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"I will not let you enter through me," says the jamb of the door, "unless you tell me my name." "Plumb-bob in the Place of Truth is your name." - Extract from the New Kingdom Book of the Dead.

A galleria is defined as "a roofed, usually glass-enclosed promenade or court." I don't know anyone who has enough glass to enclose a structure (that would be quite an expense!) but this is a place to browse through names from around the ancient world. Most of these names come from places I can walk to. The personal names from past civilizations are recorded in their libraries and monuments. Other names come from oracles about the future. Some of these names come from a distant traveler who washed up on the western edge of the Great Sea. She came from a previously unheard of land far to the west. If, in the course of your travels, you find other web sites or lists of ancient names, please let me know.

Mariamne, daughter of Philemon, Librarian of the Peiraeus Public Library, 67 A.D.

Note: This site was created to help people name characters in role playing games set in ancient times. It was originally created to help people role playing on Ancient Sites.

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Medieval Names Galleria has names from the Anglo-Saxons, Aztecs, Byzantines, Chimu (Chan Chan) Empire, Chinese, Incans, Irish, Mayans, Scandinavians, Toltecs, and Visigoths/Ostrogoths of Spain.

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Sources for the images include:

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The maps were hand-drawn by Mariamne Philemon.

Note: Another great link for help in choosing historical names for various periods is the Medieval Names Archive

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