Narnian Creature Names

(LWW = The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
PC = Prince Caspian
VDT = The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
HHB = The Horse and His Boy
SC = The Silver Chair
MN = The Magician's Nephew
LB = The Last Battle)

Dryads and some of the other creatures are not given personal names in The Chronicles of Narnia. The nine classes of Narnian creatures are waking trees (possibly oaks, hollies, beeches, silver birches, rowans, firs, pines, sweet chesnuts, and apple trees), visible naiads, fauns, satyrs, dwarfs, giants, gods, centaurs, and talking beasts.


Male Centaur Names

Lewis' centaurs represent the harmony of nature and the spirit. Centaurs are one of the nine classes of Narnian creatures. They are said to be big, like English farm horses, and they eat oaten cakes, apples, herbs, wine, and cheese. They know about astronomy, herbs, and roots. They are also associated with prophecy. Their names reflect wisdom, weather, and wildness.

Cloudbirth - A healer in the time of Caspian X, SC - 2
Glenstorm - A centaur with three sons and a full, golden beard. He sees the planet Alambil, "The Lady of Peace" and Tarva "The Lord of Victory" in the night sky in PC. Aravir is the name of the morning star, PC. - 1, 2
Roonwit - A golden-bearded centaur who reads the stars and is Tirian's friend, LB - 2

Male Dwarfs

Dwarfs are one of the nine classes of Narnian creatures. They are miners, smiths, tailors, and workers in metal and wood. They made the crowns for King Frank and Queen Helen. Red and Black Dwarfs are 3 - 4 feet tall, deep-chested, stocky, and bearded. Red Dwarfs have reddish, fox-like hair and Black Dwarfs have thick, dark, horse-like hair. Red Dwarfs are treasure-seekers who like wild dances, feasts, and brightly colored clothes. Duffers are a small form of Dwarfs.

Poggin - Poggin is a good dwarf who joins Tirian and his forces in LB. It is not known if he is a red or black dwarf, LB - 2
Thornbut - Prince Corin's guardian dwarf, HHB - 2

Male Dwarfs (Red)

Bricklethumb - Duffle's brother, HHB - 2
Duffle - A red dwarf who feeds Shasta, HHB - 2
Rogin - Duffle's brother, HHB - 2
Trumpkin - A three feet tall red-headed dwarf, PC - 2

Male Dwarfs (Black)

Diggle - A spokesman for the dwarfs, LB - 2
Griffle - A spokesman for the dwarfs, LB - 2
Nikabrik - A leading voice of the Black Dwarfs, PC - 2

Male Faun Names

Fauns are one of the nine classes of Narnian creatures. They are half-human, half-goat, and play wild music on reed pipes. They are about the same size as dwarfs but are more slender and graceful.

Dumnus - 1, 2
Girbius - 1, 2
Mentius - 1, 2
Nausus - 1, 2
Nimienus - 1, 2
Obentinus - 1, 2
Orruns - A friend of Jill - 2
Oscuns - 1, 2
Tumnus - Lucy's friend. He was about 4 feet tall, the size of a dwarf, LWW, HHB - 1, 2
Urnus - PC - 2
Voltinus - 1, 2
Voluns - 1, 2

Male Foxes

Slinkey - A fox on the side of Rishda Tarkaan, LB - 2

Male Giants

Pire - The giant who is killed by Olvin of Archenland, HHB - 2
Rumblebuffin - A good giant of the Buffin family, LWW - 2
Stonefoot - A good giant on the side of Tirian and Roonwit, LB - 2
Wimbleweather - A good giant, PC - 2

Male Gnomes

Mullugutherum - A gnome of the Queen of the Underland, SC - 2

Male Marsh-wiggles

Marsh-wiggles are humanlike creatures who eat eels, drink alcohol, and live in marshes. They work with boats and fish. They are a glum and very pragmatic people. There is also an unnamed ferry-wiggle.

Puddleglum - The glum guide of Jill and Eustace, SC - 2

Male Satyrs

Satyrs are one of the nine classes of Narnian creatures. They are reddish-brown goat-like animals. They are more goat-like than fauns. Satyrs are seen eating with squirrels at the party in LWW.

Wraggle - Fights against Tirian in LB - 2

Male Unicorns

Jewel - Jewel is a very noble unicorn, LB - 2

Talking Animals

The Talking Beasts are one of the nine classes of Narnian creatures.

Male Apes

Shift - The ape that sets the final story in motion, LB - 2

Male Badgers

Trufflehunter - PC - 2

Male Crows

Jackdaw - Jackdaw makes the "First Joke", which is really a gaffe, MN - 2

Male Donkeys

Puzzle - A grey donkey with a very low sense of self-esteem. He is Shift's only friend, LB - 2

Male Eagles

Farsight - Reports Roonwit's death, LB - 2

Male Hares

Camillo - A talking hare, PC - 2
Moonwood - A Narnian talking hare who lived around 570 NY. He could hear what was whispered in Cair Paravel from his home below the Great Waterfall, LB - 2

Male Hedgehogs

Hogglestock - PC - 2

Female Horses

Hwin - A Narnian talking horse that was taken to Calormen, HHB - 2

Male Horses

Bree or Breehy-hinny-brinny-hoohy-hah - A talking Narnian horse that was taken to Calormen, HHB - 2

Male Mice

Peepiceek - Reepicheep's successor, PC, VDT - 2
Reepicheep - A talking mouse who is between 1 and 2 feet tall. He is the personification of courage, PC, VDT - 2

Male Moles

Lilygloves - Chief Mole during the Golden Age, PC - 2

Male Owls

Glimfeather - He is a white owl who is about as tall as a dwarf (4 feet) - 2

Male Ravens

Sallowpad - A large raven who talks to Edmund and Susan in Calormen in HHB - 2

Male Squirrels

Pattertwig - A red squirrel the size of a terrier, PC - 2


1 - Prince Caspian

2 - Companion to Narnia: A Complete Guide to the Magical World of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia by Paul F. Ford, HarperSanFrancisco, 2005.

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