Canaanite and Ugaritic Names

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The Canaanites

The Canaanites entered western Asia around 2000 BC. Local kings ruled the city-states of Canaan. One of the most powerful city-states was Ugarit (in modern Syria). Ugarit's golden age lasted from 1550 BC to 1200 BC, when the city was destroyed. The names of some of Ugarit's kings are known back to the nineteenth century BC. Most of the documents in Ugarit's libraries were written in the Akkadian script but other documents were written in Egyptian, Cypro-Minoan Linear B, Hittie, Hurrian, Sumerian, Akkadian, and Ugaritic. (1, 2)

Canaanite Female Names

Donatiya - A name from a Ugaritic legend (1)
Hurriya - A name from a Ugaritic legend (1)
Pigat - A name from a Ugaritic legend (1)

Canaanite Male Names

Ammishtamru - The name of two kings of Ugarit (1)
Ar Khalba - A king of Ugarit (1)
Aqhat - A character from Ugaritic legend (1)
Danel - A character from Ugaritic legend (1)
Hammurapi - A king of Ugarit (1)
Ibiranu - A king of Ugarit (1)
Keret - A character in Ugaritic legend (1)
Niqmad/Niqmaddu - The name of several Ugaritic kings (1)
Niqmepa - A king of Ugarit (1)
Paebel - A character from Ugaritic legend (1)
Yaqarum - A king of Ugarit (1)
Yassib - A character from Ugaritic legend (1)

Canaanite Deities

Anath - Goddess of war and love, consort of Baal (1)
Arsiya - Goddess of the earth, daughter of Baal (1)
Baal - God of the sky and rain (1)
Dagon - The father of Baal (1)
El - The leader of the gods (1)
Mot - The god of death (1)
Padriya - Goddess of the clouds, daughter of Baal (1)
Talliya - Goddess of the dew, daughter of Baal (1)
Yamm - The god of the sea (1)
Yarih - The moon god (1)


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