drinks

Bor'Kaan - Drazi - A Drazi drink.

Brivari - Centauri - A clear red drink.

Hot Jala - Centauri - A foamy bluish green drink made from the sap of the jalwah tree.

Jovian Sunspot - Human - A drink invented on the Io Transfer Station.

Kompa - Llort - The Llort drink Kompa during a drinking game that is also called Kompa. During Kompa, three players put their straws in a single large glass of Kompa and drink until only player is still standing. While we do not condone such behavior, Kompa is an excellent drink when consumed in small quantities.

Tagro - Narn - This is a sweet alcoholic drink.

Taree - Narn - A ruby-colored wine drink made with taree juice (red wine), klaga bark (cinnamon), and other fruit juices.

T'm'lai'na - Abbai - This is a very strong Abbai drink. We offer watered down versions for our non-Abbai guests.

Traxian Ale - Human - A little taste of home.

Abbai Dishes

The Abbai are a formerly aquatic species with gills.

T'm'lai'na (an alcoholic drink)

Centauri Dishes

Brivari (an alcoholic drink)

Centauri Spoo

Hot Jala (an alcoholic drink)

Japoti (a dessert)

Jurbeen (a treel dish)

Pinaldi (a savory pastry)

Roopo Balls (see Breen)

Snicks (Centauri tree nuts)

Treel (fish)

Tweebles (a dessert)

Zoolow Fish

Drazi Dishes

Bor'Kaan (an alcoholic drink)

Kili grain (desserts and snacks/accompaniments)


Y'tzeem (candy)

Human Dishes

Fried Yogtree (from Orion 4)

Jovian Sunspot (an alcoholic drink)

Jovian Tubers

Poksh (Desserts/Snacks)

Traxian Ale (an alcoholic drink)

Zoon Burgers

Llort Dishes

Llort are saurian-like aliens with scaly heads.

Kompa (an alcoholic drink)

Markab Dishes

Orcha Juice

Minbari Dishes


Full Minbari Breakfast


Premurr (a flatbread)

Raalon (meat)

Temshwee Egg Custard

Tulba Pod Salad

Ulabon (fish)

Weel (fish)

Yun-Yun (a dessert)

Narn Dishes

Breen (this dish goes by many names and is known in many cultures)

Grout Head

G'Quan Soup


Leeb Loaf

Lukrol (meat and gruel dish)

Mitlop (tripe dessert)

Narn Spoo

Phroomis (a main dish)

Silsop Cakes (a spicy bread)

Tagro (an alcoholic drink)

Taree (an alcoholic drink)

Tweebles (a dessert)


The above information is gathered from the excellent book, Dining on Babylon 5: The Ultimate Collection of Space Station Cuisine - The Human Edition, Emerson Briggs-Wallace with Steve Smith, London: Boxtree, 1998. The book includes recipes and pictures of the foods.

Additional sources:

Voltayre's Encyclopedia Xenobiologica - Drazi

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The above menu was written for role-playing purposes for Panhistoria.

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