Welcome to the Mud Oceans Cafe, one of the fine cafes at the Royal Icqui Aquaria on Coruscant.


This webpage is created for role-playing purposes on Panhistoria

* = This is a canonical creature or plant but the dish or craft item is non-canonical.

** This detail was inspired by real-life Haitian mud cakes.

Mud Caf and Mudshine comes from looking at the word, "moonshine" while looking for mud recipes. Any dish that is "unique to this cafe" is non-canonical.

Information comes from Wookiepedia and The Wildlife of Star Wars: A Field Guide, by Terryl Whitlatch and Bob Carrau, Chronicle Books, 2001.

Our Menu

Adder Moss Chips (Dagobah/Naboo) - Adder moss originated on the muddy, swampy world of Dagobah but adder moss chips come from Naboo, where they are popular with the Gunguns.

Dagobah Mud Cake with (optional) junk beetles (Dagobah, Outer Rim). Dagobah mud cakes are made out of **special, edible mud that is tasty and rich in minerals. Junk beetles are brown insects from Dagobah. They give an extra crunch to Dagobah mud cake.

Dianoga Pie (Pan-galactic) - A surprisingly tasty meat pie.

Mynock Cloud City, also known as Mynock Coronet City (Twi'lek) - This spicy Twi'lek dish is made from marinated mynock strips, vweilu nuts, and chale and covered in lum sauce. Mynocks are silicon-based life but they can be eaten by carbon-based lifeforms after they are properly prepared.

Mynock Mud Pie (Keriba VI, Mid Rim) - Mynock mud pie was made famous by food stands in Aucellis Park, an entertainment park on the Mid-Rim moon of Keriba VI in the Kalarba System. Although mynocks are silicon-based lifeforms, they can be eaten by carbon-based lifeforms after being properly prepared.

-New- Panna Cakes (Panna Prime, moon in the Panna system, Tion Cluster, Outer Rim) - These hotcakes from Panna Prime are so popular they are turning up all over eateries in Coruscant, including Dex's Diner. Try them with rich, blue, cyanoberry paste from Dagobah [a non-canonical combination]. Panna Prime is a mud-covered moon. Panna City sits a top the mud.

-New- *Roasted Stilepig (Pan-galactic) - Try our stilepig, roasted in an underground mud oven, with *roasted teggi fungus roots or with *cyanoberry jam or wrap a panna cake around them. Stilepigs can be found wherever there is warm mud in the galaxy.

-New- *Stilepig and Cyanoberry Stew - Unique to the Mud Oceans Cafe, this stew combines the tastes of roasted stilepig with the blue goodness of cyanoberries. Cyanoberries are blue-colored berries that are the favorite food of the arboreal leaf-tail on the muddy and swampy world of Dagobah.

-New- *Roasted Teggi Fungus Roots (Antiquity, Senex System, Mid Rim) - Antiquity, a muddy world with shallow seas, is a minor agriworld that depends on growing teggi fungus roots. Try our roasted teggi fungus roots, steamed in an underground oven, and see why they are so popular! Our teggi fungus comes from the South Mudflats of Antiquity.

-New- Rootleaf Stew (Dagobah, Outer Rim) - Rootleaf stew includes only a small fraction of the varied food animals and plants that make up the massive biodiversity of Dagobah.

*Seasoned White Worm Stew (Ylesia, Hutt Space, Outer Rim) - While the Hutts like to eat whole white worms by the basketful, we have found chopped up, seasoned, white worms make an excellent stew.

-New- *Teggi Fungus Burgers (Antiquity, Senex System, Mid Rim) - Teggi fungus grow in the mud of the planet Antiquity. They make great burgers.


Cyanoberry Juice (Naboo swamps) - a lovely, blue juice.

-New- Cyanoberry Juice Shake - This drink is made to our own special recipe. It combines cyanoberry juice with blue bantha milk for a pleasantly sweet drink.

Mud Caf - This is a very thick, muddy version of the ever-popular caf, made from caf beans from the agriworld of Garqi. Add some Trammistan chocolate for a truly out-of-this galaxy drink.

Mudshine - This drink, unique to this cafe, is made from special mineral-rich muds blended with fermented caf bean powder, Trammistan chocolate, blue milk, and sparklemint.

Gift Shop

Why not take a few gift items home with you?

*Bambooi woven mats and tapestries from the swamplands of Kabal (Outer Rim, N-18).

Green mud soap - Piringiisi on Sullust - Those who soak in the mud baths of Piringiisi overnight are said to awake rejuvenated. Buy our green mud soap and find out for yourself!

Flatsculpts from the Vaathkree (Outer Rim), sentient Flatsculpts are two-dimensional sculptures similar to Paonidd Extrassa Art.

*Mud limpet shell jewelry (Pan Galactic)

Mud Oceans Exhibit

While you are eating, browse through some of the exhibits at the Mud Oceans Exhibit:


Dragonsnakes - Dagobah - Dragonsnakes are large, two-legged super predators who use their long tails to rear up out of the swamps to slash prey with their razor-sharp clawed forefeet.

Morps - Dagobah, Outer Rim - Morps are distant relatives of the nharpira. Morps are green creatures with smaller heads and teeth. They live in wormholes and paralyze their prey with poisonous, stinging bites.

Nharpira - Dagobah (Outer Rim) - Nharpira are small, aquatic, carnivorous, worm-like, small-legged amphibians with nasty teeth that can descend on prey so quickly they do not know they have been attacked.

Scranges - Dagobah (Outer Rim) - Scranges are large, tusk-tailed amphibians with bioluminescent patches on their backs to lure prey closer to them. Their long tusk tails allow scranges to lift themselves out of the mud on their undersized, crustaceal legs.


Lake worms - Daluuj, Outer Rim (U-13) - Giant lake worms live in a large mud lake on Daluuj. They are attracted to ships and like to pull them down into the depths. Daluuj is known for its barren canyons, muddly slopes, and rain. Daluuj is in Hutt Space. The capital city is Oldranai.


Mud puppies - Fondor, Tapani Sector, Colonies (L-13) - While Fondor is known for its orbital shipyards, it also has interesting flora and fauna, including Fondorian mud puppies. Fondorian mud puppies are amphibians. Fondor City is the capital of Fondor. Oridin City is another major city.

Mynocks - Fondor, Tapani Sector, Colonies (L-13) and other places - Mynocks are silicon-based parasites that can withstand the vaccum of space. In fact, some species can not exist in atmospheres while others can. Atmosphere-breathing variants include the vynock of Corellia.


Riverside Sulfur Mynock - Lok, Outer Rim (Q-17) - Compare the Riverside Sulfur Mynock with their close cousin, the Sulfur Pool Mynock, and their more distant relative, the Mynocks of Fondor. Lok is dominated by sulfur pools and volcanoes.

Sulfur Pool Mynock - Lok, Outer Rim (Q-17) - This Mynock is a close cousin of the Riverside Sulfur Mynock.

Sulfur slugs - Lok, Outer Rim (Q-17) - Sulfur slugs are parasites native to the arid planet of Lok. Lok is dominated by sulfur pools, volcanoes, deserts, and mountains.


Mud Worgs - Togoria, Mid Rim (P-9) - Mud worgs are native to Togoria. Togoria, home to the feline Togorians, is filled with muddy swamps, savannahs, and forests. The best known swamp is the Swamp of Vapors. Bist and etelo herds run on the plains of Togoria. Mosgoths, nonsentient, flying reptiles, were domesticated by the Togorians. Caross is the capital city.


Sid'han or Mud Crawlers - Seikosha, Breago System, Outer Rim (P-4) - Sid'han or mud crawlers are mud-burrowing crocodilian predators from Seikosha. Seikosha is a jungle world known for its hot downpours that create lots of mud. Cairn City is the capital.


Dianoga - Vodran, Si'Klaata Cluster, Hutt Space (S-9) - The dianoga, also known as garbage squids or trash monsters, first arose on Vodran, a planet of steamy, muddy swamps and jungles. These creatures, that thrive in steaming garbage dumps throughout the galaxy, are native to Vodran. Thruncan is a major city on Vodran.


White Worms - Ylesia, Hutt Space, Outer Rim (T-12) - White worms live in the mud of Ylesia, a tropical world best known for its spice production. Hutts enjoy eating white worms by the basketful.

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