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The Abu Marketplace specializes in southern goods and minerals. We also outfit land caravans to the oases and Nubia and land and sea expeditions to Punt.

Try our exotic goods from Ta-Nehesy (Nubia): incense, ivory, ebony, panther skins, leopard skins, ostrich plumes, and did I mention gold? The people of Nubia make fine jewelry from ostrich eggshells, cowry shells, seashells, and precious stones. Beyond Nubia is Punt, which has gold, aromatic resin from myrrh trees, African blackwood, ebony, ivory, monkeys, and baboons.

The Abu Marketplace is a fine place to shop for stone and mineral goods. The Abu area is of course known for its granite. The best granites are red- or rose-colored granite. Granite can also be grey, black, or blue. The granite quarries are south and east (6 km) of Swenet (Aswan). Granite from Abu (Elephantine) can be pink with black specks.

There are also amethyst quarries southeast of Abu (Elephantine). The Eastern Desert and southern lands are rich in copper, malachite, felspar, beryl, dolomite, tin, lead ore (galena), serpentine, quartzite, jasper, and porphyry. The Eastern desert also has green diorite, agate, speckled breccia, carnelian, chalcedony, garnet, rock crystal (quartz), gypsum, and flint. Obsidian comes from southern Ethiopia. Find cups, plates, knives, jewelry, statuary, and a variety of other goods from these important stones and minerals. See examples of breccia vessels, diorite and limestone vessels, and other stones and minerals in Kemet (Egypt).

We also have a fine selection of basketry and leather goods.

Hungry from all your shopping? The dom palm is found south of Waset (Thebes). Its reddish orange fruit has been described as tasting like gingerbread or caramel. The fruit is also used in dom palm wine. A specialty of the south is sorghum and millet. We have wild sorghum porridge or sorghum baked in flat loaves. Tiny yellow balls of millet are used to make flour for bread.

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Abu is proud of our honest merchants. Our merchants offer you this Guide to Market Prices.

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Last Updated November 30, 2009