Narsoom Cafe

Southern Comfort Food from the Galactic South

(Terraformed Mars created by Darren Glidden using MOLA data as used on Vegetation on Mars )

(This Star Wars restaurant was created for use in Panhistoria. a role-playing site.

The Narsoom Cafe is owned and run by Sojourner Nars, a Nartian from the Senex and Juvex worlds. The Senex-Juvex worlds are in the Galactic South between the Corellian Trade Spine and the Rimma Trade Route.

The tables are set with cotton tablecloths from Suliana. The walls are decorated with fine wall hangings made with Dramassian silk, which is very soft. Suliana and Dramassia are sister worlds in the Senex and Juvex systems.

The Menu:

Breakfast (served all day):

Alderaanian Flat Bread, Corellian Mealbread, Herglic Algae-Bread with your choice of Crelnut Butter, Flounut Butter, Corellian Bluefruit Jam, Sullustan Jam, Horstberry Jelly, Rodian stewed Galma fruit, Flower-fruit from Dagobah, Pallies and Deb-debs from Tatooine, or **Sompfruit from Nars.

*Roti Grain Porridge with your choice of roasted thresher or roasted womback or nerf sausage

Sausage and Egg Plate with your choice of nausages from Tatooine, nerf sausage, or **varsheen sausage and thresher or gartro eggs

Thresher and Gartro egg omelettes with your choice of roasted thresher, roasted womback, roasted bantha, nausages from Tatooine, nerf sausage, or **varsheen sausage. Threshers are, of course, seabirds from Tinallis in the Juvex Sector. We serve only domesticated thresher meat. You may also add Alderaanian Malla Petals, Corellian Charbote Roots, Gamorrean snoruuk mushrooms, **Mantalia flowers from Nars, and/or Verdian Vine Beans from the Tapani Sector. Served with *roti grain flat cakes from Serat (Senex-Juvex) and sweetened Blue Milk sauce.

Lunch and Dinner:

Assorted sandwiches: Choose your type of bread: Alderaanian Flat Bread, Corellian Mealbread, or Herglic Algae-Bread, and your fillings: Bantha steak, Corellian grazer steak, Gartro and Thresher Egg Mash, **Nartian fish, **Nartian Magalor, **Nartian Varsheen, Nerf sausage, Rodian Karstag, Smoked Nerf, Sullustan Patka meat, or thresher meat. You can add charbote roots, Gamorrean snoruuk mushrooms, **Nartian mantalia flowers, ojomian onions, or Sullustan Drutash grubs.

**Aturquas Fish Soup from the Great Southern Aturquas Sea, Nars

**Aturquas and Joonolian Fish Curry, made with Nartian fish, Gamorrean snoruuk mushrooms, and roti grain noodles

**Baked Magalor Bird with Alderaanian Malla Petals in a Bantha Milk Sauce or Hestrian Wine Sauce

**Baked Magalor and Varsheen Pie

Barnaba Salad from the Tapani Sector with Nartian **Mantalia Flowers and *Hestrian Wine and Souse-Mustard Dressing

Corellian grazer steak with Charbote Roots

Coruscant Salad with Nartian **Mantalia Flowers and *Hestrian Wine Dressing

Nerf Burgers and Hubba Chips

Nerf Cube Stew with Corellian Potatoes

Nyork Chowder with diced protatos, Ojomian onions and celonslay (Naboo).

**Roasted Kavanth with Sullustan Omaton sauce

**Roasted Varsheen, a Nartian reptavian, and Gamorrean snoruuk mushrooms in a Souse-Mustard sauce

Roasted Womback from Parada (Senex-Juvex) in a blood-red *Rodian Stewed Galma Fruit Sauce

Rodian Karstag and Breadfruit

Senex-Juvex Meat Pie made with bantha steaks, Coruscanti hawk-bat steaks, ** roasted kavanth (a ten-legged predator from Nars), smoked nerf, Rodian Karstag, and thresher meat.

Spiceloaf and Mounder Potato Rice (Corellia)

*Thresher and Roti Noodle Soup, made with domesticated threshers (seabirds) from Tinallis in the Juvex Sector.

Traladon Ribs and Mounder Potato Rice (Corellia)


Corellian Fringe Cake with a *Flower-fruit, Deb-deb, and Pallie sauce from Dagobah and Tatooine

Corellian Ryshcate

*Deep fried Fruits such as Flower-fruit from Dagobah, Pallies and Deb-debs from Tatooine, and Nartian **Sompfruit

*Four Egg Custard and Sauce made from Thresher eggs, Coruscanti Gartro eggs, Nartian **Magalor eggs, and Rodian Vakiir eggs and served with a sweetened Hestrian wine syrup sauce or a *Flower-fruit syrup sauce from Dagobah.

Ice cream: Blue Milk, Beebleberry, Denta Bean, *Deb-deb, *Flower-fruit Sorbet, *Farrberry, *Hindian Pear Sorbet, *Pallie, Trammistan Chocolate, or *Vine-Coffee.


Bantha (Blue) Milk

Bellorian Ale from the Elrood Sector


Charde, served ice cold

Geillian Ale

Hestrian wines (*Crimson Wine, Azure Wine, Emerald Wine, Violet Wine, Purple Wine, Ruby Wine, Goldenwine, Silverwine) from Hestria

Horstberry Cider

Ice Cream Shakes made from any of the above ice cream and sorbet flavors

Kuul Milk, a warm, lime-green milk from Rodia

**Mantiliala (Vegetable) Milk from Nars


** Qatholian Ale from Qathol on Nars

Vine-Coffee from Belsavis in the Senex system


Belsavis, Dramassia, Hestria, Nars, Parada, Serat, and Suliana are all Senex and Juvex worlds.

* The names of the Hestrian wines, roti grain flat cakes, etc. have been made up as have all the ** Nartian food.



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