Phoenician Names

The Phoenicians

The Phoenicians were descendants of the Canaanites. They lived north of Canaan in a narrow strip of land by the Mediterranean Sea. They were known for their timber, especially cedar and cypress, their purple dye, which they made from local murex shells, and their dyed wool. Phoenician ships and merchants were an important presence in the Mediterranean Sea and the Red Sea. The city of Tyre founded colonies at Carthage in North Africa, on the island of Cyprus, and perhaps in mining areas in north Greece between the eleventh and ninth centuries BC. Other Phoenician cities formed their own colonies throughout the area, including one at Cades (Cadiz) on the Atlantic coast of Spain. The major Phoenician cities included Tyre, Sidon, Byblos (Phoenician Gebal), and Arvad. The cities of Phoenicia were dominated by the Egyptians, Amorites, the Hyksos, Assyrians, Babylonians, Persians, Greeks, and Romans at various times in their long history. The city-states of Phoenicia never united to form a kingdom of Phoenicia.(2, 3)

Female Names

Arishat (1)
Elissa (1)
Muttunbaal (1)

Male Names

Abdeshmun (1)
Abdi-Milki - King of Tyre during the Amarna period of Egypt (2)
Abdmelqart (1)
Abdosir (1)
Aderbaal (1)
Adonibaal (1)
Ahiram - A king who lived around 1000 BC (2)
Akbar (1)
Aqhat (1)
Ashtartyaton (1)
Ashtzaph (1)
Baalhanno (1)
Baalshillek (1)
Bodashtart (1)
Bodeshmun (1)
Bodinelqart (1)
Bodmelqart (1)
Danel (1)
Eshmunamash (1)
Eshmunazar - The name of at least two kings of Sidon (2)
Germelqart (1)
Hanno - Carthaginian explorer who explored the African coast as far south as modern Sierra Leone and founded colonies as far as the Western Sahara. (3)
Hasdrubal (1)
Himilco - Carthaginian explorer who, around 500 BC, explored the coasts of Spain, France, and perhaps Britain for four months. (3)
Hiram - King of Tyre (2)
Kanmi (1)
Khilletzbaal (1)
Maharbaal (1)
Melqartpilles (1)
Milkherem (1)
Milkpilles (1)
Milkyaton (1)
Philosir (1)
Rib-Addi - King of Gebal (Greek Byblos) (2)
Sakarbaal (1)
Tabnit - The name of at least two kings of Sidon (2)
Yehawwielon (1)
Yutpan (1)
Zimrida - King of Sidon in the 14th century BC (2)

Punic Names from Numidia - Male

Hiempsal (1)
Juba (1)
Massinissa (1)

Names of Deities

Astarte (2)
Baal - God of healing (2)
Baalat Gebal - Goddess or Lady of Gebal (2)
El - Head of the Canaanite pantheon (2)
Eshmun - Chief god of Sidon (2)
Melqart (2)



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