Mud Oceans Cafe and Gift Shop

Welcome to the Mud Oceans Cafe, one of the fine cafes at the Royal Icqui Aquaria on Coruscant.

Please enjoy our outdoor seating next to our bubbling mud pool. Enjoy a mud geyser show on the hour. We also have seating inside the cafe.


This webpage is created for role-playing purposes on Panhistoria

* = This is a canonical creature or plant but the dish or craft item is non-canonical.

** This detail was inspired by real-life Haitian mud cakes.

***Mud Caf and Mudshine comes from looking at the word, "moonshine" while looking for mud recipes. Sea mushroom and kintha (sea urchin) are inspired by real dishes. Any dish that is "unique to this cafe" is non-canonical.

Information comes from Wookiepedia and The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide, by Terryl Whitlatch and Bob Carrau, Chronicle Books, 2001.

Our Menu

Breakfast, Snacks, and Sides

Adder Moss Chips (Dagobah/Naboo) - Adder moss originated on the muddy, swampy world of Dagobah but adder moss chips come from Naboo, where they are popular with the Gunguns.

*Nyork fritters (Naboo) - We fry our nyork patties to create these flavorful fritters.

Panna Cakes (Panna Prime, moon in the Panna system, Tion Cluster, Outer Rim) - These hotcakes from Panna Prime are so popular they are turning up all over eateries in Coruscant, including Dex's Diner. Try them with rich, blue, cyanoberry paste from Dagobah [a non-canonical combination] or with *Sullustan Jam. Roll the panna cakes to make roll ups. Panna Prime is a mud-covered moon. Panna City sits a top the mud.

*Roasted Teggi Fungus Roots (Antiquity, Senex System, Mid Rim) - Antiquity, a muddy world with shallow seas, is a minor agriworld that depends on growing teggi fungus roots. Try our roasted teggi fungus roots, steamed in an underground oven, and see why they are so popular! Our teggi fungus comes from the South Mudflats of Antiquity.


Choose from *Double Clam (Nyorks from Naboo and Corellian Clams), *Patka Burgers (Sullust), ***Sea Mushroom, or Teggi Fungus (from the mud flats of the planet Antiquity in the Mid Rim's Senex System).

Insectoid Dishes

Choose from Drutash Grubs in Omaton Sauce (Sullust) or *Seasoned White Worm Stew (Ylesia, Hutt Space, Outer Rim). White worms live in the mud of Ylesia.

Noodle Dishes

Choose from *Double Clam (Nyorks from Naboo and Corellian Clams), ***Kintha (Mirialan sea urchin), *Patka (Sullust), or ***Sea Mushroom Pasta. Sea Mushroom pasta tastes great with Ylesian white worms.

Savory Pies

Choose from Dianoga Pie (Pan-galactic) or Patka Pies in Meir Sauce (Sullust). The dianoga, also known as trash monsters, first arose on Vodran in Hutt Space. Vodran is a planet of steamy, muddy swamps and jungles.

Soups and Stews

Nyork chowder (Naboo, Mid Rim) - We make ours with freshly shelled nyork clams, a creamy broth, diced protatoes, Ojomian onions, and celonslay.

Rootleaf Stew (Dagobah, Outer Rim) - Rootleaf stew includes only a small fraction of the varied food animals and plants that make up the massive biodiversity of Dagobah.

*Seasoned White Worm Stew (Ylesia, Hutt Space, Outer Rim) - While the Hutts like to eat whole white worms by the basketful, we have found chopped up, seasoned, white worms make an excellent stew.

*Stilepig and Cyanoberry Stew - Unique to the Mud Oceans Cafe, this stew combines the tastes of roasted stilepig with the blue goodness of cyanoberries. Cyanoberries are blue-colored berries that are the favorite food of the arboreal leaf-tail on the muddy and swampy world of Dagobah.

Other Treats

Dagobah Mud Cake with (optional) junk beetles (Dagobah, Outer Rim). Dagobah mud cakes are made out of **special, edible mud that is tasty and rich in minerals. Junk beetles are brown insects from Dagobah. They give an extra crunch to Dagobah mud cake.

Nyork in nave leaves (Naboo) - The Gungans of Naboo traditionally eat their nyorks in nave leaves. Nyorks are carnivorous clams from the swamps of Naboo. Nave leaves grow in muddy swamps and have three leaves per plant.

*Roasted Stilepig (Pan-galactic) - Try our stilepig, roasted in an underground mud oven, with *roasted teggi fungus roots or with *cyanoberry jam or wrap a panna cake around them. Stilepigs can be found wherever there is warm mud in the galaxy.


Cyanoberry Juice (Naboo swamps) - a lovely, blue juice.

Cyanoberry Juice Shake - This drink is made to our own special recipe. It combines cyanoberry juice with blue bantha milk for a pleasantly sweet drink.

Mud Caf - This is a very thick, muddy version of the ever-popular caf, made from caf beans from the agriworld of Garqi. Add some Trammistan chocolate for a truly out-of-this galaxy drink.

Mud Shake - The nutritious, edible mud gives this bantha cream shake a rich flavor. Enjoy Trammistan chocolate mud shakes or cyanoberry mud shakes.

Mudshine - This drink, unique to this cafe, is made from special mineral-rich muds blended with fermented caf bean powder, Trammistan chocolate, blue milk, and sparklemint.


Iced Mud Shake Ice Cream - Choose from Trammistan chocolate, cyanoberry, or mudshine (caf and Trammistan chocolate).

Marsh-root Souffle (Pan-Galactic) - This sweet souffle is made from marsh-roots.

Gift Shop

After you eat, head next door to our gift shop. Why not take a few gift items home with you?

*Bambooi woven mats and tapestries (Kabal, Outer Rim, N-18). - Bambooi are thick reeds that come from the swamps of Kabal in the Outer Rim.

Green mud soap (Piringiisi on Sullust) - Those who soak in the mud baths of Piringiisi overnight are said to awake rejuvenated. Buy our green mud soap and find out for yourself!

Flatsculpts from the Vaathkree (Outer Rim), sentient Flatsculpts are two-dimensional sculptures similar to Paonidd Extrassa Art. They were made popular by the Vaathkree. The art form has been adopted on Bakura and other worlds.

*Mud limpet shell jewelry (Pan Galactic) - Our jewelry can be resized for any sized being.

***Music holos of putara and toheroa shell music. Putara and toheroa shells are found in the muddy bottoms of Araparoha/Waipuna. Other holos include music from the sea organ, pahu drums, neinei water flutes, and the arponica.

*Panna bird and Panna dragon stuffies - Take one home for the child or child-like being in your life.

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