Guide to Market Prices

Kemet of course has no coinage, but we do have a highly developed barter system. Every item has an agreed upon equivalent which is measured in deben of copper.

If a coffin is worth 25 1/2 deben, then the item can be paid for by a combination of items that add up to 25 deben.

Coffin - worth 25 1/2 deben, can be paid for by:

Hog - worth 5 deben

Pair of goats - worth 5 deben

Two sycamore logs - together worth 2 deben

and 13 1/2 deben of actual copper.


An ox worth 50 deben can be paid for by:

Two tunics worth 10 deben

An amount of vegetable oil worth 5 deben

A very large jar of fat worth 30 deben

An amount of copper worth 5 deben.

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Last Updated November 30, 2009