Galactic Cantina and Grill

There are so many inhabited planets and moons in the galaxy that it is hard to pick which foods to represent at the Galactic Cantina and Grill.

The traditional cuisines of the Core Worlds are represented by dishes from Coruscant, Aargau, Alderaan, Brentaal, Chandrila, Corellia, Duro, Frego, Metellos, Selonia, and Xorth.

The ancient cuisines of the Colonies are represented by Arkania, Giju/Herglic Space, Neimodia, and the Tapani Sector.

The Expansion Region is represented by the Gran of Kinyen and the inhabitants of Reytha and Vernet.

Inner Rim dishes include food from Bestine, Hapes Cluster, Riosa, Taanab, Tirahnn, Wroona, and the Arcona of Cona.

The cookery of the Mid Rim is represented by food from Ando, Anison, Bothawui, Eiattu, Falleen, Haruun Kal, Ithor, Naboo, and Wookiee cookery from Kashyyyk.

The exotic cuisine of the Outer Rim is represented by the Corporate Sector, Mon Calamari and Quarren cuisine from Mon Calamari/Dac, Kitonak dishes from Kirdo III, Kubaz cuisine from Kubindi, Twi'lek cookery from Ryloth, food from Ammuud, Dantooine, Dubrillion, Gala, Gamorr, Geonosis, Lianna, Mandalore, Minos Cluster, Mirial, Orto (the Ortolan planet), Rodia, Sapella, Sullust, Taris, Toydaria, Ukio, Vasch (in the Arkanis Sector) and dishes from little known worlds such as Dagobah and a desert planet called Tatooine in the Arkanis Sector.

Some of these dishes may not be quite to your taste but we have something tasty for every species. We have also included some of the fine cuisine of our Hutt friends. After all, it doesn't do to get a Hutt angry.

[Note: The Galactic Cantina and Grill is a Galactic Foodie restaurant set in the Star Wars universe.

* = The ingredients came from a Star Wars book or website but the cooking style (roasted, boiled, accompaniments, etc.) did not or I turned it into an ice cream when it was not stated as such or I have done some other change to the information. For example: I have renamed Cream of Womprat Soup as Cream of Tatooine Soup to make it sound more appetizing on a restaurant menu.

** = These foods are inspired by the excellent Dr. Who book, Lungbarrow, Marc Platt, London: Virgin Publishing, 1997, or For the purposes of this restaurant, these foods are said to come from Galleefryn in the Corporate Sector.

The food from Mirial is especially speculative. It is based on named animals and plants but the source does not expressly say these plants and animals are good for food. I have invented the Mirialan combinations with pan-Galactic food and the way that Mirialan food is cooked.]

I am starting to add sources in brackets. The codes are listed at the bottom with the sources.

Breakfast and Egg Dishes

Eat these dishes anytime.

Burrmillet Porridge (Pan Galactic) - An excellent way to start the day.

Dantooine flapjack (Dantooine) - These are popular for breakfast but you can have them any time of the day. They are excellent with a fruit topping or Dantooine cane syrup. [Wookiepedia] (Outer Rim)

Dustcrepes and Nausages (Tatooine) - These are traditionally served as a breakfast food but can be enjoyed throughout the day. (Outer Rim)

Gukked eggs (Pan Galactic) - Enjoy this for breakfast or as an accompaniment with other dishes.

Havla (Pan Galactic) - This has been called a "gourmet kind of toast".

Hot Dantooine cereal (Dantooine) - This is popular for breakfast or as a side dish. [Wookiepedia] (Outer Rim)

Nilluk Strips (Rodia) - Cooked nilluk strips are traditionally eaten for breakfast on Rodia. Stewed galma, a blood-red fruit that smells faintly like a sweaty bantha, can be added for an even more authentic treat. (Outer Rim)

Ooglata eggs (Ithor) - These are most often served scrambled but you can have your eggs served any way you want. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database). - (Mid Rim)

Pickled blackbeak eggs (Chandrila) - These are sold by street vendors on Chandrila. (Core)

Vakiir eggs (Rodia)- Vakiir eggs are brown eggs that are traditionally cooked by Rodians for breakfast. They are great anytime. (Outer Rim)

Breads and Muffins

Alderaanian Flatbread (Alderaan) - Flatbread is traditionally eaten on Alderaan as an accompaniment to a larger meal. Alderaan is known for its great grasslands and fragrant grains. This fine, crusty, cracker-like flatbread is made up of a variety of Alderaan's most popular grains. (Core)

Algae-Bread (Tapani Sector/Herglic Space) - This bread is made by Herglics on the planet Giju. Herglics are, of course, one of the founding members of the Galactic Republic. (Colonies)

Burrmillet Bread (Pan Galactic) - Burrmillet is a grain grown on many different worlds. It makes great breads and porridge.

Choya Bread (Lianna) - Choya is a starchy vegetable grown on the planet Lianna. It is dried and made into flour and tasty bread. (Outer Rim)

Dantooine flapjack (Dantooine) - These are popular for breakfast but you can have them any time of the day. They are excellent with a fruit topping. [Wookiepedia] (Outer Rim)

Dew cake (Wroona) - This is a delightful bread from Wroona. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Inner Rim).

Fug Cake (Gamorr) - Fug Cake is a flatbread made from Fug fungus. Gamorreans love it. You may prefer it with sweet Frill Syrup or Horstberry Jelly. (Outer Rim)

Haarshun Bread (Mandalore) - This Mandalorian bread is served with an optional Gihaal Paste. Gihaal is dried fish meal that is much favored by Mandalorians as food rations because it does not spoil. Gihaal has a strong smell that many non-Mandalorians do not like. But do not let others tell you what to eat, try it for yourself! (Outer Rim)

Honeycrust (Pan Galactic) - This sweet bread is made even sweeter by basting the crust in honey while baking.

Mealbread (Corellia) - Mealbread can be made into chips, sticks, or other shapes. We have made our mealbread into individual-sized galaxy-shaped portions. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - Core)

Muja Muffins (Naboo)- Muja muffins are made from muja fruit, which is a reddish-orange fruit. It grows on Naboo, Kashyyyk, and many other places. Flavorful nuts are added to the muffins as well. This recipe comes from Naboo. (Mid Rim)

Munch-Fungus Bread (Twi'lek from Ryloth) - This bread is made from Munch-Fungus and is served on a bed of raw munch-fungus. (Outer Rim)

Pod Bread (Tatooine) - This is a flavorful bread from Tatooine. (Outer Rim)

*Pom Flour and Seed Bread (Naboo) - Pom roots are ground up and made into a popular flour. The Gungans of Naboo eat pom seeds as a snack. This excellent bread combines both taste treats. (Pom flour and seeds are mentioned in the Star Wars Food and Drink Database, but not as a bread) - ((Mid Rim)

Jams, Jellies, Preserves, and Other Spreads

Try any of these exotic jams, jellies, and preserves with any of the above breads for a truly out-of-this-world taste!

Bantha Butter (Pan-Galactic) - This is a sweet and creamy spread that is popular throughout the galaxy. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database)

Bluefruit Jam (Corellia) - This jam is very tasty by itself. Some combine it with saltnut butter but others dislike the combined taste, saying it would gag a sandcat. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Core Worlds)

Cloudberry Jam (Pan-Galactic) - A tart fruit spread.

Cloudberry Jelly (Pan-Galactic) - A tart jelly.

Crelnut Butter (Pan-Galactic) - This is one of the most common of the nut butters.

Cyanoberry Paste (Dagobah) - Crushed cyanoberries are made into a blue paste to create a rich spread. This is also available as a jelly if you prefer. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Outer Rim)

Horstberry Jelly (Pan Galactic/Gamorr) - This jelly is traditionally associated with Fug Cake but try it with other breads!

Muja Preserves (Naboo) - This reddish-orange preserve is made from our own special recipe. You will not find it anywhere else. (Mid Rim)

Saltnut Butter (Pan-galactic) - This is a fine taste by itself. Use with caution when combining with Bluefruit Jam. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database).

*Souse-mustard (Orto) - This condiment is good with breads and crackers that are not sweet, such as Haarshun Bread, Munch-Fungus Bread, or Pod Bread. (Outer Rim)

Sullustan Jam (Sullust) - Sullustan Jam comes from delicious foodstuffs grown on Sullust's agricultural moon, Sulon. (Outer Rim)


Bedjie Dumplings and Broth (Duro) - Bedjie is an edible fungus from the space-going civilization of Duro, an ancient Core world. In this version of the Duro treat, bedjie has been formed into dumplings and dropped into a bedjie broth. (Core)

Chale Soup (Ithor) - This thin soup is made from chale that has been boiled until it is mush. Some prefer it as a drink. (Mid Rim)

Chintassa Grass Soup (Pan Galactic) - This thin soup is made from seasoned Chintassa Grass.

*Cream of Tatooine Soup (Tatooine) - This surprisingly elegant soup comes from the Outer Rim planet of Tatooine, where it is known as Cream of Womprat Soup. (Outer Rim)

Exoboar Soup (Makeb) - Exoboars come from Makeb on the edge of Hutt Space. Some beings have an unpleasant reaction to exoboar. (Mid Rim/Hutt Space)

Gi Dumpling Soup (Mandalore) - A fish dumpling soup from the Mandalorians. (Outer Rim)

Greenfly Soup (Pan Galactic) - This thick, tangy broth is made from greenflies.

Grik Bisque (Aargau) - This soup from the Core World of Aargau is thick and hearty soup. (Core)

Nyork Chowder (Naboo) - While Nyork Chowder is popular in cheap diners throughout the galaxy, we make our tasty Nyork Chowder from shucked nyorks in a creamy broth with diced protatos, Ojomian onions and celonslay. (Mid Rim)

Pakarna (Chandrila) - This is a spicy soup from Chandrila. (Core).

Red Gourd Soup (Mandalore) - This is a pungent soup from Mandalore. (Outer Rim)

*Rentish Meat and Kellsh Root Soup (Mirial) - Mirial is known for its hot, nourishing soups. Spice up this soup with imported Malla Petal Dumplings or imported Bedjie Dumplings. Rentish are the dominant herbivores of Mirial. (Outer Rim)

Seaspice Soup (Mon Calamari) - A favorite soup of the Mon Calamari. (Outer Rim)

Toydarian Nutrient Broth (Toydaria) - This thick, nutrient broth is full of algae and other things that are good for you. And it is surprisingly tasty! (Hutt Space/Outer Rim)

Ukian Torbull Tail Soup (Tapani Sector) - Exotic Ukian Torbull Tail Soup is made from Torbull tails. Torbulls are Ukian pack animals. Ukio is an agricultural world in the Outer Rim. (Colonies/Outer Rim)

Xachibik Broth (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - This is a thick meat and herb broth from Kashyyyk. (Mid Rim)

Salads and Grasses

Barnaba Salad (Barnaba, Tapani Sector) - This green salad comes from Barnaba, the bread basket of the Tapani Sector. (Colonies)

Chintassa Grass (Pan Galactic) - Chintassa grass is served boiled and seasoned. It is available raw upon request.

Chyntuck Salad (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Chyntuck is an onion-like vegetable from Kashyyyk that is sliced and added to this refreshing salad, which includes Celonslay (a green vegetable), Negamo, Tigmary, and Calarantum root (a piquant root that comes in both orange and blue varieties). (Mid Rim)

Covado Salad (Ithor) - This Ithorian salad is made from Covado, an Ithorian plant, and other plants. (Mid Rim)

Coruscant Salad with Coruscant Red Wine Vinagrette (Coruscant) - Our Coruscant Salad is made from a selection of the finest salad ingrediants of the entire galaxy, including our famous Coruscant Red Wine Vinagrette. (Core)

Dantooinian Garfish Salad (Dantooine) - This tasty salad is made from Dantooininian Garfish and vegetables. (Outer Rim)

Goatgrass (Gran from Kinyen) - This long, edible leaf has a silvery green color and a sweet smell. (Expansion Region)

Goatgrass Salad (Gran from Kinyen) - Our goatgrass salad comes with aromatic goatgrass tossed with Malastarian croutons, houjix cheese crumbles, and three-eyed Kinyenian potatoes, just like they do it on the Gran colony on Malastare. We humbly think our goatgrass salad is the finest on Coruscant. (Expansion Region)

Rillrrnnn Salad (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Rillrrnnn seeds form the basis of this exotic salad from Kashyyyk. (Mid Rim)

Salad a la Chale (Ithor) - This salad is made from leafy green vegetables and is served on thinly sliced chale. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Mid Rim)

Side Dishes and Appetizers

Adder Moss Chips (Gungan from Naboo) - This Gungan dish is made from Adder Moss, which is spicy and spongy. Adder Moss originally comes from the often forgotten world of Dagobah. (Adder Moss info from [Geo]) (Mid Rim/Outer Rim)

Ahto City Cheese (Selkath from Manaan) - This is an excellent cheese made by the Selkath of Manaan. [Wookiepedia] (Inner Rim)

Ahrisa (Pan Galactic) - Spicy balls of Ahrisa are served from Coruscant to Tatooine.

*Baked Kellsh Roots in Rentish Cheese Sauce (Mirial) - Baked Kellsh Roots may look bland and unappetizing to some but when served with Rentish Cheese Sauce they are divine! Try them also with Rentish Meat Flakes. (Outer Rim)

Bang-corn (Pan Galactic) - This special kind of corn pops when heated to form fluffy kernels. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database).

Blue Milk Yogurt (Pan Galactic) - Blue Milk Yogurt is made from nutritious, blue Bantha milk. It is a fine accompaniment to any meal.

Chandrilan Cheese Board (Chandrila) - This authentic Chandrilan cheese board comes compkete with Chandrilan deviled bulabird eggs, Ylesian white worms, Hanava pods, Chandrilan tintolives, red and green fruits, and Lira San crackers. (Core)

Cheese Plate (Selkath from Manaan and Neona, Tapani Sector) - Enjoy Ahto City Cheese from Manaan and Neonan Red Cheese, a crimson-colored cheese (Inner Rim/Colonies)

Drutash Grubs in Omaton Sauce (Sullust) - Don't let the dank conditions of the Sullustan breeding farms confuse you, drutash grubs are delicious! We of course serve ours with omaton sauce just as the finest restaurants do on Sullust. But now you don't have to go to the hot springs resorts of Piringiisi on Sullust to enjoy these edible delicacies; you can eat them for a fraction of the cost on Coruscant! (Outer Rim)

Fried Capellan Turg-rrot Root (Pan Galactic) - Thick Capellan Turg-rrot Root is deep fat fried to emphasize its crunchy goodness. It is served hot with an excellent dipping sauce.

*Gamorrean Snack-cracker (Gamorr) - This snack is the most popular Gamorrean food outside of Gamorr. Gamorrean Snack-crackers are excellent dipped into a malted drink. We serve ours with your choice of Fox Beer (a malted beverage from the Outer Rim), drezzle sauce (a rich sauce traditionally used on salads), tart cloudberry sauce, thick crelnut butter (made from legumes), or sweet frill syrup. (Outer Rim)

Hot Chubas (Hutt) - Try a delightful bowl of Hot Chubas. You will be glad you did. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Jerked Bantha Meat (Pan Galactic) - Jerked Bantha Meat is a popular snack. Our jerked bantha meat comes from the exotic planet of Tatooine.

Jerked Dewback Meat (Pan Galactic) - Don't like Jerked Bantha Meat? Try Jerked Dewback Meat! This treat also comes from Tatooine.

*Marinated Snoruuk (Gamorr) - Mobile snoruuk mushrooms are a staple food amongst Gamorreans. This exclusive dish is not a traditional Gamorrean dish but we think you'll like it all the same. [SW:EGToP&M] (Outer Rim)

Mounder Potato Rice (Corellia) - This is a fine Corellian side dish. (Core)

Neonan Red Cheese (Neona, Tapani Sector) - A rare red cheese made on Neona. This cheese is traditionally served on only the finest of occasions. (Colonies)

Nilluk Strips (Rodia) - Cooked nilluk strips are traditionally eaten for breakfast on Rodia. Try it as an appetizer or side dish any time of the day. Stewed galma, a blood-red fruit that smells faintly like a sweaty bantha, can be added for an even more authentic treat. (Outer Rim)

Raw Rockfish Twists (Tapani Sector) - Rockfish is a popular fish from the Tapani Sector. (Colonies)

*Roasted 3-eyed Kinyenian Potatoes (Gran from Kinyen) - Try these roasted 3-eyed Kinyenian Potatoes on a bed of fragrant goatgrass. You will be glad you did! (Expansion Region)

Seaweed Rolls (Mon Calamari) - Seaweed Rolls are served at parties from distant Dac to Coruscant. (Outer Rim)

Stuffed Chyntuck (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Chyntuck is an onion-like vegetable that is stuffed with meat and then baked. Try a small portion as an appetizer or a large portion as a meal. (Mid Rim)

Terratta (Toydaria) - This famous Toydarian dish is made from seasoned strips of terk hide bathed in oil and groat milk. Yum! (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Thrantcill Pate (Coruscant) - Avian Thrantcills are one of two native species to survive on Coruscant. Hawk-bats are the other. Both are tasty. (Core)

Main Dishes

Note: The following dishes can be eaten separately or made into a meal with the addition of bread, soup, and/or a salad. They can also be added to Choya Shells (Lianna). Choya Shells are made from Choya, a starchy vegetable, and various grains which are then fried to form shells. Try Choya Shells stuffed with Bedjie, Chale, Charbote Root. Or try them with a stuffing of Alderaan Stew, Bantha Rump Roast, Bantha Steaks, Bruallki, Corellian Clams, or whatever you prefer.

Vegetarian Dishes

Acid-beet Mash (Vjun) - This root vegetable is a popular side dish. (Star Wars Food and Drink in Database Form mentions the food but not how it is served.) (Outer Rim)

Amber-roots (Mandalore) - Diced amber-roots are popular on the planet of Mandalore. (Outer Rim)

Bedjie (Duro) - This edible fungus from the ancient spacer world of Duros is both tasty and nutritious. (Core)

Breadroot Patty (Pan Galactic) - Breadroot patties are white patties made from breadroot. They are very tasty.

Burrmillet Porridge (Pan Galactic) - Burrmillet is a grain grown on many different worlds. It makes great breads and porridges.

Chale (Ithor) - This Ithorian foodstuff is seasoned with the popular seasoning, Ithorian Saffron. It is a popular accompaniment to any meal. (Mid Rim)

Charbote Root (Corellia) - This is a fine vegetable dish from Corellia. (Core)

Chorba Mash (Vernet) - This gruel-like mash is made from the chorba plant. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Expansion Region)

Corellian Potatoes (Corellia and Tapani Sector) - Fine Corellian potatoes are traditionally served at the Vor-Cal Feast in the Tapani Sector. (Core/Colonies)

Csolcir (Corellia) - Csolcir is a mushroom-like dish that is boiled in butter and served with vweilu nut slivers. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database etc.) - (Core)

Gartro Egg Sandwich (Coruscant) - The Coruscanti have been making Gartro Egg Sandwiches almost as long as there has been Gartro Eggs on Coruscant. Gartros are dragon-like green-skinned creatures who are noted for their fine eggs. Gartros have been living on Coruscant for a very long time. [Cor&CW] (Core)

Gufta Roots (Tirahnn) - These fat, juice roots are popular with many species. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Inner Rim)

Mounder Potato Rice (Corellia) - This is a fine Corellian dish. (Core)

VegeParsine (Lianna) - This dish is a gourmet form of the vegetable mash known as veghash. It is served in the traditional bubble-shaped bowls. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Outer Rim).

Veghash in Choya Shells (Lianna) - Veghash is a fine, vegetable mush served in a grain and choya shell. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Outer Rim)

*Verdian Vine Beans (Tapani Sector) - A fine vegetable dish from the Tapani Sector. Try them with Neonan Red Cheese Sauce.(Colonies)

Insectoid Dishes

Arch Grub (Geonosis) - This large, burrowing insect from Geonosis is served grilled to enhance its flavor. (Outer Rim)

Drutash Grubs in Omaton Sauce (Sullust) - These delicious grubs are served with the finest omaton sauce this side of the Piringiisi Hot Springs! (Outer Rim)

Fieldhoppers (Kubaz from Kubindi) - Fieldhoppers are a staple in Kubindi cuisinne. (Outer Rim)

Giant Ithor Snail (Ithor) - This Ithorian mollusk, considered by many to be a great delicacy, is served in flounut butter with your choise of Ithorian Chale or Chale Soup. (Mid Rim)

Kubindi Insect Platter (Kubaz from Kubindi) - The Kubaz of Kubindi are famous for the insect-based cuisinne. Try the Kubindi Insect Platter and find out why. The platter includes slices of the bantha-sized sunbeetle. (Outer Rim)

*Roasted Heart-Tailed Tube Larvae (Selonia) - Heart-tailed tube larvae are very tasty when parched or roasted. We roast ours to make them extra juicy. Also available as a topping on pasta. [SW:EGToP&M] (Core)

*Sunbeetle Choya Sandwich (Lianna/Kubaz from Kubindi) - Slices of bantha-sized sunbeetles from Kubindi are seasoned and put in a choya shell for an exquisite taste. (Outer Rim)

Meat (Mammalian) Dishes

Alderaan Stew (Alderaan) - We make our version of this stew from bantha meat, roast gorak bird, and Alderaanian grains, and vegetables. (Core)

Ammuudian Grazer Steaks (Ammuud) - Ammuudian grazers come from the mountainous plains of Ammuud. They are an antlered herding animal. They are a popular alternative to Corellian grazers. (Corporate Sector)

*Baked Roba (Taanab) - The porcine roba is a popular food animal from Taanab. We bake ours with a light glaze. [SW:EGToP&M] (Inner Rim)

Bantha Rump Roast (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Bantha Rump Roast is a universal favorite. We make ours with Wookiee seasonings and ingrediants, such as Aola, Taba leaves, Tertium, Celto, Punctil, Celonslay (a green vegetable), Negamo, Tigmary, and Calarantum root (a piquant orange or blue root). (Mid Rim)

Bantha Steaks (Pan Galactic) - Banthas are found all over the galaxy and wherever Banthas are found you can also find people eating Bantha Steaks. Banthas predate most civilizations. Some believe they arose on Tatooine [Wildlife of Star Wars] and perhaps were spread throughout the galaxy by the Rakata. We serve our Bantha Steaks with Dioche Sauce, a popular sauce with Bantha Steaks [Geo].

*Baranda Steaks with Grotberry Sauce (Procopia, Tapani Sector) - Baranda are elk-like creatures hunted on Procopia's southern Davla continent. The baranda steaks are excellent with grotberry sauce, which goes well with any meat. Algae-bread is a traditional accompaniment. (Colonies)

*Baranda and Algae-bread Hash (Procopia, Tapani Sector) - Elk-like baranda is minced and mixed with cubes of algae-bread and Corellian potatoes to make this lovely hash. (Colonies)

Barbecued Trakkrrrn Ribs (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Barbecued Trakkrrrn Ribs are a spicy meat dish from Kashyyyk. (Mid Rim)

Braised Fork Tarts (Hutt) - This excellent dish comes from the Hutts. Look out for the thorns as they can be nasty. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Bruallki Steaks (Pan Galactic) - Bruallki are known for their tasty, edible meat. They are often braised, as are ours. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database).

Capellan Turg-rrot Root Pie (Pan Galactic) - This popular meat and veggie pie is made from Capellan Turg-rrot Root.

Chandrilan Squall Tendermeat (Chandrila) - We serve our squall tendermeat the traditional way, in a rich colla sauce. Squall are domesticated lagomorphs [rabbit-like]. (Core)

Chandrilan Fish and Cairnmog Stew (Chandrila) - Made from cairnmog culled at the Hanna Wild Game Reserve and from a variety of Chandrilan fishes. (Core)

Chuba Pie (Naboo) - While chubas are associated with the Hutts, this meat pie recipe comes from the Gungans of Naboo. It is popular throughout Naboo. (Mid Rim)

Denuba Sandwich (Coruscant) - Want to have a local Coruscanti tradition? Try a Denuba Sandwich! Add a Coruscant salad and a Crunchy Coruscant Delight to drink and make it a meal. (Core)

Dewback Ribs (Tatooine) - This grilled meat dish is popular on the Outer Rim world of Tatooine. (Outer Rim)

Domit Pie (Kitonaks from Kirdo III) - This is a delicacy from the patient Kitonak cooks of Kirdo III. (Outer Rim)

Duncow Burger (Pan Galactic) - These popular minced duncow burgers are served on ghoba rice buns or chorba-cake buns.

Duncow Steaks (Pan Galactic) - The bovine duncow come from the planet G'rho. They are popular for their milk-producing capabilities but they also make excellent steaks. Served wtih Grotberry Sauce.

Dustcrepes and Nausages (Tatooine) - An unusual main dish from Tatooine. We add a plate of Tatooine tatoes on the side. (Outer Rim)

Endwa (Corellia) - Endwa is a fried Corellian dish served with an orange gravy. It is said that "good endwa would only slowly slide down the diner's throat". (Core)

Eopie Briskets (Tatooine) - Eopies are native beasts of burden on Tatooine. Their flesh is very tender and delicious (SW The New Essential Guide to Alien Species). Our Eopie Briskets are served with tatoes and bloddles. Tatoes and bloddles are native Tatooine vegetables. (Outer Rim)

Grazer Fillets in Tart Sauce (Alderaan) - Grazers are docile animals that have been genetically bred to produce more meat. They are also very tasty. Alderaanian cuisine is known for its use of exotic herbs and edible flowers. [Illustrated Star Wars Universe] (Core)

Grazer Flank Steak with Slivered Spiced Tubers (Alderaan) - Another excellent dish from the fine cooks of Alderaan. [Illustrated Star Wars Universe]. (Core)

*Grilled Maka Steaks (Mirial) - Maka are the dominant predators of Mirial. Traditionally only the highest ranking Mirialan could eat grilled Maka Steaks. (Outer Rim)

Hot Chubas (Hutt) - Try a delightful bowl of Hot Chubas. You will be glad you did. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Meatalo (Metellos) - This meat-and-lard dish is shaped into fruit shapes and then roasted or baked. We roast ours for extra flavor. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Core)

Mubasa Hock (Hutt) - A flavorful main dish from the Hutts. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

*Naboo Stew (Naboo) - Our Naboo Stew is a meat and seafood dish made of daggert fish, shaak balls, nuna balls, yobcrabs, yobshrimp, nuna eggs, grahn vine, and chak-roots. (Mid Rim)

Nerf Cube Stew (Alderaan) - Cubes of nerf meat are simmered in wine and then served with tubers in a wine sauce. Nerfs are large, furry creatures with four horns, and thick, shaggy coats. While their meat is most often is used in nerf burgers and hubba chips, nerf meat appears in many fine dishes on Alderaan, Corellia, and many other worlds. (Nerf info from [OFoftJ], dish from Illustrated Star Wars Universe and other sources) (Core)

Nerf Sausage (Corellia) - This spicy sausage comes from Corellia. It is served with Gumes, a traditional Corellian accompaniment. (Core)

*Nerf Sausage and Kellsh Root Stew (Mirial) - The Mirialan have taken the popular Nerf Sausages and put them in their traditional Kellsh Root Stew mix. (Outer Rim)

Patka Meat Patty (Sullust) - This seasoned meat dish comes from Sullust. We serve ours with Omaton Sauce and optional Drutash grubs. (Outer Rim)

**Pig-Bear Pot Roast in Feathergill Mushroom Sauce (Galleefryn, Corporate Sector) - Pig-bear from the jungle planet of Galleefryn is slowly roasted in Feathergill Sauce. Feathergills are edible fungi from the jungles of Galleefryn. (Corporate Sector, Outer Rim)

*Rentish and Maka Meat Stew (Mirial) - Rentish and Maka Meat Stew is one of the trademark dishes of the Mirialan. The rentish are the dominant herbivores of Mirial. Maka are the main predators of Mirial. (Outer Rim)

*Roast Ambrian Staga (Taanab) - Ambrian stagas are horned quadrupeds from Taanab. They are popular throughout the galaxy and can be served baked or grilled. We roast ours for extra tenderness and flavor. [SW:EGToP&M] (Inner Rim)

Roast Gornt (Twi'leks from Ryloth) - Roast Gornt is made from chunks of roasted Gornt meat and is served in a brown gravy on a bed of munch-fungus. Some find Gornt meat a little tough but Twi'leks consider the dish to be a tourist dish. We hope you find our Roast Gornt pleasing to the palate. (Outer Rim)

Roasted Chooba (Kitonak from Kirdo III) - Choobas are the main food animal of the Kitonak. Once you try our roasted Chooba on a bed of sulfaro leaves you will understand the attraction. Note: choobas are available raw, just like the Kitonak eat them. [Geo] (Outer Rim)

Rootleaf Stew (Dagobah) - While Dagobah may be a largely forgotten world you will never forget this stew once you taste it. (Outer Rim)

Rodian Karstag and Breadfruit (Rodia) - The Rodian Karstag is a scaly predator that lives in the swamps of Rodia. While most are familiar with Rodian Karstag, Tapani Style, we serve our Rodian Karstag with a chunky Rodian breadfruit sauce for a more authentically Rodian flavor. (Outer Rim)

Rodian Karstag, Tapani Style (Tapani Sector) - The Rodian Karstag is a predator that is hunted for sport during Vor-cal on the planet Vilhon in the Tapani Sector. We serve ours the traditional Tapani way, roasted and served with Algae-bread stuffing. (Colonies/Outer Rim)

Rycrit Stew (Twi'leks from Ryloth) - Rycrit Stew is made from Rycrit meat and munch-fungus. Rycrits are herd animals native to Ryloth. Munch-fungus is one of the many edible fungi of Ryloth. Our stew is served with munch-fungus bread. (Outer Rim)

Sand Gizzars (Hutt) - Sand Gizzars are very tasty but some species find the food abrasive. Please use gloves while eating them. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Shaak Steaks in Mintri and Woosha Sauce (Naboo) - Shaaks from Naboo have small heads and big rumps. They are known for their succulent meat. Mintri are tall, reedy swamp plants that are hollowed out to be used as musical instruments and straws. They also add a pleasant taste to foods. Try Shaak Steaks with scrambled nuna eggs on the side. (Mid Rim)

Smoked Nerf (Corellia) - A spicy meat dish from Corellia. We serve ours with Corellian Gumes and a tangy Redor Sauce. (Core)

*Smoked Nerf and Kellsh Root Pie (Mirial) - Mirial is known for their meat pies. Nerf Meat is smoked and then added to a Kellsh Root pie shell. The filling is made from mashed Kellsh Roots and Rentish drippings. (Outer Rim)

Sourfry (Toydaria) - This sour dish is one of the more popular from Toydaria. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Spiceloaf (Corellia) - Spiceloaf is a traditional Corellian food that is made from dense meat that has been ground, spiced, and heated to order. (Core)

*Steamed Rentish Meat Wrapped in Kellsh Roots (Mirial) - This is the classic Mirialan way to prepare Rentish Meat. (Outer Rim)

Strained Keebadas (Hutt) - Enjoy a fine bowl of strained keebadas and discover that the Hutts really know how to cook. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Stuffed Chyntuck (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Chyntuck is an onion-like vegetable that is stuffed with meat and then baked. Try a small portion as an appetizer or a large portion as a meal. (Mid Rim)

Tiingilar (Mandalore) - Tiingilar is a spicy meat and vegetable casserole. One of the four looked-for qualities in Mando cooking is the ability of food to burn your nasal passages. This pungent dish does an admirable job of that for most species. (Outer Rim)

Traladon Ribs (Corellia) - Grilled Traladon Ribs are common at Corellian barbecues. (Core)

Vrortik (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Vrortik is a layered dish which features layers of meats and layers of wroshyr leaves soaked in potent grakkyn nectar for weeks. (Mid Rim)

Molds and Fungi

Arconan Fungi (Arcona from Cona) - This is an edible fungus from the Arcona. (Inner Rim)

Bedjie (Duro) - This edible fungus from the ancient spacer world of Duros is both tasty and nutritious. (Core)

Bedjie Dumplings and Broth (Duro) - Bedjie is an edible fungus from the space-going civilization of Duro, an ancient Core world. In this version of the Duro treat, bedjie has been formed into dumplings and dropped into a bedjie broth. (Core)

Fug Cake (Gamorr) - Fug Cake is a flatbread made from Fug fungus. Gamorreans love it. You may prefer it with sweet Frill Syrup or Horstberry Jelly. (Outer Rim)

Mulch Mold (Neimoidian) - This black fungus is marinated in the secretions of the blight bettle and is considered a Neimoidian delicacy. Who knew molds could be so tasty? (Colonies)

Munch-Fungus Bread (Twi'lek from Ryloth) - This bread is made from Munch-Fungus and is served on a bed of raw munch-fungus. (Outer Rim)

Poultry, Reptavians, and Other Flying Creatures as well as Reptile and Amphibian Dishes

Black-Back Pie (Chandrila) - This fine poultry dish is made from Flying Black-backs. (Core)

Coruscant Game Fowl (Coruscant) - This small bird is home grown on controlled farms on Coruscant. We recommend Coruscant Salad with Coruscant Red Wine Vinagrette as a side dish. (Core)

Goatgrass-Stuffed Gamwidge (Hutts) - The Hutts enjoy this intergalactic treat, which combines aromatic goatgrass from the Gran of Kinyen with the delicious taste of gamwidges. We think you will enjoy it too. (Outer Rim/Expansion Region)

Hawk-Bat Steak and Eggs (Coruscant)- Hawk-bats are one of the few native species left on Coruscant. They are predatory reptavians. Hawk-bat meat and eggs are a Coruscanti delicacy. Some raise hawk-bats for their delicious meat and eggs. (Core)

Klatooine Paddy Frog Sausages (Klatooine) - These plump, tasty sausages come from the edge of Hutt-controlled space. [Wookiepedia] (Outer Rim)

*Nightsingers (Pella, Tapani Sector) - These tasty, bat-winged predators are lightly grilled and seasoned to perfection. They are a rare treat from the Tapani Sector. (Star Wars Tapani Sector Instant Adventures) - (Colonies)

Nuna Steaks in Mintri and Woosha Sauce (Naboo) - Nunas or swamp turkeys are flightless bipedal reptavians from Naboo. They are popular for their meat and their eggs. (Mid Rim)

Range-squab (Pan Galactic) - Range-squabs are small, succulent gamebirds that are popular with those with gourmet tastes. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database).

Roast Gorak Stew (Alderaan) - Roast Gorak Bird and Malla Petal stew is a popular dish from Alderaan. (Core)

Roasted Gorgs in Manak Leaves (Tatooine) - Gorgs are frog-like desert amphibians that are farmed in the moisture farms and oases of Tatooine. While we serve ours roasted and wrapped in Manak Leaves, some serve them dried and fricasseed. (Outer Rim)

Sandhawk (Tatooine) - Sandhawks are lightly grilled and seasoned in this treat from Tatooine. (Outer Rim)

Shiros (Naboo) - Shiros are hard-shelled, slow-moving reptiles. They are popular food for Gungans. We serve ours with grahn vine and chak-root. Find out how tasty they are! (Mid Rim)

Stuffed Malla Petals (Alderaan) - Malla Petals are edible plants used in Alderaanian cooking. Here we have stuffed our Malla Petals with a mixture of Roast Gorak Bird and Alderaanian grains and covered them in a Blue Milk Sauce. (Core)

Vent-grilled Blackbeak (Chandrila) - This tasty treat is sold by street vendors on Chandrila. (Core)

Seafood Dishes

Bimmisaari Food Platter (Bimmisaari) - This flavorful assortment includes Dartfish, a small but flavorful fish, and Fried Dartfish. (Mid Rim)

Chandrilan Fish and Cairnmog Stew (Chandrila) - Made from cairnmog culled at the Hanna Wild Game Reserve and from a variety of Chandrilan fishes. (Core)

Chaorn Steak (Quarren from Dac) - This is a delicacy among the Quarren. Chaorn is a fierce blue eel-like creature that scavenges the oceans of the planet and kills anything that is wounded. Despite the fierceness of the creature, they make good eating. (Outer Rim)

Corellian Clams (Corellia) - Our Corellian Clams go well with Corellian side dishes such as Charbote Root, Corellian Potatoes, Csolcir, or Mounder Potato Rice. Corellian clams are hard to open but do not worry, we serve ours already open and out of the shell. (Core)

Daggert Steaks (Naboo) - Daggerts are small, beautifully-striped fish from Naboo. They are very prolific and swim in giant schools. They are the most common of all Nabooian fish but they are also amongst the tastiest. (Mid Rim)

Dantooinian Garfish Sticks (Dantooine) - Dantooinian Garfish are shredded, breaded, and then deep fat fried to create this tasty treat. (Outer Rim)

Dartfish (Bimmisaari) - This small fish is native to Bimmisaari. They are the favorite prey of the tiga loreng and the inhabitants of Bimmisaari. Try a plate of them. (Mid Rim)

Denusian Squirmers (Hutt) - These long-bodied, blue-shelled crustaceans are very popular with the Hutts. Find out why! (Outer Rim)

Drejil (Mon Calamari) - This marine creature is a staple of Mon Calamari cooking. (Outer Rim)

Emerald Shark Steak (Dubrillion) - This gorgeously colorful predatory fish from the distant world of Dubrillion tastes just as good as it looks. [Geo] (Outer Rim)

Exosquidra (Mon Calamari) - The Mon Calamari, who really know seafood, consider this ocean creature to be a great delicacy. (Outer Rim)

Feejay (Hutt) - Feejays resemble starfish but they have three thick arms and three thick head-tentacles. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Fleek-Eels in Zaffa Oil (Falleen) - Fleek-eels are snake-like creatures from the Hocekureem Sea on Falleen. They taste wonderful when cooked in zaffa oil. [Geo] (Mid Rim)

Fried Dartfish (Bimmisaari) - These small fish are fried whole to keep the juices inside. (Mid Rim)

Gi Dumpling Soup (Mandalore) - This excellent fish soup comes from Mandalore. (Outer Rim)

Glottlefish (Mon Calamari) - Glottlefish are small, tasty fish favored by the Mon Calamari. (Outer Rim)

Gumfish (Gungans from Naboo) - Gumfish come from the swamps of Naboo and are much loved by the Gungans. Other species find the fish bitter-tasting. Gumfish eat aquatic plants that use chemosynthesis instead of photosynthesis to produce energy. This leads to a sulfurous taste which is passed on to the gumfish. (Mid Rim)

*Hutt Food Platter (Hutt) - Don't know what Hutt food to try? Try the Hutt Food Platter! This platter includes Feejay, a starfish-like creature with three arms and head-tentacles and Denusian Squirmer, a blue-shelled crustacean with heavy claws. There are also Hot Chubas, Mubasa Hock, and Strained Keebadas, which can also be chosen separately. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Kashyyyk Land Shrimp (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Our Kashyyyk Land Shrimp compares favorably with that served at the luxurious Manarai Restaurant, but at a fraction of the cost! (Mid Rim)

*Mon Calamari Seafood Platter (Mon Calamari) - This seafood platter combines the very best seafood of Mon Calamari and includes Drejil, Exosquidra, and Glottlefish. (Outer Rim)

*Naboo Stew (Naboo) - Our Naboo Stew is made of daggert fish, shaak balls, nuna balls, yobcrabs, yobshrimp, nuna eggs, grahn vine, and chak-root. (Mid Rim)

Nyork Meat Wrapped in Nave Leaves (Gungans from Naboo) - Nyorks are small, hard-shelled, carnivorous clams. While they are native to the Gungan swamps of Naboo they can be found in fine restaurants throughout the galaxy. [OOC: Jar-Jar Binks was eating a nyork when Qui-Gon Jinn found him)]. (Mid Rim)

Plavonian Starfish (Tapani Sector) - Our Plavonian Starfish are served with the traditional stuffing. (Colonies)

Poached Icefish (Ediorung/Hapes Cluster) - Many consider this a delicacy. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Inner Rim)

Rodian Eel (Rodia) - While some consider this to be a marginal food, we have turned the humble Rodian Eel into a wonderful treat. We serve ours in a Rodian wine sauce that is sure to please. Excellent when served with Rodian breadfruit. (Outer Rim)

Skillet-roe (Ando) - Roe from a variety of Andoan fishes are pan-cooked to make a dish popular with fisherfolk and sailors. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database). (Mid Rim)

*Steamed Sink-Crab and Assorted Vegetables (Bestine) - Don't know what to do with sink-crabs from Bestine? Try our exclusive steamed sink-crabs with assorted vegetables, including Bestinnian tang-root! [SW:EGToP&M] (Inner Rim)

Sulyet (Quarrens from Dac) - This is a Quarren treat. It is made of slices of raw sea creatures and tikit grain. Favorite sea creatures include purple coral worm, nudibranch, and Nexu Fish. Do not be concerned if the sea creatures are still moving. That is a sign of its freshness. Sulyet has a sweet and sour taste. Purple sourwort is a popular garnish. (Outer Rim)

Vaolai (Anison) - Vaolai is a sweet shellfish that is served poached. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - Mid Rim)

**Yaddlefish with a Lushberry Glaze and a Cerub-Nut Garnish (Galleefryn, Corporate Sector) - These foods come from the jungle planet of Galleefryn in the Corporate Sector. The cerub nuts have been de-hallucinogized. (Corporate Sector)

Note: For a seafood appetizer, see Raw Rockfish Twists. For a fish dessert, see Umi-yumi.


Air Cake (Corellia) - This layered dessert originated on Corellia. It has become popular on other Tapani Sector worlds. (Core)

*Blue Milk Sweet Pie (Mirial) - This pie comes from Mirial so it is not an oversweet pie. It is served on a Kellsh Root pie crust. (Outer Rim)

Blue Milk Yogurt (Pan Galactic) - Blue Milk Yogurt is made from nutritious, blue Bantha milk. It is a fine accompaniment to any meal.

Chor-cake (Vernet) - This is a shortbread made from the plant, chorba. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Expansion Region)

Cloudberry Tarts (Pan Galactic) - These tarts are made from the cloudberry. The cloudberry is a sweet fruit unless it has too many spikes on it. Then it can be sour. We use a mix of sweet and sour cloudberries for a refreshing dessert.

Crispy Mallow-Dainties (Chandrila, Core) - This fragrant treats are sold by street vendors in Chandrila's capital city of Hanna City. (Core)

Dessert Delight (Lianna) - This is a sweet dessert with a chilled creamy center in a thin pastry crust that is deep fried to crisp up the pastry shell. Delicious. [Geo] (Outer Rim)

Dorian Passion Fruit (Dantooine) - This juicy fruit is one of the most popular exports of Dantooine. (Outer Rim)

Dweezel (Tatooine) - This is an exotic, gooey pastry from Mos Espa on Tatooine. (Outer Rim)

Egg-seed (Toydaria) - This small fruit has a hardened skin and a creamy center. It is considered a delicacy by the Toydarians. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Farrberries (Xorth) - Farrberries are considered a pan-galactic delicacy. They are favored for their fine scent and they reinvigorating effect. Our farrberries comes from the Xorth System. (Star Wars the Food and Drink Database) - (Core)

Flower-fruit or Lahdia (Dagobah) - Flower-fruit, also known as Lahdia, is a succulent native of the little-known planet of Dagobah. Dagobah was explored some time ago but it is uninhabited and has been largely forgotten. The lush plant and animal life of this world do not deserve to be forgotten. Flower-fruit has a tough, outer skin that protects the fruit from foragers. When the fruit is exposed to bright lights, the skin unfolds to reveal purplish berries, which are very flavorful. (Outer Rim)

Fringe Cake (Corellia) - This popular Corellian dessert is served with a thick, sweet syrup. (Core)

Fug Vgront (Gamorr) - This exotic candy is made from Fug fungus. It has been described as having a slightly musty taste. (Outer Rim)

Gorrnar (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - This frozen dessert was created by the Wookiees. (Mid Rim)

Hsuberries (Naboo) - These fuzzy berries are said to have life-giving properties. We serve ours slightly fermented. They certainly taste good! (Mid Rim)

Hurdue (Hutt) - This baked dessert comes from the finest Hutt chefs. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Kanali Wafers (Eiattu) - This is a light pastry from Eiattu. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Mid Rim)

*Kellsh Root Milk Custard (Mirial) - This lightly sweet custard has a delicate, subtle flavor. (Outer Rim)

Jewel-Fruit (Ithor) - This fruit has a very tough skin but the fruit inside is so tasty and sweet that it is worth the effort. Our jewel-fruit comes already opened for your convenience. (Mid Rim)

Mist-pudding (Barnaba, Tapani Sector) - is a light dessert from Barnaba in the Tapani Sector. It is a traditional dish of the nobles of House Barnaba. The dessert was severed at the Vor-cal Feast prior to the Battle of Endor. (Colonies)

Nommi (Gungans from Naboo) - This popular Gungan candy comes from the word for "nectar". (Mid Rim)

*Pan Galactic Fruit Salad (Pan Galactic) - A fruit salad big enough to represent the entire galaxy. The fruits include Cloudberries, dried Candleberries, Gervi Fruit, Farrberries, Gourdfruit, Hindian Pears from Sapella, exotic Geldan Sun-apples, Alcoari fruit from Kashyyyk, Ithorian starfruit, dried Cyanoberries, Dorian Passion Fruit, Glet-fruit, Flower-fruit, ded-debs, and hubba fruit. Served with Corellian vweilu nuts and a Ganessa Juice/Belaria Juice/Endrolian Ground-apple juice sauce.

Ryshcate (Corellia) - Ryshcate is a sweet, brown pastry or sweetcake made from Corellian Whiskey and vweliu nuts. [It has been described as being like a cross between rum cake and brownies. Vweliu nuts are a cross between walnuts and hazelnuts.] (Core)

Shim-bay Crispa (Brentaal) - This dessert dish is a hallmark of fabled Brentaal cuisine. (Core)

Sour-tarts (Chandrila) - This festive food is sold by street vendors on Chandila. (Core)

Spice-jelly (Corellia) - A spicy jelly from Corellia. (Core)

Starfruit (Ithor) - Starfruit have five arms around a central core. This popular fruit is served with Vweilu nuts for a light dessert. (Mid Rim)

*Tatooine Fruit Salad or Platter (Tatooine) - This collection of desert fruits can be served as a fruit salad or a fruit platter. The fruits include pikas, deb-debs, pallies, bloddles, pod poppers, falotil fruit, wyykmelons, bristlemelons, and hubba gourds. Pikas and deb-debs are sweet fruits grown in the oases of Tatooine, a desert planet. Deb-debs have a hard outer shell and a meaty inner shell that can be made into a sweet milk. Pallies are juicy, sweet fruits that are grown in underground farms. Falotil Fruit is a semi-sweet tree melon from the oases. Wyykmelons are a knotted, fibrous fruit. The fruit of the bristlemelon is sweet after you burn off the spines. Hubba gourds are tough-skinned melons. The skins are actually covered in crystals to deflect some of the light. The yellow fruits grow in the shadows of cliffs. They are slightly sour-tasting. Their fibers hold a lot of water, making these fruits important to the native Sand People and Jawas. "Hubba" is a Jawa term for "staff of life". (Some details from [TatGh]. The Falotil fruit comes from [Geo].) (Outer Rim)

Uj'alayi Cake (Mandalore) - This is one of the most popular exports of Mandalore. Uj'alayi, or uj cake, is a dense cake made of ground nuts, pureed dried fruit, sweet uj'jayl syrup, and spices. It is a very sweet dessert. (Outer Rim)

Umi-yumi (Gungans from Naboo) - This is a traditional Gungan dessert made from fatfish. Fatfish, like many foods of the Gungans, has a sulfurous flavor, but Umi-yumi has only a slightly sulfurous flavor. (Mid Rim)

Wasaka-berry Pudding (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - Wasaka-berry Pudding is a Wookiee delicacy made from wasaka berries. (Mid Rim)

Wookiee-ookiee (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - These cookies from Kashyyyk are popular with beings throughout the galaxy. (Mid Rim)

Yowvetch Custard (Tatooine) - This is a thick, rich custard from the desert planet of Tatooine. (Outer Rim)

Zoochberry Dumplings (Hutt) - These tasty dessert dumplings are made from zoochberries. (Hutt/Outer Rim)

Ice Creams and Sorbets

These are available in a cup or in a Cerean cone. You can also ask for your favorite fruit topping, vweilu nuts, or Trammistan Chocolate sauce.

Beebleberry Ice Cream (Pan Galactic) - This is a popular berry ice cream.

Blue Milk Ice Cream (Pan Galactic) - Blue Milk Ice Cream is made from nutritious, blue Bantha milk.

* Cloudberry Sorbet (Pan Galactic) - This is a tart ice cream.

* Deb-deb Ice Cream (Tatooine) - This unusual treat is made from the sweet, milky liquid from the inner meat of deb deb fruits. (Outer Rim)

Denta Bean Ice Cream (Pan Galactic) [Wookiepedia]

* Dorian Passionfruit Sorbet (Dantooine) (Outer Rim)

* Egg-seed Ice Cream (Toydaria) - This is a custard-like ice cream from the Toydarians. (Hutt/OUter Rim)

* Farrberry Ice Cream (Xorth) - (Core)

* Flower-fruit Sorbet (Dagobah) - (Outer Rim)

* Geldan Sun-apple Ice Cream (Pan Galactic)

* Gervi Fruit Ice Cream (Pan Galactic)

Herglic Algae Ice Cream (Tapani Sector/Herglic Space) - This unique taste comes from the Tapani Sector. (Colonies)

* Hindian Pear Sorbet (Sapella) (Outer Rim)

* Ithorian Starfruit Ice Cream (Ithor) (Mid Rim)

** Magenta Ice Creams (Galleefryn, Corporate Sector) - Magentas are a purplish fruit from Galleefryn. (Corporate Sector)

* Muja Fruit Ice Cream (Naboo) - This reddish-orange ice cream comes from Naboo. (Mid Rim)

* Pallie Ice Cream (Tatooine) - This is a sweet fruit flavor from Tatooine. (Outer Rim)

*Reythan Berry Ice Cream (Reytha) - (Expansion Region)

Trammistan Chocolate Ice Cream (Pan Galactic) [Wookiepedia]

**Trumpberry Ice Cream (Galleefryn, Corporate Sector) - This is a lovely yellow ice cream from Galleefryn in the Corporate Sector. (Corporate Sector)

* Wasaka Berry Ice Cream (Kashyyyk) (Mid Rim)

* Zingbee Honey Ice Cream (Kubindi) (Outer Rim)

* Zoochberry Ice Cream (Hutts) (Outer Rim)

Non-alcoholic Drinks

Cafs and Teas

Caf (Pan Galactic) - Cafs are sipped at tapcafes throughout the galaxy. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database etc.)

Caffa (Pan Galactic) - An excellent drink to get you going in the morning. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database)

Calamarian Tea (Mon Calamari) - This tea is brewed from ocean plants from Mon Calamari. It has a slightly bitter aftertaste but is very refreshing. (Outer Rim)

Chandrilan Herb Tea (Chandrila) - This soothing tea is brewed from leaves grown on Chandrila. (Core)

Cyanoberry Tea (Dagobah) - This popular tea is made from Cyanoberries, which is a blue fruit from Dagobah (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Outer Rim).

Deychin tea (Chandrila) - This lovely tea has a floral scent. (Core)

Grub Tea (Geonosis) - This tea is steeped in the dried shells of native insects. Some call the taste bitter. Others find it bracing. (Outer Rim)

Gwethh (Ithor) - This is a spiced tea drink from the Ithorians. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Mid Rim)

H'Kak Bean Tea (Tatooine) - H'Kak Bean Tea is a fragrant orange-colored tea from Tatooine H'Kak beans. These exotic beans create a relaxing and detoxifying drink. (Outer Rim)

Jeru Tea (Pan Galactic) - This sweet tea is very soothing. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database).

Kopi Tea (Frego) - The deep orange color shows it has been properly brewed. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Core)

Rek Tea (Haruun Kal) - This tea is brewed by the Korunnai from the leaves of jungle plants. (Mid Rim)

Rootgrass Tea (Pan Galactic) - This tea is made from thick, rootgrass.

Tanque Tea (Corellia) - Don't be alarmed if you see root fragments in this murky, steeped tea. The root fragments give the tea extra flavor. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Core)

Yarum Seed Tea (Dagobah) - This rare tea come from the orange yarum seed of Dagobah. [SW:TCVD] (Outer Rim)

Ciders and Juices

Ded-Deb Juice (Tatooine) - Ded-debs are an oasis fruit from the desert world of Tatooine. Deb-debs have a hard, outer shell and a meaty, inner shell which yields a rich, refreshing, sweet, milky liquid. (Outer Rim)

Ganessa Fruit Juice (Pan Galactic) - A popular and flavorful alternative to alcoholic drinks.

Horstberry Cider (Pan Galactic) - This refreshing drink is made from the fruit of the Horstberry shrub.

Kothtri (Bothawui) - This is a spiced fruit drink. (Mid Rim)

Muja Juice (Gala) - Muja fruit is eaten from Naboo to the Outer Rim. Muja Juice is popular on the Outer Rim world of Gala. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Outer Rim).

Reythan Berry Juice (Reytha) - This juice is known for its sweet taste and aroma. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Expansion Region).


Alcoari Milk (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - This milk is favored by the Wookiee on Kashyyyk. It is made from a fruit on Kashyyyk and is also used in cooking. (Mid Rim)

Blue Milk (Pan Galactic) - Blue Milk is a healthy, non-alcoholic blue drink that comes from Bantha milk. The drink is enjoyed on many worlds, especially desert-like worlds with few water resources. It is a popular alternative to more alcoholic drinks.

Eopie Milk (Tatooine) - Eopies are long-nosed quadrupeds from the desert planet of Tatooine. They are known for their tender flesh and their nourishing milk. Try some Eopie milk with your Tatooine food. (Outer Rim)

Jaar (Wookiees of Kashyyyk) - This sweet drink, made from alcoari milk and vineberry extract, is popular with Wookiee children and the children of many species. (Star Wars Food and Drink Database) - (Mid Rim).

*Kellsh Root Milk (Mirial) - Kellsh are the dominant type of plants on Mirial. Kellsh Roots are squeezed and ground together to make a thin milk. (Outer Rim)

Kuul Milk (Rodia) is a Rodian breakfast tradition. It is a thick, creamy, lime-green cooked drink that is served warm.(Outer Rim)

Nerfmilk (Pan Galactic) - Nerfmilk is a chalky-tasting milk from nerfs.

*Rentish Milk (Mirial) - Rentish Milk comes from the dominant herbivore on Mirial, the Rentish. (Outer Rim)


Crunchy Coruscant Delight (Coruscant) - Try this non-alcoholic delight. You will be glad you did. (Core)

Duncow Shakes (Pan Galactic) - Duncow shakes are made from Duncow milk, which comes from a bovine creature from the planet G'rho.

Hoi-Broth (Aqualish from Ando) - This Aqualish beverage is made from boiled seaweed and oxidized spices and comes in a tube form. (Mid Rim)

Jawa Juice (Tatooine) - This drink comes from a little known world called Tatooine. Jawa Juice is the non-alcoholic version of the more common alcoholic drink, which is sometimes also called Jawa Juice. Here we refer to the non-alcoholic drink as Jawa Juice and the alcoholic form as Jawa Beer. (Outer Rim)

Mistwater (Barnaba, Tapani Sector) - Mistwater is an ultra pure water collected from the water-bearing clouds of the planet Barnaba in the Tapani Sector. (Colonies)

R'alla Water (R'alla, Corporate Sector) - This is a sweet, clear spring water that is popular with water connoisseurs. [SWAtlas] (Corporate Sector)

Ruby Bliels (Pan Galactic) - This tasty drink is often found in cantinas and other establishments in the Outer Territories.

Alcoholic Drinks

Accarragm (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - This is a strong beverage from Kashyyyk. (Mid Rim)

Agaric Ale (Neimodia) - This brew is favored by the Neimodians, an offshoot of the Duros. Other races have been known to call this brew "foul". Try it for yourself! (Colonies)

Alderaan Ruge (Alderaan) - This is a popular liquor from Alderaan. (Core)

Alderaan Wine (Alderaan) - Alderaan wine is traditionally served over steaming hot over a muskwood fire. (Core)

Alderaanian Ale (Alderaan) - Alderaanian Ale is a fermented drink made from fragrant Alderaanian grains. It has a smooth, rich flavor. (Core)

Alderaanian Brandy (Alderaan) - This is a popular alcoholic drink from Alderaan. (Core)

Arkanian Sweet Milk (Arkania) - This sweet milk is actually more like a mead. It is a creamy ale brewed on Arkania (Colonies). [wookiepediea and]

Bantha Blasters (Pan Galactic) - This is a pink and green alcoholic drink that pops and fizzes. Great for parties.

Blossom Wine (Naboo) - Blossom wine is a fragrant wine that is made from combining the essence of several native flowers and natural fruit juices together. (Mid Rim)

Blue Dwarf (Pan Galactic) - A popular alcoholic drink.

Boga Noga (Hutt) - It is said in the distinguished Star Wars Galactic Phrase Book and Travel Guide that, "Two decanters of Boga Noga are enough to desensitize a squad of stormtroopers for the evening." Buy an extra one for the road in case you need to pour some Boga Noga into your vehicle's engine. A few droobs of Boga Noga will start any engine. (Hutt Space)

Bothan Brandy (Tapani Sector) - Bothan Brandy is traditionally served at the Vor-cal Feast on the planet Vilhon in the Tapani Sector. (Colonies)

Bothan Grain Wine (Bothawui) - This wine has gained a romantic reputation. Couples often become engaged over this drink. (Mid Rim)

Calamari Xinphar (Mon Calamari) - This mild intoxicant is very flavorful. (Outer Rim)

Celanon Semi-Dry (Celanon) - Celanon is an important agricultural world in the Outer Rim that is known for its multicolored skies (because of all the advertising screens) and for Celanon Semi-Dry. (Wookiepedia) (Outer Rim)

Chandrilan Brandy (Chandrila) - This is an expensive alcoholic beverage. (Core)

Chandrilan Squig (Chandrila) - This drink becomes yellow after the addition of the squig. You can have yours with or without the squig. (Core)

Chimbak Wine (Alderaan) - This is a thick, red wine from Alderaan. (Core)

Corellian Ale (Corellia) - This purple drink comes in spiced and non-spiced varities. This is the non-spiced version. (Core)

Corellian Brandy (Corellia) - An expensive drink from Corellia. (Core)

Corellian Merlot (Corellia) - Another fine alcoholic drink from Corellia. (Core)

Corellian Spiced Ale (Corellia) - This is the spiced version of the popular purple drink known as Corellian Ale. (Core)

Corellian Whiskey (Corellia) - Corellian Whiskey has a woody, spicy flavor. (Core)

Cortyg Brandy (Wookiees from Kashyyyk) - This is a very strong alcoholic drink from Kashyyyk. Our Cortyg Brandy is considered to be a "tamer" version. Still "wilder" versions can be had on Kashyyyk. (Mid Rim)

Coruscant Blush Wine (Coruscant) - This lovely, reddish wine comes from Coruscant. (Core)

Cuttle Wine (Aqualish from Ando) - A unique wine from Ando. (Mid Rim)

Durindfire (Pan Galactic) - The phosphorescent agent in this drink makes it light up. It is beautiful and tasty too!

Duros Ale (Tapani Sector and Duros) - This is the drink of choice at the Vor-cal Feast in the Tapani Sector. Also popular on Duros. (Core and Colonies)

Ebla Beer (Bonadan, Corporate Sector) - Ebla beer is a popular beer made from Ebla grain. What most beings don't know is that Ebla grain grows on Bonadan, a planet that is better known for its ten gigantic spaceports and its factories, commerical parks, and mining operations. (Outer Rim)

Fermented Fungus Ale (Twi'leks from Ryloth) - This beverage is popular on Ryloth. Try it with Rycrit Stew! (Outer Rim)

Fox Beer (Outer Rim) - A malted beverage with a low alcoholic content. (Outer Rim)

Gardulla (Hutt) - Another strong drink from the Hutts. (Hutt Space)

Gav (Mon Calamari) - This drink comes from the Outer Rim world of Mon Calamari. It is a great accompaniment to Mon Calamari seafood. (Outer Rim)

Green Champagne (Pan Galactic) - This is a sparkling, green wine.

Ithorian Mist (Ithor) - A whiskey made by the Ithorians. (Mid Rim)

Jawa Beer (Tatooine) - Jawa Beer is a light brown, alcoholic drink from the planet of Tatooine. The alcoholic version of this drink has spread to other worlds, where it is sometimes confusingly called Jawa Juice. (Outer Rim)

Juri Juice (Pan Galactic) - This alcoholic drink comes in many flavors. Choose from the popular ruby or blue flavors. You may also try the strongly flavored juri juice that is made from Rodians' blood. The Rodians are a violent race who are often mercenaries. [Greedo was a Rodian mercenary.] We of course get our Rodian blood from nonviolent means. Juri juice is often sold in stores in collectible jars. Many of these collectible jars are available for purchase through your serving table.

L'lahsh (Alderaan) - This is a mixed drink from Alderaan. (Core)

Lomin Ale (Pan Galactic) - This is a frothy, green ale with a slightly bitter and spicy flavor.

Lum (Corellia) - Lum is a very strong, fiery alcoholic drink from the Corellian Sector. It has a "sweet and not unpleasant soapy taste". (Core)

Mandalorian Wine (Mandalore) - This is a strong and bitter wine brewed by the Mandalorians. (Outer Rim)

Meir Wine (Sullust) - A fine wine from Sullust. (Outer Rim)

Ne'tra Gal (Mandalore) - Ne'tra Gal (Black Ale in Mando'a) is a sticky black Mandalorian ale. (Outer Rim)

Norvanian Grog (Ban-Satir II, Corporate Sector) - While the very best vintages are reserved for Corporate Sector elite, this vintage is pretty special. (Outer Rim)

Pallie Wine (Tatooine) - This exotic wine comes from a Tatooine flower. [TatGh]. (Outer Rim)

Powta (Gamorr) - Powta is an alcoholic concoction brewed by Gamorrean females. (Outer Rim)

Riosan Mead (Riosa) - A lovely mead. [Wookiepedia] (Inner Rim)

Rodian Wine (Rodia) - Some call it the best in the galaxy. Try it for yourself! (Outer Rim)

Rylothan Yurp (Twi'leks from Ryloth) - This is an alcoholic drink from Ryloth. (Outer Rim)

Sea Dew (Quarren from Dac) - A drink from the Quarren of Mon Calamari. (Outer Rim)

Shesharilian Vodka (Shesharile, Minos Cluster) - This is a powerful liquor. (Outer Rim)

Spore-mead (Ord Cestus) - This mead is made from spores from the native mushrooms. (Outer Rim)

Spot Luma (Adarlon, Minos Cluster) - This is a local version of the Corellian drink, Lum. (Outer Rim)

Tarisian Ale (Taris) - This is made from simian tachs. Tachs originated on Kashyyyk. Our Tarisian Ale comes from cruelty-free sources. (Outer Rim)

Tatooni Junko (Hutt) - A mind-relaxing drink from your friendly Hutts. (Hutt Space)

T'iil-T'iil (Alderaan) - This expensive alcoholic beverage is made in the moss caverns of Loj from the T'iil plant, an Alderaanian flowering plant. (Core)

Twistler (Corellia) - This drink is made from Corellian Brandy and a tart fruit juice. (Core)

Vaschean Rye (Vasch) - This "smooth but powerful" drink comes from Vasch, the lush garden spot of the Arkanis Sector. The desert world of Tatooine also is in the Arkanis Sector. The top vintages of this drink are very expensive. Our vintages combine quality with economy. [SWAtlas] (Outer Rim)

Yatooni Boska (Hutt) - A favorite drink of the Hutts. (Hutt Space)

Food and Drink from:

Pan Galactic

Bang Corn
Bantha Butter
Bantha Steaks
Beebleberry Ice Cream
Blue Dwarf
Blue Milk
Blue Milk Ice Cream
Blue Milk Yogurt
Bruallki Steaks
Burrmillet Bread
Burrmillet Porridge
Capellan Turg-rrot Root Pie
Chintassa Grass
Chintassa Grass Soup
Cloudberry Jam
Cloudberry Jelly
Cloudberry Tarts
Crelnut Butter
Duncow Burgers
Duncow Shakes
Duncow Steaks
Fox Beer (Outer Rim)
Fried Capellan Turg-rrot Root
Ganessa Fruit Juice
Green Champagne
Horstberry Cider
Horstberry Jelly
Jerked Bantha Meat
Jerked Dewback Meat
Jeru Tea
Lomin Ale
Pan Galactic Fruit Salad
Rootgrass Tea
Ruby Bliels (Non-alcoholic Drink)
Saltnut Butter

Aargau (Core Worlds)

Grik Bisque (Soup)

Alderaan (Core Worlds)

Alderaan Ruge (Drink)
Alderaan Stew
Alderaan Wine
Alderaanian Ale
Alderaanian Brandy
Alderaanian Flatbread
Chimbak Wine
Grazer Fillets in Tart Sauce
Grazer Flank Steak with Slivered Spiced Tubers
L'lahsh (Drink)
Nerf Cube Stew
Roast Gorak Stew
Stuffed Malla Petals
T'iil-T'iil (Drink)

Ammuud (Corporate Sector, Outer Rim)

See the Corporate Sector

Aqualish of Ando (Mid Rim)

The aggressive Aqualish people come from Ando. There are several types of Aqualish. The Aquala have finned hands, while the Ualaq and Quara have clawed, fingered hands. The Aquala and Quara have two eyes while the Ualaq have four. They are known for fighting in cantinas, such as in Tatooine.

Cuttle Wine
Hoi-Broth (Non-alcoholic drinks)
Skillet Roe (Seafood)

Anison (Mid Rim)

Vaolai (Seafood)

Arcona from Cona (Inner Rim)

The Arcona are the beings with triangular-shaped heads and green eyes that turn gold when the Arcona are addicted to salt. They appear in the cantina scene.

Arconan fungi (Molds)

Arkania (Colonies)

Arkanian Sweet Milk (Alcoholic Drinks)

Bestine (Inner Rim)

Steamed Sink-Crab and Assorted Vegetables (Seafood)

Bimmisaari (Mid Rim)

Bimmisaari Food Platter
Fried Dartfish

Bonadan, Corporate Sector (Outer Rim)

See the Corporate Sector

Bothans of Bothawui (Mid Rim)

Bothan Grain Wine
Kothtri (Non alcoholic drink)

Brentaal (Core Worlds)

Shim-bay Crispa (Dessert)

Celanon (Outer Rim)

Celanon Semi-Dry (Alcohol)

Cerea (Mid Rim)

Cerean Ice Cream Cones (Ice Creams)

Chandrila (Core Worlds)

Black-Back Pie (Poultry/reptavian)
Chandrilan Brandy
Chandrilan Cheese Board (Side Dishes and Appetizers)
Chandrilan Herb Tea
Chandrilan Fish and Cairnmog Stew
Chandrilan Squig (Alcoholic drinks)
Crispy mallow-dainties (Desserts)
Deychin tea (Cafs and teas)
Chandrilan Squall Tendermeat (Meat Dishes)
Pakarna (Soup)
Pickled Blackbeak eggs (Breakfast)
Sour-tarts (Desserts)
Vent-Grilled Blackbeak (Poutry and Reptavians)

Corellia (Core Worlds)

- Corellian food is known for its greasiness and its spicyness.

Air Cake
Bluefruit Jam
Charbote Root
Corellian Ale
Corellian Brandy
Corellian Clams
Corellian Merlot
Corellian Potatoes
Corellian Spiced Ale
Corellian Whiskey
Fringe Cake
Lum (Drink)
Mounder Potato Rice
Nerf Sausage and Gumes
Smoked Nerf and Gumes
Tanque Tea
Traladon Ribs
Twistler (Drink)

Corporate Sector Worlds (Outer Rim)

Corporate Sector worlds include Ammud, Ban-Satir II, Bonadan, the jungle world of Galleefryn II, R'alla, etc.

Ammuudian Grazer Steaks from Ammuud (Meat Dishes)
Ebla Beer from Bonadan
Magenta Ice Cream from Galleefryn
Norvanian Grog from Ban-Satir II (Alcohol)
Pig-Bear Pot Roast in Feathergill Mushroom Sauce from Galleefryn (Meat Dishes)
R'alla Water from R'alla (Non-alcoholic drinks)
Trumpberry Ice Cream from Galleefryn
Yaddlefish with a Lushberry Glaze and a Cerub-Nut Garnish from Galleefryn (Seafood)

Coruscant (Core Worlds)

Coruscant Blush Wine
Coruscant Game Fowl
Coruscant Salad
Crunchy Coruscant Delight (Non-alcoholic beverage)
Denuba Sandwich (Meat Dishes)
Gartro Egg Sandwich (Vegetarian)
Hawk-Bat Steak and Eggs (Poultry/reptavian dishes)
Thrantcill Pate (Side dishes and appetizers)

Dagobah (Outer Rim)

While this world has become largely forgotten, some interesting foods have spread from this world to other worlds.

Cyanoberry Jelly, Paste, and Tea
Flower-fruit or Lahdia
Flower-fruit Sorbet
Rootleaf Stew
Yarum Seed Tea

Dantooine (Outer Rim)

This world used to have a Jedi center.

Dantooine Flapjack (Breads)
Dantooinian Garfish Salad
Dantooinian Garfish Sticks
Dorian Passion Fruit
Dorian Passion Fruit Sorbet
Hot Dantooine Cereal (Breakfast & Egg Dishes)

Dubrillion (Outer Rim)

Dubrillion is beyond Dantooine.

Emerald Shark Steak (Seafood)

Duro (Core Worlds)

Bedjie Dumplings and Broth

Eiattu (Mid Rim)

Kanali Wafers (Desserts)

Falleen (Mid Rim)

Fleek-Eels in Zaffa Oil (Seafood)

Frego (Core)

Kopi Tea

Gala (Outer Rim)

Muja Juice

Galleefryn, Corporate Sector (Outer Rim)

See the Corporate Sector

Gamorr (Outer Rim)

Fug Cake
Fug Vgront
Gamorrean Snack-cracker
Horstberry Jelly
Marinated Snoruuk (Appetizers)
Powta (Alcoholic beverage)

Geonosis (Outer Rim)

Arch Grub (Insectoid Dish)
Grub Tea

Gran of Kinyen (Expansion Region on the Corellian Trade Spine)

The Gran are three-eyed mammalian humanoids with goat-like snouts. They have colonies on Hok and Malastare and were featured at the Pod Race.

Goatgrass Salad
Roasted 3-eyed Kinyenian Potatoes (sides)

Gungan of Naboo (Mid Rim)

Outsiders often consider Gungan food to be bitter and sulfurous because plant life depends on chemosynthesis rather than photosynthesis. Gungan food is full of volcanic sulfur. Gumfish is the worst offender. Most outsiders use taste converters, which "offset" the taste receptors in the mouth to something more pleasing. The finest taste converter is the "Ribs of Bantha" converter. As the adverts say, "even greased scurrier thorax [can be made] into a mouth-watering treat with the right PTO (Popular Taste Offset)".

Adder Moss Chips (Gungan side dish)
Gumfish (Gungan seafood)
Nommi (Gungan dessert)
Nyork Meat Wrapped in Nave Leaves (Gungan seafood)
Umi-yumi (Gungan dessert)

Hapes Cluster (Ediorung, etc.) (Inner Rim)

Poached Icefish (Seafood)

Haruun Kal (Mid Rim)

Rek Tea

Herglics of Giju and the Herglic Trade Empire (Colonies)

Cetacean Herglics come from Giju. They had a star empire that included parts of the Colonies and the Inner Rim before the Republic was established. Herglics are still seen in Herglic space and along the Rimma Trade Route. Their cuisine has also influenced Tapani Sector cooking.

Herglic Algae Ice Cream

Hutts (Mid/Outer Rim)

- It is said of the Hutts, "Despite many cultural inadequacies, the Hutts really know how to eat and drink."

Braised Fork Tarts
Boga Noga (Drink)
Denusian Squirmers (Seafood)
Exoboar Soup (Makeb/Hutt)
Feejay (Seafood)
Gardulla (Drink)
Goatgrass-Stuffed Gamwidge (Poultry/reptavian)
Hot Chubas
Hurdue (Dessert)
Hutt Food Platter
Mubasa Hock
Sand Gizzars
Strained Keebadas
Tatooni Junko (Drink)
Yatooni Boska (Drink)
Zoochberry Dumplings (Dessert)
Zoochberry Ice Cream

Ithor (Mid Rim)

The hammer-headed Ithorians are an ancient space-going race.

Chale Soup (Soups)
Covado Salad (Salads)
Giant Ithor Snail in flounut butter (Insectoid Dishes)
Gwethh (Tea Drink)
Ithorian Mist (Drink)
Ooglata eggs (Breakfast & Egg Dishes)
Salad a la Chale (Salads)
Starfruit Ice Cream (Desserts)

Kitonak from Kirdo III (Outer Rim)

The Kitonak are a pudgy, pasty, play-dough-looking race from the desert world of Kirdo III.

Domit Pie (Meat)
Roasted Chooba (Meat)

Klaatooine (Outer Rim)

The sentients of Klaatooine are ruled by the Hutts.

Klatooine paddy frog sausages (Poultry and Reptavian/Reptile/Amphibian Dishes)

Kubaz of Kubindi (Outer Rim)

Kubindi Insect Platter
Sunbeetle Choya Sandwich
Zingbee Honey Ice Cream

Lianna (Outer Rim)

Lianna is the homeworld of Santhe/Sienar Technologies and is on the Perlemian Trade Route.

Choya Shells
Desert Delight (Dessert)
VegeParsine and Veghash (Vegetarian Dishes)

Makeb (Mid Rim/Hutt Space)

Exoboar Soup (Soups)

Mandalore (Outer Rim)

Gi Dumpling Soup (with soups and seafood dishes)
Haarshun Bread with Gihaal Paste (Breads)
Mandalorian Wine
Ne'tra Gal (Alcoholic drink)
Red Gourd Soup
Tiingilar (Meat dishes)
Uj'alayi Cake (Dessert)

Metellos (Core)

Meatalo (Meat dishes)

Minos Cluster (Outer Rim)

Shesharilian Vodka (Alcoholic drink)
Spot-Luma (Alcoholic drink)

Mirialan of Mirial (Outer Rim)

Mirial is a cold world and its cuisine is known for hot soups, stews, and meat pies. Imported meats and foods, such as Bantha meat (pan-Galactic), chuba meat, nerf meat, traladon (Corellia), sunbeetle (Kubindi), gorak bird (Alderaan), malla petals (Alderaan), bedjie (Duros), are typically extended with native foods such as kellsh (the dominant native plant), rentish (the main herbivore), and maka (the main predator). Imported Calarantum Root is heavily used to add color to dishes as most life on Mirial is a drab green. Calarantum Root comes in piquant orange and blue root varieties. Dried cloudberries and farrberries (pan-Galactic) are also favored for their exotic taste and color.

(OOC - Kellsh plants, Rentish herbivores and Maka predators have been established by authors other than myself. I have made up the dishes themselves based on the fact that Mirial is a cold planet).

Baked Kellsh Roots in Rentish Cheese Sauce (Side dishes)
Blue Milk Sweet Pie with a Kellsh Root Shell (Desserts)
Grilled Maka (Meat)
Kellsh Root Milk
Kellsh Root Milk Custard (Desserts)
Nerf Sausage and Kellsh Root Stew (Meat)
Rentish and Maka Stew (Meat)
Rentish Meat and Kellsh Root Soup
Rentish Milk
Smoked Nerf and Kellsh Pie (Meat)
Steamed Rentish Meat Wrapped in Kellsh Roots (Meat)

Mon Calamari/Dac (Outer Rim)

Calamarian Tea
Calamari Xinphar (Drink)
Gav (Drink)
Mon Calamari Seafood Platter
Seaspice Soup
Seaweed Rolls (Side Dishes and Appetizers)

Naboo (Mid Rim)

(See also Gungan from Naboo)

Blossom Wine
Chuba Pie (Meat Dishes)
Daggert Steaks
Hsuberries (Dessert)
Muja Ice Cream
Muja Muffins
Muja Preserves
Naboo Stew
Nuna Steaks in Mintri and Woosha Sauce
Nyork Chowder (Soup)
Pom Flour and Seed Bread
Shaak Steaks in Mintri and Woosha Sauce
Shiros (Meat Dishes)

Neimoidia (Core Worlds)

Agaric Ale
Mulch Mold

Ord Cestus (Outer Rim)


Ortolans of Orto (Outer Rim)

The Ortolans look like blue elephants

Souse-mustard (Jams and Other Spreads)

Quarren from Mon Calamari/Dak (Outer Rim)

Chaorn Steak (Seafood)
Sea Dew (Alcoholic drink)
Sulyet (Seafood)

Reytha (Expansion Region)

Reythan Berry Ice Cream
Reythan Berry Juice

Riosa (Inner Rim)

Riosan mead

Rodians from Rodia in the Tyrius System (Outer Rim)

Greedo is one of their best known representatives but they can also be artists and fine cooks.

Kuul Milk
Nilluk Strips (Side dishes and appetizers)
Rodian Eel in Wine Sauce
Rodian Karstag and Breadfruit
Rodian Wine
Vakiir Eggs (Breakfast & Egg Dishes))

Sapella (Outer Rim)

Hindian Pear Sorbet

Selkath from Manaan (Inner Rim)

Ahto City cheese (Appetizers)

Selonia (Core Worlds)

Roasted Heart-Tailed Tube Larvae (Insectoid dishes)

Sullust (Outer Rim)

Sullust is a volcanic planet. Most of their foodstuffs are grown on the agricultural moon of Sulon.

Drutash Grubs in Omaton Sauce (Side Dishes and Appetizers/Insectoid Dishes)
Meir Wine
Patka Meat Patty
Sullustan Jam

Taanab (Inner Rim)

Baked Roba (Meat Dishes)
Roasted Ambrian Staga (Meat Dishes)

Tapani Sector (Colonies)

Air cake (see also Corellia)
Algae-bread (see also Herglics)
Baranda Steaks with Grotberry Sauce
Baranda and Algae-bread Hash
Barnaba Salad
Bothan Brandy
Corellian Potatoes (see also Corellia)
Duros Ale
Herglic Algae Ice Cream (see also Herglics)
Mistwater (Non-alcoholic drink)
Neonan Red Cheese
Nightsingers (Poultry etc.)
Plavonian Starfish
Raw Rockfish Twists (Side Dishes and Appetizers)
Rodian Karstag, Tapani Style
Ukian Torbull Tail Soup
Verdian Vine Beans

Taris (Outer Rim)

Taris is an ecumenopolis with an ocean. The Sith destroyed the world but they have since recovered.

Tarisian Ale (Alcoholic drink)

Tatooine (Outer Rim)

Cream of Tatooine Soup (Cream of Womprat Soup)
Deb-deb Fruit Ice Cream
Ded-Deb Juice
Dewback Ribs
Dustcrepes and Nausages
Dweezel (Desserts)
Eopie Briskets
Eopie Milk
H'Kak Bean Tea
Jawa Beer
Jawa Juice (Non-alcoholic Drink)
Pallie Ice Cream
Pallie Wine
Pod Bread
Roasted Gorgs in Manak Leaves (Poultry/Reptavian)
Sandhawk (Poultry/Reptavian Dishes)
Tatooine Fruit Salad/Platter
Yowvetch Custard (Dessert)

Tirahnn (Inner Rim)

Gufta Roots (Vegetarian)

Toydaria (Outer Rim)

Egg-seed (Fruit)
Egg-seed Ice Cream
Sourfry (Meat dish)
Terratta (Appetizer)
Toydarian Nutrient Broth

Twi'lek of Ryloth (Outer Rim)

Fermented Fungus Ale
Munch-fungus Bread
Roast Gornt
Rycrit Stew
Rylothan Yurp (Drink)

Ukio (Outer Rim)

The Tapani Sector loves Ukian food.

Ukian Torbull Tail Soup

Vasch (Outer Rim)

This lush world is in the Arkanis Sector, the same sector as Tatooine.

Vaschean rye (Alcoholic drinks) [SWAtlas]

Vernet (Expansion Region)

Chorba Mash (Vegetarian)
Chor-cake (Desserts)

Vjun, between the Hydian and the Perlemian (Outer Rim)

Acid-beet Mash (Vegetarian)

Wookiees of Kashyyyk (Mid Rim)

Alcoari Milk
Bantha Rump Roast
Barbecued Trakkrrrn Ribs
Chyntuck Salad
Cortyg Brandy
Gorrnar (Dessert)
Jaar (Non alcoholic drinks)
Kashyyyk Land Shrimp
Rillrrnnn Salad
Stuffed Chyntuck (Side dish) Vrortik
Wasaka-berry Ice Cream
Wasaka-berry Pudding
Xachibik Broth

Wroona (Inner Rim)

Dew Cake (Bread)

Xorth (Core)

Farrberries (Dessert)
Farrberry Ice Cream


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