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(Kom Ombo)

Nubt/Nubyt goes by many names. It has also been called Nebi, Pa-Sebek, and even Ombos and Kom Ombo. Nubyt is about fifteen miles from Kheny (Gebel el-Silsila).

The city of Nubyt is surrounded by a large fertile area at a bend in the Nile. The old mound behind the enclosure dates to the First Intermediate Period. There is also a large gateway from the 18th dynasty. The city has a joint temple to Sobek, the crocodile god, and Horus the Elder as well as a chapel to Hathor. The Nilometer here is not quite as famous as the ones in Abu (Elephantine) and P'aaleq/Iu-Rek (Philae).

(The city became prominent in Ptolemaic times when there were improvements in agricultural techniques. The existing temples date to the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods).

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Last Updated November 30, 2009