Names of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds


The Abbai are a semi-aquatic, amphibian race whose homeworld is Abba IV (7). Utriel is an outlying system that supplies many of the materials needed for their ships (6). Abba III/Tavita is another colony (7).

The Abbai speak one language above the water, Abbath, and a more limited tonal language, Burai, that allows them to communicate underwater. Family and community is very important to the Abbai. Few Abbai travel outside of their home systems but those that do are usually traders or pilgrims. The Abbai feel they are the premier species in the galaxy but are able to accept other races as sibling races. They are a calm and rational species and were the social glue for the League of Non-Aligned Worlds (6).

Female Names

Kaamai (6)

Kalika (1)

Kinaloi (6)

Mannai (6)

Mila Shar (1)

Riilata (6)

Shinta (6)

Tinti (6)

Male Names

Hrondal (6)

Kannar (6)

Muath (6)

Puul (6)

Teshath (6)

Vess (6)

School (Family) Names

Dannar (6)

Holf (6)

Kalo (6)

Moltoth (6)

Tannat (6)


The Brakiri come from the world of Brakir. The Centauri briefly conquered them and called their planet Brakos. The Centauri name, Brakos, has become standard in many sources but the Brakiri call their homeworld Brakir. Kara is the second planet in the Brakiri system and was a Brakiri colony since 2178. D'Grn IV is a Brakiri mining colony (7).

The Brakiri have favored trade over their own scientific advancement and are famous for adopting the advanced technology of other species rather than inventing their own. The Brakiri are concerned with advancing their social standing through acquiring wealth and the Brakiri Syndicracy has gained many allies through political and trade treaties. The Brakiri generally have a water clan and perhaps pay fealty to a corporation.(6) The Brakiri appeared in several episodes and featured in the Day of the Dead episode. (5)

Personal Names

Brakiri society is egalitarian, regarding profit as more important than anything else, and most names can be used by either men or women. Only a few names are associated with gender.(6)

Dagool - a thug (1)

Kuulimbak/Kullenbrak - Was an ambassador to Babylon 5 (5, 6)

Kronir (6)

Kulomani - Was a Brakiri general (5)

Lethke - Lethke Zum Bartrado was a Brakiri ambassador (5)

Nakir (6)

Ock - manager of the Dark Star, a less-reputable dance club (1)

Resha (6)

Saphak (6)

Wakat (6)

Clan Names/Corporation Names

Ak-Habil (6)

Bartrado, Lethke Zum - He was an ambassador to Babylon 5 (5)

Im-Rehnsa (6)

Ly-Nakir (6)

Pri-Wakat (6)

Zy-Torga-Ran (6)


The Drazi homeworld is Zhabar, a hot and aris world. Drazi Freehold colonies include Cyrus III, Drathun II, Drathun IV, Draxis Colony (near Centauri space), Heptharg III, Shambah III (a food production planet terraformed for land and sea farming) etc. Zagros VII is a colony on the border of Drazi and Centauri space in Sector 801. It was close to the former Markab Confederacy. It was a ringed world with green cloud layers (7).

The Drazi were one of the leading members of the League of Non-Aligned Worlds. They are an aggressive people who liked to fight first and think later. Every five human years, the Drazi divide into two random groups, the green sash people and the purple sash people. The two groups fight for supremacy and which ever group wins gets to lead until the cycle starts again. The Vorlon appeared to the Drazi as Droshalla (4). The Drazi language is very different than English so they speak in 'macros'. This makes them sound primitive and causes other races to discount them as unintelligent.

One source says the Drazi are said to be hermaphrodites (In Babylon 5 Crusade?) so there would be no gendered names (source?). Other sources state that there are male and female Drazi (4, 6). This discrepancy could be explained by saying that the Drazi are hermaphrodites and that some appear more masculine and some more feminine or that there is so little difference in the Drazi genders that some outsiders incorrectly believe that the Drazi are hermaphrodites.

Female Personal Names

Janalla (6)

Makka (6)

Shallisa (6)

Male Personal Names

Bamar (6)

Juphar - Juphar Trkider was an ambassador to Babylon 5 (4)

Literana - Literana Varda was a senior doctor on Zhabar, played by Neil Bradley. (4)

Makkar (6)

Tubar (6)

Vakar - Vakar Ashok was a captain of a SunHawk. (1,3)

Zukar (6)

Male Names? Surnames?

Ashok - Vakar Ashok was a SunHawk captain, played by Mark Hendrickson. (1,3)

Daro - Daro was a Drazi general (4)

Drazak - A Drazi who helped Marcus get through the Centauri blockade of Zagro 7. [Same as Drozac?] (3)

Drozac (1)

Lu'Kor (1)

Thegras - He appears in "War Prayer"(2)

Trkider - Juphar Trkider was an ambassador to Babylon 5 (4)

Varda - Literana Varda was a senior doctor on Zhabar, played by Neil Bradley. (4)

Vizak - A Drazi negotiator (played by Kim Strauss). (3)

Markab Names

The Markab were a highly religious people from Septis in Sector 47. The planet's population was destroyed by the Drafa plague in 2259. There are no known survivors. Most if not all Markab on their colony worlds also died although colonies that remained isolated could have survived. Falaron, Morda, and Septis II were former Markab colony (1, 7). One site says the Markab did not become extinct (7).

Female Names

Shinar - a little girl that Delenn reunited with her family (1)

Male Names

Fashar - Markab ambassador (1)

Lazarenn - Dr. Franklin's friend (1)


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