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Xaire to Peiraeus Public Library

Greek library building

Xaire! Welcome to the Peiraeus Public Library! We are excited that you are here. This library is the dream of my half-sister, Damaris Alexandros, and myself. Through this library you can explore the ancient world.

To learn about the library's hours and location, please see About our library.

To learn more about the Peiraeus Public Library, please see The Peiraeus Public Library.

This lovely little library has a main room, smaller study/reading rooms, and a large meeting room for lectures and readings. We have a schedule of events. We also have a new reading club starting up, Omphale's Scroll Club. Join now!

See our special exhibit featuring Euripides as discussed under Omphale's Scroll Club!

Our library also has a tavern. The tavern is run by Damaris Alexandros and has meals and drinks for hard-working students.

There is also a new Egyptian fruit and vegetable market which just opened up near us.

These rooms are linked by a covered colonnade with many statues and are arranged around a garden. The garden has a central pool and many statues. The colonnade extends to a small astronomical observatory at one end of the library grounds.

Three sides of the main room have pigeonhole shelves filled with scrolls, clay tablets, and parchment (treated leather), from cities around the world. A three foot high bench separates the scrolls from the public and provides a place for readers to unroll their scrolls.

Ancient Scroll

The arrangement of scrolls, clay tablets, and cured animal hides is a modified version of Callimachus of Cyrene's scheme. Callimachus of Cyrene was a noted organizer and bibliographer of the Great Library of Alexandria. Our collection is divided into the following categories:

History and Geography




Medicine and the Sciences

Lyric, Epic, and Wisdom Poetry

Tragedy and Comedy


We also have a list of writers (A-M) and (N-Z) who are represented in our library.

In addition to providing excellent library service, the Peiraeus Public Library offers reading and craft programs for children in the garden. You may also look at previous reading and craft programs. It is important to encourage children to read. Our reading programs are open to both boys and girls. We feel that by educating future mothers we will improve society.

Don't know what to call future generations of citizens? Check out our Ancient Names Galleria.

Should you want to take home a copy of a work, the House of Mariamne would be happy to make a copy for you for a reasonable fee. Translation services for works appearing in the original language are also available.

Librarian's note: All dates are listed in the new B.C./A.D. system for your convenience.

Last updated, 68 A.D.

Note: This began as a mirror site for the original pages at Ancient Sites.

Mariamne and Damaris have now moved to:


They are written from the viewpoint of an ancient librarian, named Mariamne Philemon, and her half-sister, Damaris Alexandros, who lived in 67 A.D. in the city of Berea in ancient Greece. This site was created to explore the ancient world and to engage in role playing.

Last Updated November 20, 2009

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