Names of Numidia and Mauretania

Numidia and Mauretania were originally Berber kingdoms to the west of Carthage. The people were made up of nomadic mountain pastoralists and settled farmers along the coast. The pastoralists herded sheep, goats, and sometimes cattle. The ruling class was strongly influenced by Greek and Phoenician culture and later by Roman culture. Outside of the towns and large estates, the people remained Berber in language and culture. The Romans formed an alliance with Numidia but later conquered it and made it a Roman province. Mauretania was also absorbed by the Romans. The Romans imposed heavy taxes on the wheat and olive oil of Numidia. When Rome fell, Berber chieftains retook the area. (1)

Numidian and Mauretanian Female Names

Dahia al-Kahina, Dihya, al-Kahena - A Berber queen of Mauretania who assumed command of the Berber army in 690 AD and fought the Arabs until her death in 701 AD. Kahina may mean "Priestess". (3, 4)

Numidian and Mauretanian Male Names

Adherbal - Numidian king (2)
Alyamas - Numidian king (2)
Capussa - Numidian king (2)
Gaia - Numidian king (2)
Galussa - Numidian king (2)
Gauda - Numidian king (2)
Hiempsal - Numidian king (2)
Isalcas, Oesalces - Numidian king (2)
Jugurthen - Numidian king (2)
Juva - Numidian king (2)
Lacumaces - Numidian king (2)
Masgava - Numidian king (2)
Massinissa, Massnsen - A ruler of Numidia who controlled most of northern Algeria. (1, 2)
Massiva - Numidian king (2)
Mastanabal - Numidian king (2)
Micipsa - Numidian king (2)
Misagenes - Numidian king (2)
Niptasan - Numidian king (2)
Oxynta - Numidian king (2)
Ptolemee - Numidian king (2)
Stembanos - Numidian king (2)
Tabat, Thabitah - Mauretanian father of Dahia al-Kahina (4)
Zalelsan - Numidian king (2)


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