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P'aaleq or Iu-Rek means "island of the time [of Re]". The place may have once been associated with the primeval time when the sun god ruled on earth. The nearby island (Biga) has been called Abaton or "pure mound". It has one of Osiris' many tombs. A small temple (of Osiris?) on Biga faces P'aaleq. Various temples and chapels have been dedicated to Isis, Hathor, Arensnuphis, Mandulis, Imhotep, Osiris. Arensnuphis and Mandulis are Nubian gods. There is also a Nilometer to measure the level of the Nile's flood at P'aaleq (Philae).

Other islands near P'aaleq or Iu-Rek include Senmut, Qebehu, and Setjet.

(There was a big temple to Isis on Philae in the Late Period. The earliest surviving monuments at Philae date to the time of Nectanebo I but reused blocks from the time of Taharqa have been found in some foundations).

(Unofficial Guide to the 1st Nome - P'aaleq is the Graffiti Capital of Kemet. Where do you think the last hieroglyphic inscription will be written - In P'aaleq in 394 AD! Where will the last demotic graffiti be written? You guessed it, in P'aaleq in 452 AD! Hey, at least we are literate!)

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