Narn Names

The Narn homeworld was once a lush and forested world. The Narn people were a peaceful, agrarian people with only dim memories of a time when the Shadows used one of their southern continents as a base of operations. In the beginning of the 21st century, the Centauri conquered the Narn and ruled them for 130 years. During that time, the native plant and animal life of the Narn homeworld was largely wiped out. Narn regained its independence in 2228. Narn was again attacked by the Centauri in 2259. A few forests have been replanted and some native species have been reintroduced from other Centauri colonies. (1, 2)

Some of the Narn follow the teachings of G'Lan. When Kosh comes out of his encounter suit, the Narn see him as G'Lan. G'Kar and others read from the Book of G'Quan. (1, 2)

Narn cities include G'kamazad, which is one of their biggest cities, and Hebka or Hebka City. Colonies include Dross, Hilak VII, Shi, and Zok. (5) Shu, Sorith, and T'll are other colonies. (4).

Female Names

Da'Kal - G'Kar's wife (1)

Ha'Ten (4)

Ja'Dar (4)

Ka'Het - The wife of Du'Rog (1)

Ko'Dath - G'Kar's diplomatic attache (1, 3)

Li'Dak (4)

Mi'Ra (1)

Na'Toth - G'Kar's assistant (1)

Pik'Nar (4)

Male Names

Du'Rog - Enemy of G'Kar (1)

G'Dan (2)

G'Drog (1)

G'Kar (1, 2, 3)

G'Sten - A military leader and uncle of G'Kar (1, 3)

Ha'Rok (1)

Ja'Doc (1)

Ja'Dog (1)

Ja'Toth - Father of Na'Toth and a follower of G'Lan (1)

J'Quoth'Tiel - 1st Narn leader after Narn gained independence in 2228. (1)

Kha'Mak - Member of the Narn Council, the Kha'Ri (1)

Li'Dac (1)

Na'Far (1)

Na'Kal - A warleader and commander of the G'Tok (1, 3)

Na'Tok - Narn general (3)

Ra'Pak (1)

Ru'Dac/Ru'Dak (1, 4)

Sha'Toth (4)

T'Kog (1)

Ta'Karn (4)

Ta'Lon (1)

Ta'Lorn (4)

Tu'Bar (1)

Tru'Nil - A "follower" of G'Kar, who later becomes irate with his idol (3)

Tu'Pari (1)

Vin'Tok (1)


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