Narnian Human Names (Children of Adam and Eve)

(LWW = The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe
PC = Prince Caspian
VDT = The Voyage of the Dawn Treader
HHB = The Horse and His Boy
SC = The Silver Chair
MN = The Magician's Nephew
LB = The Last Battle)


Archenland is the kingdom just to the south of Narnia. It is generally on good terms with Narnia. The Archenland kings are descended from King Frank and Queen Helen. The name of Archenland's castle is Anvard.

Female Names of Archenland

Liln - Lady Liln married Olvin - 2

Male Names of Archeland

Bar - The former lord chancellor who kidnaps Cor/Shasta and takes him to Calormen, HHB - 2
Cole - The brother of Colin, HHB - 2
Colin - The brother of Cole, HHB - 2
Cor - Cor was the birth name of Shasta. He later married Aravis and became king, HHB - 2
Corin - The younger twin brother of Cor, HHB - 2
Dar - The brother of Darrin, HHB - 2
Darrin - A lord of Archenland who is loyal to Lune, HHB - 2
Lune - King of Archenland and father of Cor/Shasta, HHB - 2
Nain - Nain is the King of Archenland during the time of Miraz. Doctor Cornelius mentions that Prince Caspian could flee there, PC - 2
Olvin - The fair-haired king of Archenland who defeats Pire, the giant, and turns him into stone, HHB. - 2
Ram - Ram the Great was the son of Cor and Aravis, HHB - 2
Shar - 2
Tran - 2


Calormen is south of Archenland. Tashbaan is the capital of the kingdom and is the home of the Tisroc and his prime minister, the grand vizier. The lords and ladies are called Tarkaans and Tarkheenas. Azim Balda is a major city southwest of Tashbaan. It is at the crossing of many trade routes and is the home of the House of Imperial Posts (the post office of Calormen). One of Calormen's provinces is Calavar, which is ruled by Kidrash Tarkaan, the father of Aravis in the time of HHB. Tehishbaan is a city or region in Calormen. Ilkeen is a Calormen lake that has palaces of wealthy Tarkaans nearby. Mezreel is a summer resort with a lake, famous gardens, and the Valley of the Thousand Perfumes. Lasaraleen Tarkheena has a summer home there. Teebeth and Zalindreh are sites of Calormen battles. The salt mines of Pugrahan is where the Tisroc of The Last Battle intends to send the dwarfs and smaller animals. The people worship the bloodthirsty Tash as well as Azaroth, a goddess, and Zardeenah, a moon goddess who is worshipped by maidens and women who are about to be married. There is a real Tashbaan in LB.

Female Calormen Names

Aravis - The only daughter of Kidrash Tarkaan, she escapes into the north to avoid marrying Ahoshta, HHB - 2
Lasaraleen - A Tarkheena and friend of Aravis, HHB - 2

Male Calormen Names

Ahoshta Tarkaan - A Tarkaan and Tisroc of Calormen's grand vizier. He is the intended husband of Aravis, HHB - 2
Alimash - A nobleman and a cousin of Aravis. He is a captain of the chariots, HHB - 2
Anradin - The Tarkaan who owned Bree and wants to buy Shasta, HHB - 2
Ardeeb - Ardeeb Tisroc was one of Aravis' ancestors, HHB - 2
Arsheesh - A poor fisherman in the south of Calormen who lives with Shasta, HHB- 2
Axartha - Axartha Tarkaan was the Grand Vizier before Ahoshta, HHB - 2
Azrooh - Killed by King Lune, HHB - 2
Chlamash - Suurenders to Edmund, HHB - 2
Corradin - Killed by Edmund, HHB - 2
Emeth - A noble and devout Carlormene Tarkaan, LB - 2
Harpha - Harpha of Tehishbaan is the father of Emeth, LB - 2
Ilgamuth - Killed by Lord Darrin, HHB - 2
Ilsombreh - Ilsombreh Tisroc was one of Aravis' ancestors (paternal great-great-grandfather), HHB - 2
Kidrash - Kidrash Tarkaan is the father of Aravis. Kidrash is also the name of her paternal great-grandfather, HHB - 2
Rabadash - Crown prince of Calormen. He is one of 18 sons of the Tisroc. He woes Susan and intends to annex Archenland and Narnia, HHB - 2
Rishda Tarkaan - The Calormene captain in league with Shift, LB - 2
Rishti Tarkaan - The paternal grandfather of Aravis, HHB - 2

The Lone Islands

The Lone Islands are east of Cair Paravel and are made up of the islands of Felimath, Doorn, and Avra. Doorn is the most populated island. Its capital is Narrowhaven. Felimath is inhabitated by sheep and shepherds. The Lone Islands is sometimes under the control of Narnia.

Male Names of the Lone Islands

Bern - A more noble inhabitant of the Lone Islands. He has an estate on the island of Avra. King Caspian X made him duke over the Lone Islands, VDT - 2
Gumpas - Gumpas was the Governor of the Lone Islands when King Caspian X paid a visit. Gumpas was replaced with Bern, VDT - 2
Pug - A pirate from Felimath, VDT - 2


Female Narnian Names

Gwendolen - A schoolgirl from Beruna in central Narnia who accepts Aslan, PC - 2
Helen - Helen was the first queen of Narnia. Although she was not born in Narnia her name was doubtless reused by her descendants in Narnia, MN - 2
Miss Prizzle - A schoolteacher in Beruna, PC - 2
Swanwhite - The queen of Narnia who was so beautiful that a pool would reflect her image for a year and a day. She either lived before the Long Winter or after it in 1502 NY, LB - 2

Male Narnian Names

Frank - Frank was the first king of Narnia. Although he was not born in Narnia his name was doubtless reused by his descendants in Narnia, MN - 2
Gale - Gale was the ninth king of Narnia and a descendant of Frank I and Helen I. He kills a dragon who terrorizes the Lone Islands. The Lone Islands then become part of the kingdom of Narnia, LB - 2
Peridan - A Narnian courtier in the embassy of King Edmund and Queen Susan to Tashbaan, HHB - 2


The people of Telmar are descended from South Seas Pirates, Polynesians, and others who came through a cave in the South Seas in 460 NY. They later invade Narnia under Caspian I or Caspian the Conqueror in NY 1998 and become the "New Narnians". His armies silence the talking animals and creatures of "Old Narnia".

Female Telmarine/New Narnian Names

Prunaprismia - Miraz's red-haired wife, the aunt of Prince Caspian, PC - 1,2

Male Telmarine/New Narnian Names

Argoz - One of the Seven Noble Lords and one of the Three Sleepers, VDT - 2
Arlian - A lord under King Caspian IX, he is killed by the usurper Miraz - 2
Belisar - One of King Caspian IX's lords who was killed by Miraz - 1, 2
Bern - One of the Seven Noble Lords (see also the Lone Islands) - 2
Caspian - The name of at least ten New Narnian kings - 2
Cornelius - Doctor Cornelius was a half-dwarf and the tutor of Prince Caspian, PC - 2
Drinian - The dark-haired captain of the Dawn Treader, VDT, SC - 2
Erimon - A lord under King Caspian IX (Prince Caspian's father), he is killed by the usurper Miraz - 1, 2
Erlian - Second to last king of Narnia, father of King Tirian, LB - 2
Glozelle - Miraz's counselor. In the book he kills Miraz because of a personal insult, PC - 1, 2
Mavramorn - One of the Seven Noble Lords and one of the Three Sleepers, VDT - 2
Miraz - The brother of King Caspian IX, he killed his brother in 2290 NY and took the throne from the infant Prince Caspian (X), PC - 1, 2
Octesian - One of the Seven Noble Lords, VDT - 2
Passarids, the - The Passarids are a family of Telmarine lords who are sent to fight giants in the north by Miraz, PC - 2
Pittencream - A cowardly sailor, VDT - 2
Restimar - One of the Seven Noble Lords, VDT - 2
Revilian - One of the Seven Noble Lords and one of the Three Sleepers, VDT - 2
Rhince - The First Mate on the Dawn Treader, VDT - 2
Rhoop - One of the Seven Noble Lords, VDT - 2
Rilian - The son of Caspian X the Seafarer and the daughter of Ramandu, SC - 2
Rynelf - Sailor on the Dawn Treader, VDT - 2
Sopespian - A counselor to Miraz. He is killed by King Peter, PC - 1,2
Tirian - The last king of Narnia, LB - 2
Uvilas - One of King Caspian IX's lords who was killed by Miraz, PC - 1, 2


1 - Prince Caspian

2 - Companion to Narnia: A Complete Guide to the Magical World of C. S. Lewis's The Chronicles of Narnia by Paul F. Ford, HarperSanFrancisco, 2005.

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