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Xaire to Omphale's Scroll Club!

Read a work from any of the following authors and come prepared to discuss the author's style:

Athenian Gamelion (Makedonian Peritios) [January] - Homer, an Epic Poet (9th to 8th century B.C.)

Athenian Anthesterion (Makedonian Dustros) [February] - Hesiod, an Epic Poet (8th to 7th century B.C.)

Athenian Elaphebolion (Makedonian Xandikos) [March] - Sappho, a Lyric Poet (7th century B.C.)

Athenian Mounichion (Makedonian Artemisios) [April] - Aeschylus, a Tragedian (524 to 456 B.C.)

Athenian Thargelion (Makedonian Daisios) [May] - Corinna, a Lyric Poet (Contemporary of Pindar)

Athenian Skirophorion (Makedonian Panemos) [June] - Pindar, a Lyric Poet (518 to 438 B.C.)

Athenian Hekatombaion (Makedonian Loios) [July] - Hecataeus, Prose Writer (500 B.C.)

Athenian Metageitnion (Makedonian Gorpaios) [August] - Sophocles, a Tragedian (496 to 406 B.C.)

Athenian Boedromion (Makedonian Hyperberetaios) [September] - Euripides, a Tragedian (485 to 406 B.C.)

Athenian Pyanopsion (Makedonian Dios) [October] - Aristophanes, a Comedian (450 to 385 B.C.)

Athenian Maimakterion (Makedonian Apellaios) [November] - Herodotus, a Historian (Flourished 450 to 428 B.C.)

Athenian Poseideon (Makedonian Audnaios) [December] - Thucydides and Xenophon, Historians (430 to 399 BC and 430 to 354 B.C.)

Note: This is a fictional example of what an ancient library would have looked like if it was run like a modern library.

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