All Planets Market - Thebeon 8 Stall

Note: This page is written for role-playing purposes on and is not meant to infringe on anyone's copyright. The information on the All Planets Market comes from Wookiepedia. The foods of Thebeon 8 are non canonical but are based on ancient Egyptian models. The influence of the Tapani Sector and the Herglics (a massive, terrestrial race descended from an aquatic species with a blowhole) is suggested by their proximity. Other imports are suggested by association with ancient Egypt (ie beans and onions).

Welcome to the Thebeon 8 stall at the All Planets Market

The All Planets Market on Coruscant is an open-air market in a plaza in view of the Senate Building. Fruits and vegetables from throughout the galaxy can be found there. [It was built in the last century of the Republic.]

Thebeon 8 is proud to be part of the Core Worlds. It is near the end of the Rimna Trade Route at the southwestern edge of known space. It is west of Abregado-rae and Iphigin in the southern Core. It is one of the last populated planets before coming to a stretch of less populated space that is outside of the Republic. Only the senatorial seat of Kitel Phard (which includes the Kitel Phard, Inysh and Questal systems) is further west. The Thebeon 8 star system was explored between 15,000 and 8000 years ago.

Our solar system is shown in a holographic display. We call our sun Iunu but it is better known as Thebeon. The planets in the solar system are Hutwaret, Minnefer, Per-Medjed, Hebenu, Menat Khufu, Tjebu, Khent-Min, and the 8th planet, Maatooine, better known as Thebeon 8.

Here at the Thebeon 8 stall at the All Planets Market you can find the fruits and vegetables that are popular on Thebeon 8. Some are unique to Thebeon 8 while others can be found throughout the galaxy:


Sample from the following:

Vegetables and Roots

Herbs and Seasonings