Xaire! Shalom!

Welcome to the House Of Mariamne

Provider of Fine Scrolls and Copyists

Have nothing to do for an afternoon? We have fine scrolls for you to browse and purchase or you can bring your own scroll for us to copy. We guarantee our work. All scrolls will be copied without any errors or you will receive a blank roll of papyrus free of charge. Furthermore, our skilled copyists can copy any scroll or tablet in any language.

Want to read one of Euripides' plays? I have a special on Euripides' so-called "Lost Plays." They aren't lost! They are at the House of Mariamne!

You've heard of the controversy over Euripides' Aeolus. Is Aristophanes right? Did Euripides go too far with the brother and sister storyline? Read it for yourself and find out!

Feel like an Alcmaeon-thon? I have Alcmaeon plays by Sophocles, Agathon, Nicomachus, Astydamas, Euaretus, Theodectes, and, of course, Euripides. Read how the hero murdered his mother to avenge his father and then went crazy. Decide which one was best! I also have Euripides' Alcmaeon at Corinth, where Alcmaeon rescues his children at Corinth.

I have regional favorites, like Alope, based on an Attic legend. And may I recommend my own favorite, Archelaus, based on the traditions of my Macedonian homeland.

Do you like love stories? What could be better than Andromeda, where mighty Perseus rescues the beautiful Andromeda. Many have called Andromeda the most beautiful of all Euripides' plays. Or how about Antigone? Sophocles isn't the only one who ever wrote an Antigone. See how Euripides takes an established plot and throws in a secret love story between Antigone and Haemon.

And those are just some of Euripides' plays that start with an "A"! Come on in and buy them all!

Looking for something more exotic than Greek plays? Browse through my collection of Egyptian, Babylonian, Judean, and Roman scrolls. Read the wisdom literature, histories, and scientific discourses of the known world. Learn about exotic animals from distant places and the exploits of mighty kings and queens. Expand your horizons with the turn of a scroll!

Need something to hold all your fine scrolls? Look no further than the House of Mariamne! I offer fine wooden and leather scroll cases. Amaze your friends and loved ones with special scroll cases accented in gold and lapis lazuli. I also stock the finest papyrus in the area, as well as cheaper papyrus for daily needs.

If we do not have the scrolls that you are looking for, visit the Peiraeus Public Library and we will copy the scroll for you at a special discount.

Thank you for shopping at the House of Mariamne and come back soon!

Updated November 20, 2009