Centauri Names

Centauri Prime was originally the home of two sentient races, the Xon and the Centauri. The Centauri totally destroyed the Xon. The continent where they lived is still called Xonos. The Centauri hold a celebration at the end of the year when they count the number of dead Xon and thank the many Centauri gods for their own survival.

The Centauri have at least 50 gods, including Li, the god of passion; Venzann, the god of food; and Mogath, the god of the underworld. Family is important to the Centauri and their honor and status comes from their marriages and families. The women shave their heads while the men have elaborate, fan-like hairdos.

The Centauri Republic (Empire) was very powerful and spanned many worlds. It began to decline during the mid-22nd century and the Centauri withdrew from many of its former colonies, including the Narn homeworld. The Centauri ran into humans in the mid-22nd century. The Centauri Republic sent several expeditions to the Vorlons. None returned. The Centauri are also rumored to have worked with the Dilgar. By the mid-23rd century, the Centauri Republic only covered 12 worlds. Their fortunes seemed to revive when Londo allied with the Shadows. The Centauri retook the Narn homeworld and reduced the planet to rubble with mass drivers. The Republic also expanded into Drazi and Pak'ma'ra space. But the fortunes of the Centauri turned again when the Shadows fell. Vir Cotto, the future emperor, was briefly assigned to Minbar in 2260.

The three major Centauri colonies are Crive, Lupis, and Musca. Other Centauri colony worlds include Centauri Beta I (a tourist destination). Immolan V is the home of the temple to Gon, which has been proclaimed the most beautiful building designed by a sentient species. Millions of tourists and pilgrims visit every year. Tolonius VII was an industrial planet and was the home of Hevaria Orbital Shipyards, used by House Tavari. Davo, in the Aries Sector, was the homeworld of Adira Tyree. Tumbor II was another colony. Gorash VII was a supply base during the Narn-Centauri War of 2260. Morbis and Nefua were independent colonies on the edge of Centuri space. They were secretly used by Minister Durla and the Prime Candidates and were bombed by the Centauri Resistance under then-ambassador Vir Cotto. Frallis XII was raided by a young Londo Mollari. Ragesh III was fought over by the Centauri and Narn. It was a Centauri agricultural colony with 5,000 colonists but had belonged to the Narn before the 100 years during which the Centauri occupied Narn. When the Narn occupation was over, Narn felt the planet should return to them and they attacked it in 2258. Commander Sinclair of Babylon 5 settled the matter peacefully.(8)

Female Names

Adira - Londo's love interest (1)

Aria - Aria Tensus is Kiron's girlfriend (1, 5)

Celes - Lady Celes was the wife of Lord Refa and the mother of Senna (4)

Daggair - One of Londo's wives (1)

Drusella - Lindisty's mother(2)

Ladira - Lord Kiro's aunt (1)

Lindisty/Lyndisty - Vir's intended (2, 5)

Lyssa (7)

Mariel - One of Londo's wives (1)

Maruelia - Wife of Urza Jaddo (1)

Morella - Lady Morella was the third wife of Turhan and a seer (2)

Senna - The daughter of Lord Refa (3, 4)

Timov - One of Londo's wives (1)

Male Names

Algur - Timov's father (1)

Andilo (1)

Antono - Antono Refa was a Centauri mover and shaker (4)

Beyon - The young son of Emperor Turhan, who drowned in a "boating accident" in 2252. The boy's personal guardian said he couldn't find the child in the murky water. The guard was later found dead. (6)

Carn - Carn Mollari is Londo's nephew (1)

Cartagia - The mad emperor (1)

Dius - Dius Vintari was a prince regent (8)

Kiro - House Kiro are descendants of the first Emperor. Perhaps the name is also used as a personal name. (1, 7)

Kiron - Kiron Maray is Vir Cotto's young cousin (1, 5)

Londo - Londo Mollari was the Centauri ambassador to Babylon 5, later emperor of the Centauri. (1)

Luc (7)

Renegar (3)

Throk - Nasty Prime Candidate(3)

Turhan - The Centauri Emperor when Babylon 5 goes live. His son had recently died in a "boating accident" (1, 5). Turhan may be a surname. Some refer to House Turhan (6).

Urza - Urza Jaddo was a friend of Londo (1)

Vir - Vir Cotto is Londo's assistant, later emperor of the Centauri (1)

House Names Or Perhaps Male Personal Names

Dachow - A former ruling Lord(3)

Dunseny - a valet (3)

Durla (3)

Durza - A giant of Centauri opera, favord by Mollari (1)

Malachi - Prime Minister (1, 7)

Morkel (3)

Sentauro - A giant of Centauri opera, favored by Vir (1)

Surkel - Former ruling lord (3)

Tavari - House Tavari used the Hevaria Orbital Shipyards on Tolonius VII (8)

Teela - Former ruling lord (3)

Valo - Lord Valo (1)

Vallko (3)

Family/House Names

Cotto (1)

Jaddo (1)

Janno (7)

Jarno - A noble house (2)

Kiro - House Kiro are descendants of the first emperor (1)

Lotoru (7)

Maray (1)

Mollari (1)

Refa (1, 4)

Ritan (7)

Syma (7)

Tensus (1)

Torr (7)

Turhan (7, 8)

Tyree (1)

Ultan (7)

Varia (7)

Vintari (8)

Virini/Verini - A prime minister, who likes pastels for the curtains (2, 4). One site calls him Milo. Perhaps Milo is a first name? (5)


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