Great Bird of the Galaxy Cafe II

Welcome to the Great Bird of the Galaxy Cafe II. This family-run restaurant has been feeding hungry Federation citizens for the last three generations. Recent years have seen an explosion in the number of exotic dishes that have originated on other planets. Our ever-expanding menu includes old favorites, like Betazed and other cuisines, as well as Klingon, Romulan, Bajoran, and Cardassian dishes. While Klingon cuisine has recently become fashionable, and deservedly so, other planetary cuisines are equally worthy. Bajoran and Cardassian cuisines have become better known since the exploits on Deep Space 9. Deep Space 9 was built in 2351 by the Cardassians and was named Terok Nor. The facility was taken over by the Bajorans and Stafleet in 2369 and later moved to the entrance to Bajoran wormhole.

To see our traditional menu of old favorites, which we still offer, see Great Bird of the Galaxy Cafe I. We have offered these foods since 2270. Our new appended menu appears below.

(Note: This menu is for the Star Trek universe. It is set in a time when Klingon dishes are appropriate fare for good Federation folk as are Cardassian and Romulan dishes. The time is approximately the 2370s.

The Enterprise's original mission was 2264 - 2269. The Enterprise-A launched in 2286, also under Kirk's command. James T Kirk lived from 2233 to 2293, during which time more was learned about Klingons, etc. The Enterprise-B launched in 2293 under the command of Captain Harriman. Kirk, Montgomery Scott, and Pavel Chekov were visiting dignitaries. Kirk disappeared during that mission and reappeared in 2371 to help Jean-Luc Picard and the Enterprise-D (flew 2363 - 2371) save the Veridians. (The Enterprise-C was destroyed in 2344 responding to a Klingon distress signal.) Spock was born in 2230 and lived beyond 2369. The Borg were a threat in 2367 and 2373. The Enterprise-E launched in 2372 under the command of Jean-Luc Picard. The Dominion War lasted from 2373 - 2375. Dishes from Star Trek: Voyager are not included as they would not appear in restaurants during the time of Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space 9.)

Appetizers, Sides, and Salads

Baked Risan Beans are a treat from the vacation planet of Risa.

Boiled Taspar Egg is a Cardassian delicacy.

Gespar is a red, Vulcan fruit. The Vulcans eat it for breakfast but you can eat it anytime. It has been described as a "cross between a pineapple and a Rigellian kir tangy and piquant."

Gramillion Sand Peas with Yamok Sauce is a cross-galactic treat that combines hot, spicy Gramillion Sand Peas with tangy Yamok Sauce.

Lokar Beans are a sweet, nutty bean (Deep Space 9).

Maaza stalks are a popular vegetable. Each order has 7 stalks (Deep Space 9).

Matopic rock fungi on a bed of tartoc with Clavisoa berries is a simple salad with edible fungi and berries on a bed of tartoc vegetables (Deep Space 9).

Oskoid Salad is a salad from Betazed. It includes oskoid, which is a leafy plant that comes in red and green varieties. It is served with a dressing that is like sesame seed dressing with soy sauce and rice vinegar.

Owon Eggs are gamy eggs with multicolored shells and hard little yolks. They come from Starbase 73. We serve ours with Rigelian butter, Antarian herbs, and Vulcan redspice.

Palamarian Sea Urchin is a Ferengi appetizer that is rather like sea urchin sashimi.

Quadrotriticale Bread is made from a hybrid grain of wheat and rye and is served with Rigelian Butter. It is also good with pine nuts and rosemary.

Yaderan Greenbread is traditionally a breakfast dish made from Yaderan roots. It tastes like it is made with pesto, green tea leaves, and seaweed. It can be found at far-ranging space stations like Deep Space 9. Yadera is in Gamma Quadrant.


Alterian Chowder is a warm, creamy soup (Deep Space 9).

Andorian Cabbage Soup is a popular Andorian soup (Enterprise).

Plomeek Soup is an orange soup. This quintessential Vulcan dish is actually quite bland. It has a deep vegetable fragrance. Some have described its taste as a combination of pureed celery, carrots, and squash. Vulcans like it plain but others might like a little dill with it.

Vak Clover Soup has been served on many space stations, including Deep Space 9. It is like a creamy watercress soup.

Main Dishes

Andorian Redbat is made from redbat, a flying squirrel of Andoria (Deep Space 9).

Azna is a vegetable curry from Trill. Good Azna will put hair on your chest.

Baked Andorian Tuber Roots have been eaten from Sol to Deep Space 9. Ours are seasoned and baked in Rigelian butter.

Bregit Lung is a traditional Klingon dish that is nevertheless accessible to intrepid eaters of all species. Commander Riker, for example, was quoted as saying that Bregit Lung was his favorite Klingon dish. Some say that Bregit Lung tastes like seasoned tripe.

Ferengi Spore Pie is a Ferengi main dish that is rather like a Terran mushroom quiche.

Foraiga is a Bajoran delicacy that is similar to Terran truffles. Truffles are a gamy, mushroom-like vegetable.

Gagh is a famous Klingon dish made from serpent worms. These thick worms can be served live or stewed for ease of eating. It is served on a bed of gladst, a brown, leafy, Klingon vegetable that is a lot like Terran arugula. Good gagh has a strong, gamy flavor that makes your eyes water and your throat choke up. There are 51 kinds of gagh, including Bithool gagh, which has legs. We serve our gagh in the traditional Klingon style, as Bithool gagh, or Cardassian style, with tangy Cardassian yamok sauce. The end result looks rather like udon noodles in a brown soy and sesame seed sauce. Many humans, including William Riker and Jean-Luc Picard, claimed to have liked gagh.

Hasperat is a Bajoran treat that is like a spicy burrito. The filling is made with prepared brine. Good hasperat makes the eyes water and sears the tongue. They look like Terran tortillas filled with cream cheese and peppers.

Heart of Targ is another Klingon favorite that is similar to Terran liver. It is served on a bed of greens. Targs are pig-like animals.

Heart of Targ Haggis is a little known fusion dish from Sherman's Planet. Sherman's Planet was settled by both the Federation and the Klingon Empire according to the terms of the Organian Peace Treaty. Human inhabitants of Sherman Planet's Port Emily saw their Klingon neighbors in Sherman Planet's Ka'Hat eating Heart of Targ. The humans adapted their haggis recipes to include Heart of Targ. The result was Heart of Targ Haggis or Sherman's Haggis. (personal invention).

Jumbo Romulan Mollusk is a delicious dish that has been found all over the galaxy, including Quark's on Deep Space 9. Compare this dish with its Vulcan cousin.

Kohlanese Stew is a hearty, meaty stew.

Petrokian Sausage is a popular dish (from Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Pipius Claw is a traditional Klingon dish that has been immortalized by Klingon poets. One poet said, "I should have been a pair of pipius claws / scuttling across the floors of silent seas." Pipius Claw is one of the most accessible Klingon dishes because pipius claws are served already dead. It tastes rather like lobster.

Pok Tar is a Vulcan main dish.

Ratamba Stew is a flavorful Bajoran vegetable stew that can be spicy or garlicky. Ours is more garlicky than spicy. It can be served over spinach linguini upon request.

Rokeg Blood Pie is another traditional Klingon dish pioneered in Federation circles by Commander Riker. This is made from wriggling entrails in a nice, pastry shell. The blood red color is like a mix of cherry, grape, and cranberry juices.

Sem'hal Stew is a popular Cardassian meat stew. Try it with Cardassian Yamok Sauce.

Targ Blood Sausage is a popular Klingon food. Targs are like vicious, furry boars with spikes on their backs. They can be dark brown or spotted.

Tellarite Linguini is an exotic but not well-known treat (from the extended Star Trek universe).

Tube Grubs are the Ferengi equivalent of Klingon food. Tube Grubs are wiggly worms that are eaten live. Good tube grubs are dank and musty. Tube grubs can also be served chilled.

Viinerine is a traditional Romulan dish.

Vulcan Mollusks are served with a Rhombolian butter sauce. They have been compared to green mussels from Terra.

Wentlian Condor Snake is a Ferengi eel-like creature that is slathered in a batter and fried.

Zabo Meat is a tasty Cardassian dish. Try it with Cardassian Yamok Sauce. Many humans, including Keiko O'Brien, has been known to serve it.


These pizza flavors are unique to this restaurant. Try one!

Foraiga and Ferengi Spore Pizza combines the mushroom-like ingrediants of Bajor and Ferenginar.

Pipius Claw and Romulan Mollusk Pizza unites the seafood cuisines of the Klingon Homeworld and Romulus.

Petrokian Sausage, Targ Blood Sausage and Kaferian Olive Pizza updates the traditional sausage and olive pizza.

Vulcan Mollusk and Kaferian Olive Pizza is found only at this restaurant. Served in a rich Rhombolian butter sauce. (The combination is not canon).

Zabo Meat and Yamok Sauce Pizza is a nice meat pizza.


Alvinian Melons and Moba Fruit are two Bajoran fruits. Alvinian Melons are large green fruits and Moba Fruit is like kiwi. They go well with jumja tea.

Andorian Tuber Root Pie has been compared to a sweet potato pie.

Delavian Chocolates are a silky, ultra-sweet dessert made by the Cardassians.

Icoberry Torte is a sweet, pungent berry torte. It has been compared to raspberries or strawberries.

I'danian Spice Pudding is a popular dessert that looks like it has been made from vanilla pudding, rice, and cinnamon.

Jumja is a Bajoran candy made from the sweet sap of the jumja tree.

Kaferian Apple Pizza is a family recipe. It is an open-faced Kaferian apple pie with a cinnamon topping on a pizza crust. (This was created by my mother).

Osol Twist is a tart, Romulan confection.

Tellurian Mint Truffles are an excellent dessert.

Thalian Chocolate Mousse is a treat made with 400 year old chocolate beans.

Tuwaly Pie is a Bajoran dessert that tastes something like Terran coconut cream pie.

Uttaberry Crepes are a Betazed treat. They have been compared to blueberry crepes.

Yigrish Cream Pie is a popular creamy pie.

Juices, Milk, and Water

Altair Water is popular in many star bases and space stations. The famous Dr. Mc Coy was overheard to order this drink (Star Trek III).

Antarian Glow Water is a sparkling drink with its own gentle glow. It is made from a special Antarian herb. Many have said it tastes like ginseng or ginger.

Carallun is a citrus fruit drink from Romulus. It is not well known outside of the Romulan Star Empire. (From the novel Serpents Among the Ruins).

Faux Klingon Bloodwine is for those who want to look like they are drinking bloodwine when they are not. It is made from cranberry juice and dark grape juice with floating bits of frozen cranberries and red raspberries.

Fish Juice is a Cardassian favorite. It is traditionally served hot first thing in the morning. Think of it as clam juice with tomato juice or Tabasco sauce.

Icoberry Juice Cocktail tastes almost like a mix of red or black raspberries, apple juice, and cranberry juice.

Millipede Juice is a bracing drink from the Ferengi.

Papalla Juice is a popular juice.

Rokassa Juice is a Cardassian beverage that brings tranquility to the drinker.

Targ milk is a milk that comes from the vicious targs of the Klingon homeworld. Klingons often mix their targ milk with something harder but you can have it plain. (The idea comes from Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Teas and Coffees

Chiraltan Tea is an exotic, smoky tea with all the kick of raktajino but no bitter aftertaste.

Jestral Tea is a mild, relaxing Betazed tea.

Jumja Tea is brewed from the sweet sap of the Bajoran jumja tree.

Plomeek Tea is less well known than Plomeek Soup but it is an excellent Vulcan tea nonetheless.

Raktajino is a very popular Klingon coffee. It can be served hot or iced, as a double raktajino, extra sweet or iced with extra cream, or with whipped cream on top. It is also good served with jacarine peel. It goes very well with icoberry torte.

Pyrellian Ginger Tea is so popular that there are stories of Quark hording it for resale on the black market during the occupation of Terek Nor.

Red Leaf Tea is a restorative but bitter Cardassian tea that purges the body of infections. It is an acquired taste.

Tarkalian Tea is a popular Cardassian beverage on the space station Deep Space 9.

Valerian Root Tea has been popular since the time of Captain Jean-Luc Picard.

Vulcan Root Tea is made from aromatic roots.

Vulcan Spice Tea is another excellent Vulcan tea.

Alcoholic Drinks

Aldebaran Whiskey is a dark, green whiskey.

Andorian Ale is best served cold. It is a yellowish nut-like drink that is looks like a ginger ale or a lemonade mixed with a hint of milk.

Bahgol is a Klingon beverage best served warm.

Calaman Sherry is a bluish or pinkish bubbly drink.

Denevian Mead is a popular drink that also goes well with Saurian Brandy and Targ Milk (Star Trek: The Next Generation).

Gamzian Wine is a thick, dark drink that looks like a mix of plum and prune juice.

Kali-fal is a blue Romulan drink that can be served warm. Good Kali-fal is very aromatic. Replicated Kali-fal on Deep Space Nine is said to be pretty good.

Kanar is a Cardassian drink that is usually dark brown but which can sometimes appear purplish. It looks like chocolate syrup with coffee extract.

Klingon Bloodwine is a fermented, blood drink. It is a red wine that is best served warm. Klingon ales are downed in a single gulp.

Romulan Ale is a strong, blue, alcoholic drink. Its color ranges from pale sky blue to a dark midnight blue. One rare version is almost brown in color. Romulan Ale should be sipped rather than gulped. Possession of Romulan Ale was illegal from the early 2280s to the late 2370s. It was legalized in the Federation during the Dominion War although it had been smuggled into the Federation before that date. By 2379 it was again a protected substance. We, however, have a special exemption to serve it to our customers.

Saurian Brandy is a popular gold, nut-colored drink.

Takarian Mead is a thick, honey-colored foamy drink that has been served at many starbases and space stations, including Deep Space 9.

Tranya is an orange drink that was first discovered by Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. It quickly spread throughout the starbases. (It was later served in Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9). It was originally served cold and tasted like orange juice plus. A hot version is also popular.

Volcanic Spew is a mixed alcoholic beverage from Tellar. Volcanic Spew is the color of human blood and has vapors rising from the surface. (It comes from the novel, Oblivion.)


Breakfast Buffet

We serve a cold, Klingon breakfast buffet for hearty eaters. It consists of Bregit Lung, Gagh, Heart of Targ, Pipius Claw, Rokeg Blood Pie, and Targ Blood Sausage. We also have Vulcan Gespar (a fruit), Yaderan Greenbread, Quadrotriticale Toast, scrambled Owon Eggs, Alvinian Melons, Moba Fruit, baked Andorian Tuber Root, and Cardassian Boiled Taspar Egg for picky eaters. Raktajino and Chiraltan Tea are also available.

Low Tea

A variety of teas, such as Chiraltan Tea, Jestral Tea, Jumja Tea, Tarkalian Tea, Plomeek Tea, Vulcan Spice Tea, Vulcan Root Tea, Valerian Root Tea, and the popular Pyrellian Ginger Tea are served alongside our most popular snacks and desserts. These treats include Bajoran Hasperat, Yaderan Greenbread, Quadrotriticale Tea Sandwiches, Andorian Tuber Root Pie Bites, Romulan Osol Twist, Icoberry Torte, I'danian Spice Pudding, mini Tuwaly pies, mini Yigrish Cream Pies, and Uttaberry Crepes.

Vegetarian Buffet

Andorian Cabbage Soup, Plomeek Soup, Vak Clover Soup, Oskoid Salad (Betazed), Vulcan Gespar (a fruit/vegetable dish), Baked Risan Beans, Baked Andorian Tuber Roots, Azna (a vegetable curry from Trill), Ratamba Stew (a vegetable dish from Bajor), Ferengi Spore Pie (try it, you might like it), Foraiga (like a Bajoran mushroom), Quadrotriticale Bread and Yaderan Greenbread with your choice of Rigelian or Rhombolian butter sauce, Kaferian apples, Alvinian melons, Moba fruit, Andorian Tuber Root Pie, and Icoberry Torte.

Food Listed By Culture

Andorian Foods

Andoria (or Andor) is an ancient civilization that has been warp capable since 1154 AD. They were a founding member of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. They are mostly in Beta Quadrant. The Andorians and Vulcans clashed before 2161 but have since resolved their differences.

Andorian Ale, an alcoholic drink
Andorian Cabbage Soup
Andorian Redbat
Andorian Tuber Root Pie, a dessert
Baked Andorian Tuber Root, a main dish

Bajoran Foods

Bajor or B'hava'el VII, is in Alpha Quadrant. Its capitals are Dahkur and Sahving. Its first interstellar flight was in 1571 and it has been warp capable since 2328. In 2374 it applied for admission to the Federation. It was occupied by the Cardassians from 2328 - 2369 and again from 2374 - 2375.

Alvinian Melons and Moba Fruit, a dessert
Foraiga, a main dish
Hasperat, a main dish
Jumja, a dessert
Jumja Tea, a tea drink
Ratamba Stew, a main dish
Tuwaly Pie, a dessert

Betazed Foods

Betazed (Beta Zeta V) is an ancient civilization that was admitted to the United Federation of Planets in 2273. It is in Alpha Quadrant as is the Sol system.

Jestral Tea, a tea drink
Oskoid Salad
Uttaberry Crepes, a dessert

Cardassian Foods

Cardassia Prime is a M-class planet in the Alpha Quadrant that rules the Cardassian Union. Its capital is Lakat. The civilization has been warp-capable since 1925. The Imperial Plaza and the University of Culat were major points of interest. Hostilities began between the Cardassians and the Federation some time during the 2350s. The Cardassians and the Federation had a truce by 2366. Most major cities were destroyed at the time of the Dominion occupation in 2375. Cardassia Prime (Cardassia VI), Cardassia Minor (Cardassia V), and Hutet (Cardassia IV) are all Class-M planets in the same solar system. The Cardassian star is a K0V.

Boiled Taspar Egg, an appetizer
Delavian Chocolates, a dessert
Fish Juice, a non-alcoholic drink
Kanar, an alcoholic drink
Red Leaf Tea, a tea drink
Sem'hal Stew With Yamok Sauce, a main dish
Tarkalian Tea, a tea drink
Zabo Meat, a main dish

Ferengi Foods

Ferenginar was first contacted by the U.S.S. Enterprise-D in 2364. It is an ancient civilization that has long had warp technology. It is in the Alpha Quadrant.

Ferengi Spore Pie, a main dish
Millipede Juice, a juice drink
Palamarian Sea Urchin, an appetizer
Tube Grubs, a main dish
Wentlian Condor Snake, a main dish

Klingon Foods

Qo'noS (Kronos or Kling) is the leading planet of the Klingon Empire. The civilization has been warp capable since 930 AD. It is in Beta Quadrant.

Bahgol, an alcoholic drink
Bregit Lung, a main dish
Gagh, a main dish
Heart of Targ, a main dish
Klingon Bloodwine, an alcoholic drink
Pipius Claw, a main dish
Raktajino, a popular coffee drink
Rokeg Blood Pie, a main dish
Targ Blood Sausage
Targ Milk

Risan Foods

Risa (Epsilon Ceti B II) was admitted the United Federation of Planets in 2249. Its capital is Nuvia. It is in Beta Quadrant.

Baked Risan Beans, an appetizer

Romulan Foods

The Romulans are a Vulcanoid species from the Beta Quadrant. Romulus and Remus lead the Romulan Star Empire. The Romulans have been warp capable since 320 AD. They left Vulcan during the Great Awakening around 370 AD.

Carallun, a fruit drink
Jumbo Romulan Mollusks, a main dish
Kali-fal, an alcoholic drink
Osol twist, a dessert
Romulan Ale, an alcoholic drink
Viinerine, a main dish

Tellarite Foods

Tellar Prime or Miracht is near Vulcan and other founding planets of the United Federation of Planets. They have been warp capable since the 1950s. The Tellarites were founding members of the Federation in 2161.

Tellarite Linguini, a main dish
Volcanic Spew, an alcoholic drink

Trill Foods

Trill (Trillius Prime) was admitted to the United Federation of Planets in 2285. The civilization has been warp capable since antiquity. The Federation did not understand the Trill-Symbiont relationship until about 2367. The capital city is Mak'ala.

Azna, a main dish

Vulcan Foods

Vulcan (40 Eridani A) is an ancient civilization that has been warp capable since 320 AD. The Confederacy of Surak was formed in 370 AD. Vulcans were the first extraterrestrials encountered by humans. On April 4, 2063, a Vulcan survey ship saw the warp signature of Zefram Cochrane's test flight. The Vulcans made contact with Earth on April 5, 2063. Vulcan was a founding member of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. Vulcan is in Beta Quadrant. It is in a trinary star system. The main star is a K1V. Vulcan is a Class-M planet. T'Khut orbits around Vulcan and is a Class-G object (geocrystalline).

Gespar, a fruit/vegetable
Plomeek Soup, an appetizer
Plomeek Tea, a tea drink
Pok Tar, a main dish
Vulcan Mollusks, a main dish
Vulcan Root Tea, a tea drink
Vulcan Spice Tea, a tea drink

Miscellaneous Foods

Aldebaran Whiskey, an alcoholic drink
Altair Water, a non-alcoholic drink
Alterian Chowder, an appetizer
Antarian Glow Water, a non-alcoholic drink
Calaman Sherry, an alcoholic drink
Chiraltan Tea, a tea drink
Denevian Mead
Faux Klingon Bloodwine, a non-alcoholic drink
Gamzian Wine, an alcoholic drink
Gramillion Sand Peas with Yamok Sauce, an appetizer
Heart of Targ Haggis, a main dish
Icoberry Juice Cocktail, a non-alcoholic drink
Kaferian Apple Pizza, a dessert - Kaferia is Tau Ceti
Kohlanese Stew, a main dish
Icoberry Torte, a dessert
I'danian Spice Pudding, a dessert
Lokar Beans, an appetizer
Maaza stalks
Matopic rock fungi, tossed on bed of tartoc (possibly from Palamar)
Owon Eggs, an appetizer
Papalla Juice, a non-alcoholic drink
Petrokian Sausage, a main dish
Pyrellian Ginger Tea, a tea drink
Quadrotriticale Bread and Rigelian Butter, an appetizer
Saurian Brandy, an alcoholic drink
Takarian Mead, an alcoholic drink
Tellurian Mint Truffles, a dessert
Thalian Chocolate Mousse, a dessert
Tranya, a non-alcoholic drink
Vak Clover Soup, an appetizer
Valerian Root Tea, a tea drink
Vulcan Mollusk and Kaferian Olive Pizza
Yaderan Greenbread, an appetizer
Yigrish Cream Pie, a dessert



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