Minbari Names

The Minbari homeworld is rich in crystalline deposits and many of its cities are carved into the crystalline deposits. Almost 25% of Minbar is covered by its north polar ice cap. Minbar is the 7th planet from its sun (1, 2). Its capital city is Yedor. Tuzanor is another city (3).

The Minbari have had spaceflight for 1000 years. Other worlds in the Minbari Federation include Dorado and Kordat IV. Kordat IV was an agricultural colony whose inhabitants included Minbari from the Third Fane of Chudomo. Many members of the worker caste live on the agricultural colonies (3).

The Minbari people are divided into 3 castes, the religious, warrior, and worker castes. Each caste has representatives on the Minbari Grey Council. The religious caste is the dominant one while the worker caste is the least influential caste. Each caste is divided into clans. (1 , 2). Religious caste clan names include Barili, Orfirio, Paren, and Voleen. Religious caste members can be diplomats, Rangers, or telepaths. (4). The warrior clans are the Fire Wings, the Moon Shields, the Night Walkers, the Star Riders, and the Wind Swords. (1, 2). They are officers or soldiers. The worker clans are the Crystal Shapers, Crystal Whisperers, Star Crafters, and Valen's Footsteps. Worker castes include workers in the agricultural, computer, and technical fields and scientists. (4)

There are 3 major Minbari languages: Lenann, Feek, and Adronato (the language of the religious caste). In addition, there are 97 dialects and subtongues. The Minbari use base eleven. There are many rituals that surround food. (1, 2)

The Minbari have a long and ancient history. When Kosh comes out of the encounter suit, the Minbari see him as Valeria. (1, 2).

The headquarters for the Interstellar Alliance was first built in Tuzanor. (1, 2)

Female Names

Akel (4)

Deeron - Commander of the Trigati (1, 2)

Delenn (1)

Mayal (4)

Mayan - Shaal Mayan was a Minbari poet and writer of Ti'Lar, including "In the Light of Two Moons" Shaal is an honorific title for someone who has made a great achievement.(3) Another source says that Shaal is the first name and Mayan is a family name (4).

Sihnon (4)

Yeyani (4)

Male Names

Ashan (1)

Branmer - A great leader (1)

Callier - A member of the Religious Caste (3)

Draal - Delenn's mentor (1)

Dukhat - A great leader (1, 2)

Durhan - Expert fighter and teacher of the Rangers (2)

Hedronn - Member of the Grey Council (1)

Jenimer - A Chosen One of the Regligious Caste (3)

Kadroni (4)

Kalain - 1st Officer on the Trigati (1, 2)

Kozorr - A member of the warrior caste (1)

Lennier - Delenn's diplomatic attache (1)

Lennon (3, 4)

Lovell (1)

Nerid (4)

Neroon - Kalain's 1st officer (1)

Rastenn - Ranger of the warrior caste and pupil of Turval (2)

Rathenn (1)

Shakiri - A member of the warrior caste who sought to make his caste dominant (2)

Sineval - Captain of the Trigati (1)

Tannier - Ranger from the religious caste and pupil of Turval (2)

Teronn (1)

Turval - Jeffrey Sinclair's predecessor as Anla'shok Na, or Ranger One. He was born to the religious caste (2)


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