The House of Yupanqui - Embassy Mall Branch

The House of Yupanqui is a high-end shop that sells the finest the galaxy has to offer. Some of the items come from Honovi Yupanqui's native world of Tlactehon, which is on the Corellian Run.

(This is set in the Star Wars Universe and is for role-play purposes in Panhistoria -

Blankets, Towels, Rugs, and other Goods

Bantha-wool blankets are a very popular item (Wookiepedia).

Nerf-wool towels are also popular (Wookiepedia).

Qashmel rugs are made from Qashmel and come from the Hapes Cluster (Wookiepedia).

Cloth and Clothing

Robes, gowns, cloaks, shirts, tunics, skirts, and other items of clothing from:

Armorweave is a fantastic fabric that drapes like silk, is able to take dye, and yet dissipates energy blasts or lightsaber energy (Star Wars the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Brocart is a popular fabric favored by Senator Palpatine of Naboo and others (Wookiepedia).

Cerlin is typically a silver fabric from Naboo but it can also look more velvety than shiny and can come in other colors. It is used for capes, sleeves, etc. (Wookiepedia and Star Wars the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Chaughaine fabric is used for capes, robes, and sweaters, etc (Wookiepedia).

Chersilk is a thick fabric with many uses. Chersilk comes in mauve and black, for instance. (Star Wars The Complete Visual Dictionary). See a picture of chersilk.

Chromasheath is an iridescent leather-like material that is available in many colors and which is used for tunics and boots (Wookiepedia).

Cyrene Silk - Black cyrene silk gowns are worn by the royalty of Naboo (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary). See a picture of cyrene silk.

Gabal Wool clothing is known for being very colorful. Gabal Wool clothing comes from the Core World of Rhinnal (Wookiepedia).

Gaberwool clothing comes from gaberworm hairs (Wookiepedia).

Gemweb garments are made from silk-like gemweb thread. [Non-canonically] Gemweb thread also makes attractive trims, fringes, and brocades (Wookiepedia).

Jerba Leather - This is a leather made from jerba-hide. Jerbas are beasts of burden from Tatooine in the Outer Rim. It can be used for boots and other articles of clothing. (Leia's skimpy outfit on Tatooine was made from jerba leather and lashaa silk). (Wookiepedia).

Lashaa silk is a thin silk. (Leia's skimpy outfit on Tatooine was made from lashaa silk and jerba leather, per Wookiepedia).

Merlie Wool garments are made from soft, brown merlie wool. Merlie Wool comes from the Mid-Rim world of Qiilura (Wookiepedia).

Molf-tasseled overcloaks are made from layers and layers of tassels. Red is a popular color but other colors are possible (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Satyn is a lightweight, shiny fabric that is gorgeous but more affordable than some of the other fabrics (Wookiepedia).

Scintathread fabrics are very brightly colored and are popular, although some find the colors are almost too gaudy (Wookiepedia).

Septsilk is commonly used on the robes of the rich. It is a silk-like, expensive fabric. (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary)

Silkweed and fur garments are hand-woven by the simian Kushibans of Kushibah in the Outer Rim (Wookiepedia).

Surepp Wool garments come in two colors. Male Surepps have blue wool and female Surepps have green wool. Some garments just use the blue wool while others use just the green wool. Still others combine the two types of wool in striking patterns. Surepps come from the Mid-Rim world of Anison (Wookiepedia).

Tarelle sei-weave fabrics. This is especially popular for shirts [Lando Calrissian had a blue shirt from this fabric] but lovely gowns and other items can be made from this fabric as well (Wookiepedia).

Tomuon Cloth is a soft, strong, wrinkle-free fabric made from the wool of the tomuon of Askaj. Askaj is a tribal world from the Outer Rim (Wookiepedia).

Trevella cloth is a beautiful, orange-red fabric that can be made into lovely robes. It is a soft, velour-like fabric. Some of the handmaidens of Naboo like to wear outfits made from Trevella cloth [ie Padme's handmaidens] (Wookiepedia and Star Wars the Commplete Visual Dictionary).

Tyrian cloth is an expensive violet cloth from the Mid-Rim world of Tyria that is popular with the Neimodians and other wealthy groups (Wookiepedia).

Veda cloth is used for many chancery robes, such as for Finis Valorum. It has a nice texture (Wookiepedia and Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Zoosha fabric is a gauzy, see-through fabric used in hosiery and other types of clothing (Star Wars the Complete Visual Dictionary)

Tlactehoni clothing [non-canonically] uses a lot of colorful fabrics, such as gabal wool, gemweb, satyn, tarelle sei-weave, surepp wool, and scintathread.

Note: Beautiful outfits can be made with armored corsets or with blast-damping underskits as needed (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Cups and Dishes

Bronzium-plated [non-canonically] dishes are attractive and very strong (Wookiepedia).

Devros crystal tea cups are a very popular item (Wookiepedia).

Gordian Reach Ceramics are made from the chitin of Pinoora, which are giant, domesticated insects (Star Wars The Essential Atlas).

Lapis-plated [non-canonically] dishes are a rare item (Wookiepedia).

Obsidian cups and dishes are [non-canonically] popular on Tlactehon, although they are rare outside of Tlactehon.

Wookie-carved wooden cups and dishes. These may "just" be made of wood but the handicrafts of the Wookie artists are galaxy-famous" (Star Wars The Essential Atlas? Wookiepedia?)


Bronzium [non-canonically] jewelry is very popular (Wookiepedia). Bronzium is often combined with jiang, lapis, and/or obsidian. They can be worn as neckbands, neckrings, etc.

Chif stone jewelry, sometimes using Zoorif feather motifs, is popular on Naboo (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary)

Ear cupped translators can be an attractive alternative to standard translators (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Faceframes, such as those worn by royalty on Naboo, come in gold and other substances (Star Wars - The Complete Visual Dictionary)

Glow-pearl jewelry and nova-crystal jewelry from Duroon in the Corporate Sector. The Corporate Sector is off of the Hydian Way (Star Wars The Essential Atlas)

Jiang is [non-canonically] made into finger rings, flipper rings, wing rings, arm bands, necklaces, and other jewelry.

Jiangs are rare, pink jewels from Corellia (Wookiepedia).

Lapis is a blue gemstone that is used for jewelry, although it is better known for its use in attractive tabletops and small statuary (Wookiepedia).

Obsidian, which comes from Bassadro, Mindor, Mustafar, and Nam Chorios, can be made into many lovely items (Wookiepedia).

Orichalc Metal items include lovely golden head crests such as are worn on Naboo (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Sein jewels can be illuminated and added to the bottom of fine gowns for extra emphasis (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary)

Suspensas (dangling earrings) can be made out of many substances (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary).

Tlactehoni jewelry is also available. [Non-canonically] obsidian is popular in Tlactehoni jewelry.

Veda pearl beading is popular on Naboo (Star Wars - the Complete Visual Dictionary)


Doreen Amergris Perfume - This comes from Doreen in the Corporate Sector (Star Wars The Essential Atlas)


Bronzium is [non-canonically] a popular metal that is used to make fine chair and table legs, etc. (Wookiepedia).

Corellian leather upholstered furniture is among the finest in the galaxy (Wookiepedia).

Greel Wood furniture. This rare and expensive wood is used for fine furniture and speeder interiors. (Star Wars Encyclopedia)

Indu San marbled stone is a high quality stone that is used for luxurious items, such as marbled stone tables and chairs. Indu San is in the Outer Rim (Star Wars Encyclopedia).

Lapis-covered tabletops are an attractive way to cover your tables (Wookiepedia).

Two-tone tabletops are also available. [Non-canonically] If a lapis tabletop is too expensive for your budget, consider a tabletop with alternating squares of greel wood and lapis. If you have more credits to spend, conisder one of our lovely tabletops with greel wood inlaid with lapis in unusual patterns. We also have tabletops with alternating squares of indu san marble and lapis while others feature stone mosaics composed of squares or stars made from bronzium, indu san marble, lapis, and/or obsidian. Our most expensive tabletops also include pieces of pink jiang.

Interior Decoration

Bronzium is [non-canonically] used to make statues, wall hangings, screens, and other items (Wookiepedia).

Greel wood is best known for its use in furniture but [non-canonically] it can also be used to make fine screens, wall panels, or statues (Star Wars Encyclopedia). Greel wood comes from Pii 3 and 4. Pii 3 and 4 were on the Corellian Run until the hyperlane jumped to its present location (Star Wars The Essential Atlas).

Indu San marble is [non-canonically] also used in statuary (Star Wars Encyclopedia).

Lapis statues are known throughout the galaxy (Wookiepedia).

House of Yupanqui In-Store Cafe

Sample luxury foods in the shop or at home. Other treats come from Tlactehon, the home of the Yupanquis. Tlactehon is on the Corellian Run:

Barq, a musky-smelling pearl-like luxury grain from Qiilura. This is available [non-canonically] as a porridge or as a Corellian-style bread.

Qiiluran kushayan

Qiiluran merlie meat (excellent with barq bread or porridge!)

Blue Ahaqui Root Bread

Tlactehoni Stew (nerf meat with freeze dried ahaqui root and Tlactehoni spices

Tlactehoni Wraps with nerf or bantha meat and spicy chocatl sauce

Corellian Traladon Ribs

Corellian Ryshcate Dessert

Hot chocatl drink (available spiced or unspiced)

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