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The Daleks have a long and complicated history in Dr. Who. They first appeared in the second story, The Daleks. In that story they were descended from the Dals, one of two groups who lived on Skaro. Skaro was the 12th planet of its system. The Dals, who were the teachers and philosophers, fought against the Thals, who were the warriors. A Neutronic War decimated the planet. A few Dals survived in an underground city and became dependent on radiation. The Thals retreated to a plateau where they became farmers and developed a medicine to combat the radiation. The Doctor, Susan, Barbara, and Ian found the Dal descendants, now known as the Daleks, and the Thals five hundred years later.

The Daleks were bred to have no emotions. Their only desire was to destroy everything that did not look like them. This led to the Time Lords sending the 4th Doctor to destroy them before they could evolve into a species that would destroy all life. This was seen as the first stage of the Great Time War. The 4th Doctor found himself morally unable to destroy the Daleks at that point in their history. So the Daleks continued to evolve and wreck havoc on the universe. This led to the Great Time War.

Most Daleks do not have names. However, some Daleks in the Cult of Skaro were named by the Emperor Dalek and were tasked with thinking like the enemy so that they could defeat them. Daleks are a mutated species who have no gender.

Dalek Names

Caan - From Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks.

Jast - From Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks.

Sec - From Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks.

Thay - From Daleks in Manhattan / Evolution of the Daleks.

Ice Warriors

The Ice Warriors is a name that Terrans applied to the natives of Mars. They have an officer class, dubbed the Ice Lords by fans, and a warrior class. The officer class has lighter armor than the warrior class. In most stories the Ice Warriors are a violent species. In the time of The Curse of Peladon they have renounced violence and have joined a Galactic Federation which includes Earth, Mars, Alpha Centauri and Arcturus. By The Monster of Peladon, some want to return to their warrior ways. In The Waters of Mars the 10th Doctor calls them, "a fine and noble race who built an empire out of snow." He theorizes that the Ice Warriors found the malevolent entity and froze it in the snow. He also notes that the malevolent entity seems to understand ancient North Martian. Gusev Crater, where the entity was found, is close to the equator but is in Mars' southern hemisphere. Wikipedia ( mentions still other appearances, including a 5th Doctor audio play called The Judgment of Isskar. This serves as an origin story for the Ice Warriors and explains that the Martians are a peaceful, communal species until the Doctor takes away a segment of the Key to Time. Then the Martian atmosphere begins to deteriorate and the people become desperate.

Male Ice Warrior Names

Azaxyr - From The Monster of Peladon.

Hass - Per

Izdaal - From the audioplay Red Dawn, per

Izlyr - An Ice Lord from The Curse of Peladon, a 3rd Doctor episode with "Princess Josephine of Tardis".

Slaar - A commander of Ice Lord from The Seeds of Death, a 2nd Doctor episode with Jamie and Zoe.

Ssorg - An Ice Warrior from The Curse of Peladon, a 3rd Doctor episode with "Princess Josephine of Tardis".

Varga - From The Ice Warriors.


The Kaleds was the name used for the ancestors of the Daleks in The Genesis of the Daleks and other stories. The Kaleds fought the Thals in a devastating war on Skaro. The Kaled scientist, Davros, created a new form for the mutated Kaled survivors... the Daleks.

Male Kaled Names

Davros - The creator of the Daleks. Appears in Genesis of the Daleks and many other stories.

Nyder - From Genesis of the Daleks.

Sea Devils/Earth Reptiles

The original name for the Sea Devils was the Sea Silurians but the writers wanted to make them sound more ominous so they were renamed (per the specials on the dvd, Dr. Who and the Sea Devils. They are also called Earth Reptiles. If the Silurians are renamed Eocenes then the Sea Devils could be called Sea Eocenes.

The Sea Devils are the marine relatives of the Silurians. Like the Silurians, they lived during the Eocene age on Earth 56 - 34 million years ago. They fled to undersea bases on the ocean floor to avoid extinction from approaching meteorites 34 million years ago.

Male Sea Devil Names

Lurnix - From Dr. Who and the Poison Seas, an audiodrama per Wikipedia - The Poison Seas.

Nedda - From Dr. Who and the Poison Seas, an audiodrama per Wikipedia - The Poison Seas.

Ressix - From Dr. Who and the Poison Seas, an audiodrama per Wikipedia - Dr. Who and The Poison Seas.

Sauvix - From Warriors of the Deep.

Silurians/Earth Reptiles/Homo Reptilia

The Silurians, more aptly known as Earth Reptiles, Homo Reptilia, or Eocenes, are intelligent descendants of the dinosaurs who lived during the Eocene (56 - 34 million years ago) on Earth. They were the original inhabitants of the Earth. They had an advanced civilization that included air travel (per the novelization, Dr. Who and the Cave Monsters). They went into hibernation when it appeared that a planetoid was going to hit the Earth. The novel stated that this planetoid eventually led to the creation of the Moon but since the Moon was created billions of years ago, not millions of years ago, a better fit for this statement would be that there were several meteorites headed for the Earth. There were several meteorite strikes in the northern hemisphere that came at the end of the Eocene and the beginning of the Oligocene period. This period marked the beginning of the rise of mammals. Another problem with the Silurians is that they are stated to have used dinosaurs for mounts, etc. While this is a fun idea, the dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. To make this idea work the Silurians would have had to kept dinosaurs alive for another 30 million years and to have kept them where their remains would not survive in the archaeological record. The Silurians would also have had to develop in places where they left no sign in the archaeological record.

Female Silurian/Earth Reptile/Homo Reptilian Names

Chtaachtl - Morka's mate. -

Male Silurian/Earth Reptile/Homo Reptilian Names

Chtorba - A Silurian in Blood Heat, a story with alternate Silurians. -

Ichtar - From Warriors of the Deep.

Imorkal - Morka's son, who appears in Blood Heat, a story with alternate Silurians. -

K'to - He was a scientist in Dr. Who and the Cave Monsters.

Morka - From Dr. Who and the Cave Monsters.

Okdel - Okdel was unusual amongst the Silurians in that he kept mammals as pets. Most Silurians were rapidly anti-mammal. He was in Dr. Who and the Cave Monsters.

Vronim - A Silurian in Blood Heat, a story with alternate Silurians. -


The Sontarans are another popular species in the Dr. Who universe. They are a cloned species who have been fighting the Rutans for over 50,000 years. No one remembers why they started fighting. The Rutans are a shape-shifting amphibian species who appear in The Horror of Fang Rock.

The Sontarans are a warrior species who have titles like "Field Major" and "Marshall".

Sontaran Names

Linx - From The Time Warrior.

Skree - From The Sontaran Stratagem/Poison Sky, 10th Doctor.

Skorr - From The Sontaran Stratagem/Poison Sky, 10th Doctor.

Staal - From The Sontaran Stratagem/Poison Sky, 10th Doctor.

Stike - From The Two Doctors.

Styre - From The Sontaran Experiment.

Varl - From The Two Doctors.


The Thals were one of two factions in a major war that devastated the planet of Skaro. The other faction were the ancestors of the Daleks.

Female Thal Names

Dyoni - From The Daleks.

Male Thal Names

Alydon - He was the leader who inherited the role from Temmosus in The Daleks.

Antodus - From The Daleks.

Elyon - From The Daleks.

Ganatus - He was Barbara's friend. He is from The Daleks.

Kristas - From The Daleks.

Temmosus - He was the leader of the Thal group visited by the Doctor in The Daleks.

Time Lords

The Time Lords arose on the planet of Gallifrey in the Minyan constellation of Kasterborus. It is the seventh star system. It is in the Mutter's Stellian Spiral Galaxy (Milky Way). To viewers on Earth it may appear to be in the constellation of Sagittarius near the center of the galaxy. The Kasterborus Ice Ring, and Kasterborus Borealis are in the same sector as Gallifrey's system. Gallifrey is in a system with six planets that include Karn, a frozen gas giant named Polarfrey, Kasterborus the Fibster (an asteroid) and another unknown planet (possibly Demos). Gallifrey and Karn might be the second and third planets. The Sisterhood live on Karn. Gallifrey's (main?) moon is Pazithi Gallifreya, which orbits Gallifrey every 27 days. Pazithi was a Virgin Moon Goddess. The moon is copper, ivory, or heliotrope colored and shines even during the day. It is closer to Gallifrey than our moon. The moon's supply of Taranium was mined during the Dark Time. Gallifrey has a second, small, artificial sun that appears to rise in the south.

Gallifrey is predominately rust-colored with brown lakes and grey clouds. There are three small oceans that were once larger. Many of the lakes appear golden. The sky is burnt orange and most of the land consists of burnt red deserts and mountains. The sand is often orange. Some of the grass is red but ehre are also some green forests. The southern hemisphere is considered wild and can have blizzards. There is less water on Gallifrey than on Earth.

The highest mountain is Mount Cadon, which may be by the Cadonflood river. Snow-capped Mount Cadon is on the continent of Wild Endeavor and is within sight of the Capitol. While many rivers have dried up the River Lethe still flows within walking distance of Mount Cadon. Mount Plutarch is near the Lune Forest and an inland sea. Mount Lung (the Doctor's home) is in Southern Gallifrey. Lungbarrow is said to be near the Cadonflood River so it must be in the southern hemisphere but fairly near the equator (or the Cadonflood is a very long river) because Mount Cadon and the Capitol are in the northern hemisphere. The Soonwell Valley is 500 leagues or c 3000 km from the Capitol. Lake Abydos may be near the House of Heartshaven (Romana's House).

The domed capitol is called Gallifrey or The Capitol. The Capitol is in the Northern Hemisphere on the continent of Wild Endeavor. Bitter winds sometimes come down from the Northern Lakes. The city lies between the mountains of Solace and Solitude. Deep red grass grows on the mountains in the chain. Beneath the Capitol is a volcanic chasm known as the Crevasse of Memories That Will Be. The Capitol used to have a harbor but it has since dried up. Gallifreyans can see the Kasterborus Borealis from the Capitol and from Mount Cadon.

Olyesti is one of the "Three Minute Cities in the East." Prydos is an old, trading city built on an artificial mound. Imports come from anywhere and anywhen. The city is known for its street mosaics which depict the city's history. It may be in the southern hemisphere because says it and the Sisterhood dominated the southern hemisphere.

The length of a Time Lord's name shows his or her status. Their names lengthen over time. There are also Gallifreyans who are not Time Lords. Gallifrey means "they that walk in shadows." - and

For more on Gallifrey and Time Lords see the exhaustive Gallifrey Stuff.

Female Time Lords

Romanadvoratrelundar - Of the House of Heartshaven, although she is a "custodian" of the House of Effeston. She inherited the House of Dvora (the House of Heartshaven may have come from the House of Dvora). She traveled with the 4th Doctor and later became a President of Gallifrey. - Gallifrey Stuff

Serenadellatrovella - Of the House of Dellatrovellas. - Gallifrey Stuff

Male Time Lords

Borusa - Time Lord leader who went mad. - Gallifrey Stuff

Mirraflex - Founded the House of Mirraflex. The House of Mirraflex is an oldblood house that has produced many generals. - Gallifrey Stuff

Morbius - Time Lord leader who went mad. He is of the House of Dvora (House of Devouring Hounds). - Gallifrey Stuff

Omega - Leading Time Lord who went mad. Omega, Rassilon, and the Other helped create modern Time Lord society. Rassilon and Omega used the Hand of Omega to create the Black Hole or Eye of Harmony that allows Time Lords to travel in time.

Rassilon - Time Lord leader who went mad. Rassilon, along with the Other, created the Web of Time within the Space-Time Vortex. Rassilon also created the Rod of Rassilon, the Key of Rassilon, etc. There is a cult dedicated to Rassilon the Vampire. He (along with Morvane and Bedevere) is a Matrix Lord. The Doctor visited the Tomb of Rassilon. Rassilon seems to have reappeared in The End of Time. - Gallifrey Stuff

"Three two one, three two one, / A wreath of roses lay. / Rassilon's dead and Omega's lost, / The other one's gone away. / Three to wonder and bide their time, / They'll all come back one day." - Transcribed from hieroglyphics in the Domdaniel Caverns on Strava.

(Some suggest the Doctor is The Other and/or even a Great Old One such as the Red Guardian of Justice. Or the Doctor is descended from Omega. -

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