Amorite Names

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The Amorites

The Amorites were a Semitic-speaking group who appeared in Babylonia as mercenaries and workers soon after 2000 BC. Their name comes from the Babylonian term, "Amurru", or "West People". A Sumerian epic described the Amorites as living in the mountains and not knowing grain. They brought bulls and goats for the Sumerian goddess, Inanna. The Amorites expanded into Syria during the first quarter of the second millennium BC. Their lands were later taken over by the kingdom of Mitanni around 1595 BC.(1, 2)

Amorite Male Names

Kudur-Mabug - Amorite chieftain who captured Larsa (1)
Rim-Sin - Ruled Larsa c. 1822 - 1763 B.C., son of Kudur-Mabug (1)
Warad-Sin - Son of Kudur-Mabug (1)


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