Names of the Chimu / Kingdom of Chan Chan

The Chimu Empire lasted from roughly 1000 AD to 1470 AD. Their capital city was the huge center known as Chan Chan. Chan Chan is the largest pre-Columbian city in Peru and is thought to have had 50,000 inhabitants and to have covered 28 square kilometers. While the Moche (who lived in the general area from 100 to 700 AD) were known for their fine ceramics, the Chimu were known for their textiles and metalsmiths. Chimu artisans created fine objects from gold, silver, and copper that were sought after throughout the Incan Empire.(2, 4)

Male Names

Guacricaur - Name of one of the ten kings of Chimu (?) (3)

Minchancaman - The last king of the Chimu Empire. His people were defeated by the Inca in 1470 and he lived out his days in Cuzco (1)

Ñancempinco - Name of one of the ten kings of Chimu (?) (3)

Tacaynamo - The legendary founder of the Chimu Empire. He is said to have arrived from the sea (2, 3)


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