The Hasennan Cafe

The Hasennan Period was an opulent era when the architecture was very ornate and the cuisine was very elaborate. The Monument Plaza buildings on Coruscant were done in the ornate Hasennan style. Hasennan era food was full of spices, sauces, and elaborate preparations. The Hasennan Cafe, located in the lobby of the Coruscant Historical Society in Coruscant's Petrax Quarter, recreates that distant time for modern eaters.

OOC Note: How much of this is canon? Almost nothing. The Hasennan period is an undated period on Coruscant when the opulent buildings at Monument Plaza were built. Monument Plaza surrounds the highest peak in the Manarai Mountains, which is the only peak that has not been covered with buildings. My goal with this cafe is to create a historical-feeling cafe that fits in with the ornate buildings of the Hasennan era.

This restaurant was created for role play purposes on Panhistoria. It is set in the Star Wars universe.

Appetizers and Sides:

Bantha and Charbote Root Dumplings

Marinated Bedjie Fungus (from Duros)

Mounder Potato Beebleberry Rice (from Corellia)


Ahrisa Dumpling and Roast Gorak Bird Soup

Shim-bay Chowder Bowl (Brentaal shim-bay, Corellian clams, and Corellian potato dumplings in a creamy chowder base, surrounded by an algae-bread and charbote root crust. The algae-bread comes from the Herglics and is common in the Tapani Sector.)

Spiced Alderaan Wine Broth

Spiced Horstberry Soup (a cold soup)

Meat Dishes:

Eye of Coruscant (Nerf sausages wrapped in Alderaanian puff bread, which is a version of their flatbread, and served with a grotberry sauce).

Gorak Bird and Bantha Mortrew (minced Gorak Bird and Bantha Meat poached in a Chimbak Wine Sauce)

Marinated Bantha Cutlets Rolled in Burrmillet and Vweilu Nut Slivers

Minced Nerf and Charbote Root in Puff Pastry

Nerf Steaks in a Charbote Root and Herb Sauce

Seafood Dishes:

Chandrilan Fish in a Dioche and Minced Bantha Sauce

Chandrilan Fish and Farrberry Dumplings

Corellian Clams in a Coruscant Blush Wine Sauce

Fowl Dishes:

Chandrilan Black-backs in Burrmillet Puff Pastry (topped with Malla petals and Grotberry Sauce)

Stuffed Coruscant Game Fowl

Herbed Gorak Bird Pie in a Vweilu Nut Sauce (Gorak Bird comes from Alderaan)

Spiced Gorak Loaf (Minced gorak bird pieces mixed with Alderaanian flatbread crumbs and cooked in a spiced Bantha meat broth and then formed into the shape of a Gorak Bird)


Alderaanian Flatbread Pudding in a Bantha milk and gartro egg custard sauce (Layers of Alderaanian flatbread are alternated with horstberries and beebleberries, and bantha cream and then baked to form a moist cake-like pudding)

Baked Coruscant (Herglic Algae Ice Cream that has been deep fat fried and is served with a custard sauce)

Bantha Cream Brulee (with carmelized Ganessa and Malla Petal water)

Bantha Milk Syllabubs

Corusca Circus Cakes (oval-shaped Vweilu Nut Paste covered fruit jellies)

Duros Ale Cake

Hasennan Pudding (Vweilu Nut Milk, Ganessa Water, Cloudberries, Farrberries, and Bantha Milk)

Gartro Egg and Bantha Milk Custard (topped with Vweilu Nuts and covered with a Corellian Spiced Ale sauce)

Green Champagne Foam (Green Champagne turned into a foamy, lightly sweet dessert)

Ithorian Creams (Ithorian starfruit and jewelfruit cream centers covered with sweetened vweilu nut paste)

Trifle (This is a light dessert with a thin, Alderaanian flatbread crust, a thick layer of cloudberries, farrberries, and Chandrilan Brandy, and a top layer of Bantha cream pudding and ganessa water)


Flavored Bantha Cream Drinks (with your choice of ganessa juice, beebleberries, cloudberries, farrberries, horstberries, Ithorian starfruit, or Ithorian jewelfruit)

Ganessa Cream Tea (Chandrilan Herb tea with ganessa juice and bantha cream)

Horstberry Cream Tea Drink (Horstberry cider with tea and bantha cream)

Spiced Cloudberry Drink

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