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Please consult one of the scrolls below to learn about the exciting events at our library.

Athenian Gamelion (Makedonian Peritios) [January]
The theme for this month is renewal.

Athenian Anthesterion (Makedonian Dustros) [February]
We have two topics for this month: the land and culture of Libya (Africa), our neighbor to the south, and the topic of romance.

Athenian Elaphebolion (Makedonian Xandikos) [March]
The theme for this month is the contributions of women to society and history.

Athenian Mounichion (Makedonian Artemisios) [April]
This month we will celebrate poetry and the dramatic arts.

Athenian Thargelion (Makedonian Daisios) [May]
This month we will focus on Hispania or Iberia, our neighbor to the west.

Athenian Skirophorion (Makedonian Panemos) [June]
This month we begin a three month series on travel. We will start with tales of travel to the distant east.

Athenian Hekatombaion (Makedonian Loios) [July]
This month we will highlight tales of travel to the distant north.

Athenian Metageitnion (Makedonian Gorpaios) [August]
This month we will feature stories of imaginary travel.

Athenian Boedromion (Makedonian Hyperberetaios) [September]
This month's programs will be delayed until next month.

Athenian Pyanopsion (Makedonian Dios) [October]
In honor of students and tutors returning to their studies, this month we will focus on the magic of writing. This program was postponed from the previous month.

Athenian Maimakterion (Makedonian Apellaios) [November]
This month we will learn about the people who came before us: the Minoans and the first Greeks.

Athenian Poseideon (Makedonian Audnaios) [December]
This month our speakers will focus on the upcoming Roman holiday, the Saturnalia.

The following is a special program held in Olympic years:

In Honor of the 211th Olympiad
Events will focus on the Olympic Games in Olympia.

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Note: This is a fictional example of what an ancient library would have looked like if it was run like a modern library.

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Updated November 20, 2009

Originally written in 2001.