Welcome to Ta-Sety!

Where Egypt Starts

First Nome of Upper Egypt


Land of the Arch

First in Egypt

Land of the Bow


Birthplace of the Nile

Ta-Khent: The Frontier

Gateway to Nubia

Iiwy Em hotep! Welcome in peace to Ta-Sety!

Ta-Sety is the southernmost nome in Kemet (Egypt). People have lived in this nome since before there were kings in the land. We have many fine and ancient cities to visit. Come and visit the underground caves where the Nile is born and listen to the roar of the water over the First Cataract. See where Heru (Horus) finally defeated Sutekh (Seth) at Abu (Elephantine). Explore the market at Abu and try some of our southern delicacies or trade for gold or other stones and minerals.

Where in Kemet are we? Check here for An Egyptian Geography Lesson

See our fine cities (from south to north):

P'aaleq/Iu-Rek (Philae)

Swenet/Sunnu (Aswan)

Abu Capital of Ta-Sety (Elephantine)

While you are there, visit the Abu Marketplace

And eat at McMentuhotep's

Nubyt/Nubt (Kom Ombo)

Kheny (Gebel el-Silsila)

Confused by some of the temple names? Check out the Celestial Whos Who of Ta Sety

See what others are saying about us

Visit outside of Ta-Sety Nome:

Ta-Nehesy (Nubia), Our Neighbor to the South

See also Herui, our sister nome, the 5th Nome of Upper Kemet.

Note: These pages have been written for the purposes of role playing in Egypt's New Kingdom period at Panhistoria.

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