Great Bird of the Galaxy Cafe

Welcome to the Great Bird of the Galaxy Cafe, another Galactic Foodie Restaurant. This humble cafe has been created at the beginning of a great period of exploration. Further explorations will no doubt expand our horizons. To paraphrase others, "I hope you enjoy your stay here as much as I."

(Note: This menu is for the Star Trek universe. It is set in the time of classic Star Trek and Star Trek 2009 or shortly thereafter, c 2270. While some of the dishes come from later Star Trek shows, such as Star Trek: The Next Generation and Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, the menu does not include Klingon and other dishes that would be out of place in the Star Trek 2009 movie. It is possible that Cardassian dishes could have shown up in earlier shows since Cardassia Prime is in Alpha Quadrant, as is Sol. In fact, a Cardassian Sunspot drink is mentioned in Star Trek 2009. However Cardassia is not part of the Federation so the adoption of its cuisine would be slow. Bajoran food would not appear in earlier times because Bajor was a conquered world. Betazed was not yet part of the United Federation of Planets although it soon would be. Of course the real reason for these foods not appearing is that the worlds hadn't been invented yet! See the Great Bird of the Galaxy Cafe II for a later menu that includes Klingon and other dishes outside of the realm of classic Star Trek.)

Soups and Appetizers

Baked Risan Beans are a treat from the vacation planet of Risa.

Plomeek Soup is an orange soup. This quintessential Vulcan dish is actually quite bland. It has a deep vegetable fragrance. Some have described its taste as a combination of pureered celery, carrots, and squash. Vulcans like it plain but others might like a little dill with it.

Quadrotriticale Bread is made from a hybrid grain of wheat and rye and is served with Rigelian Butter. It is also good with pine nuts and rosemary needles.

Main Dishes

Baked Andorian Tuber Roots have been eaten from Sol to Deep Space 9. Ours are seasoned and baked in Rigelian butter.

Gespar is a Vulcan vegetable dish.

Pok Tar is a Vulcan main dish.

Tellarite Linguini is an exotic but not well-known treat (from the extended Star Trek universe).

Vulcan Mollusks are served with a Rhombolian butter sauce. They have been compared to green mussels from Terra.

Vulcan Mollusk and Kaferian Olive Pizza is found only at this restaurant. Served in a rich Rhombolian butter sauce.


Andorian Tuber Root Pie has been compared to a sweet potato pie.

Kaferian Apple Pizza is a family recipe. It is an open-faced Kaferian apple pie with a cinnamon topping on a pizza crust. (This was created by my mother).

Teas and Other Drinks

Altair Water is popular in many star bases and space stations. The famous Dr. Mc Coy has been overheard to order this drink (Star Trek III).

Antarian Glow Water is a sparkling drink with its own gentle glow. It is made from a special Antarian herb. Many have said it tastes like ginseng or ginger.

Plomeek Tea is less well known than Plomeek Soup but it is an excellent Vulcan tea nonetheless.

Tranya is an orange drink that was first discovered by Captain Kirk and the crew of the Enterprise. It quickly spread throughout the starbases. (It was later served in Quark's Bar on Deep Space 9). It was originally served cold and tasted like orange juice plus. A hot version is also popular.

Vulcan Root Tea is made from aromatic roots.

Vulcan Spice Tea is another excellent Vulcan tea.

Alcoholic Drinks

Aldebaran Whiskey is a dark, green whiskey.

Andorian Ale is best served cold. It is a yellowish nut-like drink that is looks like a ginger ale or a lemonade mixed with a hint of milk.

Saurian Brandy is a popular gold, nut-colored drink.

Volcanic Spew is a mixed alcoholic beverage from Tellar. Volcanic Spew is the color of human blood and has vapors rising from the surface. (It comes from the novel, Oblivion.)

Andorian Foods

Andoria (or Andor) is an ancient civilization that has been warp capable since 1154 AD. They were a founding member of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. They are in Beta Quadrant. The Andorians and Vulcans clashed before 2161 but have since resolved their differences.

Andorian Ale, an alcoholic drink
Andorian Tuber Root Pie, a dessert
Baked Andorian Tuber Root, a main dish

Risan Foods

Risa (Epsilon Ceti B II) was admitted the United Federation of Planets in 2249. Its capital is Nuvia. It is in Beta Quadrant.

Baked Risan Beans, an appetizer

Tellarite Foods

Tellar Prime or Miracht is near Vulcan and other founding planets of the United Federation of Planets. They have been warp capable since the 1950s. The Tellarites were founding members of the Federation in 2161.

Tellarite Linguini, a main dish
Volcanic Spew, an alcoholic drink

Vulcan Foods

Vulcan (40 Eridani A) is an ancient civilization that has been warp capable since 320 AD. The Confederacy of Surak was formed in 370 AD. Vulcans were the first extraterrestrials encountered by humans. On April 4, 2063, a Vulcan survey ship saw the warp signature of Zefram Cochrane's test flight. The Vulcans made contact with Earth on April 5, 2063. Vulcan was a founding member of the United Federation of Planets in 2161. Vulcan is in Beta Quadrant. It is in a trinary star system. The main star is a K1V. Vulcan is a Class-M planet. T'Khut orbits around Vulcan and is a Class-G object (geocrystalline).

Gespar, a main dish
Plomeek Soup, an appetizer
Plomeek Tea, a tea drink
Pok Tar, a main dish
Vulcan Mollusks, a main dish
Vulcan Root Tea, a tea drink
Vulcan Spice Tea, a tea drink

Other Foods

Aldebaran Whiskey, an alcoholic drink
Altair Water, a non-alcoholic drink
Antarian Glow Water, a non-alcoholic drink
Kaferian Apple Pizza, a dessert - Kaferia is Tau Ceti
Quadrotriticale Bread and Rigelian Butter, an appetizer
Saurian Brandy, an alcoholic drink
Tranya, a non-alcoholic drink
Vulcan Mollusk and Kaferian Olive Pizza


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